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  1. Yup.. During my later years of playing PR I would fly helis exclusively. I look at Squad like it's an evolution of PR. A lot of the game mechanics are still more or less based on the same core ideas. As such, the impact of helicopters on gameplay could be somewhat comparable. Air logistics can make or break the match in many different ways. Planning and communication are going to play a huge role in which team gets the edge. It's perfect from a game design perspective, since promoting communication and tactics is probably near the top of the list of goals the devs have for the game overall. They ride a fine line between punishing those who decide to not follow the "rules" and keeping the gameplay fun for a wide audience. Blundering a couple heli's can teach a very important lesson. Running heli transport is not as simple as "we want to get dropped off at H7 1 1, GO!!" You have to clear the LZ. Probe for AA or emplacements. Make sure you can land quickly and safely without loitering. The team that has squad leaders working together to clear landing zones and warn the pilots of threats will have a lot better chance of winning. Being a good pilot has less to do with actual flying ability and more to do with good judgement. I used to love denying cocky squad leaders their desired LZ when I knew I'd get shot down otherwise. Too many times I've seen other pilots and myself get pressured into doing something risky and end up loosing a chopper with a full squad. "A 5 minute walk is better than a hot metal coffin" I might be misquoting that, it's been years. The immersion factor alone is going to fundamentally change how Squad feels, kind of like when we first got vehicles. I'm pretty excited about it. Still waiting for more detailed information on what the whole plan is for implementing helicopters. Will we have SAMs and flares? Rotor collision? What kind of flight mechanics are planned, is it going to be difficult enough to take a couple hours to master but at the same time practical? FASTROPES? Cool pilots kits with face masks for backers/ founders if the Steam inventory ever gets fixed? Do you need a tester???
  2. Founder skins

    We should get pilot helmets for the crewman role once helicopters come out. Or maybe some cool helmet designs if ya'll are planning on doing a pilot kit... Also before V13 I noticed the M203 version of the M4 was tan for me. Love it.
  3. October 2018 Recap

    Does this mean veteran skins will be making a comeback? Project Reality was my favorite game before Squad. Having watched it grow from a Kickstarter to what it is now, with this release I think you guys have undoubtedly surpassed what PR had to offer. It almost brings a tear to my eye (figuratively speaking) to see your vision for a game come to life like it is in Squad, and how much of a community there is to back that up. Keep up the good work, and take your time on the helicopters. They're going to be a game changer.
  4. What position do you play the most? Why?

    #1 Pick is Machine Gunner. The 240B w/ M145 is a medium to long range beast. The PKP is equally good. Bipod deployed, I can walk bullets onto target at 400m+ and eliminate the the target almost every time. I have a lot of practice with choosing good deployment spots that cover large open areas. Also alternating between standing and crouching while pressing the deploy button helps get a successful deployment on most ledges. In a good coordinated squad I act as the eyes and ears of our advance. Once setup to overlook our objective, I wait to see any movement and based on our ROE and my own confidence on whether or not I can eliminate the enemy before he see's my tracers, call out direction and distance to my squadies then rip into em. With short bursts, the weapon is also effective without the bipod deployed. #2 Pick is grenadier. What can I say? Noob tubes are a blast. haha. Get it?
  5. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Helicopters. Why has nobody mentioned helicopters. It was my favorite part of playing PR, packing into a huey with all your squad mates to get dropped off on the side of a mountain for a super sneaky commando mission, or the hot LZ medivac operations at the double T buildings in Muttrah... It would add so much more depth to what happens in the match, especially on the larger format maps. It's literally going to be a game changer and I don't know if people who haven't played PR would even understand. I think that should take priority over all the other trivial stuff.
  6. Post Scriptum Keys

    This is the message I got when I entered my key
  7. PR Vets, vote here.

    I started playing PR right when .7 came out, and I still remember my very first game loading up in Kashan right next to an A10 taking off. Coming from a strong BF2 vanilla background, I was blown away. Kashan cannot exist without gunruns against enemy superfobs. Sniper takes out AA gunner, then lazes hostiles and wipe out an entire team trying to build... Also epic tank battles...
  8. January 2018 Recap

    T Buildings, Fallujah, ATGMs, and a helicopter teaser. Please give us Hueys with hydras and mini guns on the sides.. Also fastropes. And a complex cave system that you climb into to retrieve a custom kit with a BAR and a grease gun
  9. So I have no idea how to get pictures of this on here other than having someone else do a screenshot of me, but wow. First of all, thank you to the devs that took the time to get the skins working (semi) reliably for us. M72 LAW: From the first person view, you can see written in white paint marker Press Big Button For Lawlz. From what other people have told me, there is "Justice For Harambe" written on the bottom, "Point Front Towards Enemy Remodeling Device", and "I fought The law and the law won". I wonder what other things are hidden in the other skins possibly. The only skins that work for me so far are the tan M4 iron sights rifleman class, the m4 in the LAT kit, and the camouflage RPG Sometimes only the FRAG rpg is camo while HEAT is regular. Lately it's been both... I've asked several people if there was anything on the side of my russian AK74 and got nothing.
  10. Im glad so many people are giving feedback on this. I forget people actually pay for this game.. I was so excited when Squad was announced I just wanted to help support the cause, didn't really think about the game making it this far... I agree now there shouldn't be any hard restrictions on flying.. But I still think a training course would be an excellent idea, and having some sort of way to record and display stats for each player as well. Like having a drop down link next to each name that shows all the stuff I already mentioned, and maybe show a little set of wings for the people that complete the course. This could be implemented for all other aspects of the game. SL training, AR, Medic, dmr, etc etc etc
  11. A little background first- In PR I was a self proclaimed trans chopper pro. In the beginning (HOG 24/7 Muttrah days) I spent hours upon hours upon hours practicing landings, supply drops, AA avoidance routes, damage control, etc before even considering going on a live server with a full squad onboard. There have been so many games where the trans squad could either make or break the match it was a hot point with admins to quickly identify/take care of unskilled pilots. So I spent as much time as I could perfecting my live game skills until I could keep my chopper alive the entire round. Unfortunately there were a couple times false accusations or crappy circumstances put good pilots in a bad spot, like getting kicked after staying in a server for 3 rounds just to get into the trans squad. I just thought it would be cool to have a qualification system where (like others have suggested) a requirement to pass a training course before getting the privilege to fly on a live server, but also something that shows flight hours, airframes lost, number of troops transported, supply drops, etc. That way some dufus that keeps flying squads in front of a BTR or AA emplacement can be identified and automatically banned from flying in another server until they requalify in training or wait a set amount of time. Then also really good pilots can be recognised by the trans SL and recruited based on their stats. I'm sure there's other vets on here that could come up with some more good ideas on how to make things better. I figured we should start to seriously discuss this before helos are introduced so a system can already be developed and put in place.
  12. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Lets see if this works...