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  1. Oddly satisfying.
  2. This fucking guy when will squad be available to play again? someone pleas ehelp or do i have to purchase the game again? >Haven't been left for Basic WAT
  3. You got eyes?
  4. Maybe in the feature but even then, I don't think this is needed.
  5. Fallujah west is in the works, or it's confirmed at least. I think they'll add a lot of urban maps soon, just gotta w8
  6. Played with some of these guys before, I personally don't have the time for something like this, but you might!
  7. Get in contact with this guy.. lmao
  8. Thank you. 8km would be crazy. Thank you for the answers. You've got my support
  9. Are maps gonna get bigger?
  10. I enjoy walking a little bit to get into the action, it's a good break to light up a smoke or rethink your plan with your squad and so fourth