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  1. January 2019 Recap

    No FCS and thermal sight for armored vehicle while mobility kill feature introduced. Could we get them if infantry got real heavy AT weapons?
  2. I was in Abrams.
  3. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Let's make armored vehicles little more fragile and give FCS and thermal optics. That will make sense.
  4. Currently gunner in armored vehicle has ability to discharge smoke grenade. But in real life, commander has that ability. Just remove ability from gunner and add to commander. This will make commander more usable and force people to use armored vehicle as 3-man team. 3-man as a one armored vehicle is more authentic too.
  5. Alpha 12 Released

    Where are FCS and thermal optics for armor? Are we playing modern armor or WW2 armor?
  6. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    FCS and thermal optics will not make armored vehicle OP. Did you think it is OP? You should bother with armor guys on your team about their fault. You should think about your tactics to attack tank. They have narrow FoV so you can sneak. You failed to sneak? Then your approach is wrong or enemy armor guys was good. FCS and thermal optics don't make armor to require no skill. Do you forget about tactics? Planning tactics requires skill. FCS and thermal optics should be in this game for better authentic modern military combat experience.
  7. May 2018 Recap

    Just waiting for better vehicle gun stabilization and thermal sight.
  8. Methods of smoke deployment

    US Army Tactics Field Manual Check it. Ctrl+F and find about 'smoke'.
  9. Methods of smoke deployment

    If I know correctly, basic army tactics manual says 'Shoot smoke mortar round before assault.'. I will bring reference soon.