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  1. This game looks awesome!

    I believe it is this: http://www.cnet.com/products/dell-vostro-1500-laptop-computer-intel-celeron-m-m540-1-86ghz-ddr2-sdram-1-00mb-80-gb/specs/ Yeah, I know, impossible I guess I'll wait until the hardware gets cheaper or the company decides to throw out some of its new wave of laptops.
  2. This game looks awesome!

    Wow Zeno, you earn more one day than an average person in my country does a month. People wonder why it's not easy for me to afford the game. Frontliner, thanks for the endorsement! Budapest really is a nice place, though it's very expensive to live in, if you get a salary from working here
  3. This game looks awesome!

    Hungary. A better can of beer costs 0,63 EUR on average (converted from HUF), but you can easily get a can for as much as 0,38 EURs. No wonder our capital is said to be one of the best spots for tourism based on a price / value ratio. It only sucks because the average salary is about 350 EURs a month.
  4. This game looks awesome!

    Here it means 1/10th of a monthly salary, 10-12 meals for a family of 3, 5-6 cinema visits, 12 packs of cigarettes or 60 beers. There are serious considerations to be made here
  5. This game looks awesome!

    That's good news. Will the game be optimized to target a lower income audience as well? As far as I'm aware, PR has plenty of Chinese and Russian players, both are markets where there's a lot of demand but many people have ancient computers (like me). EDIT: also, will the price go further up once the game is released?
  6. This game looks awesome!

    We play using company laptops, most of them are pretty out of date We have only one computer of our own. But you might be right, the specifications of the game might be out of our league.
  7. Hi guys! I've been playing PR for the past few years, it is one of my favourite games and I play it with my family quite a lot. Squad looks even more impressive, so we're considering switching. Any news on when it's going to get cheaper? I can't afford to buy even one installment of the game at this price, I'm a poor Eastern European : ((