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  1. Yeah, but i'm offering a good idea furthermore. Delete if it's repost.....
  2. It's simple, do it like in RNL.(Resistance and Liberation mod). When you get supressed ( especially by an MG ), your hands start shaking, you can bearly aim at anything with the sights , unless you have a squad leader in some area around you to dampen that effect. I think this would be a nice enhancement to encourage teamwork and discourage lone-wolfs. Simply ease that supression effect if there are more of your squad members and/or leader nearby, this way you are adding realism and making people play tactical, and also makes sense from a logical point of view ; people get scared/frightened, and having buddies nearby helps.
  3. FPS on GTX 1080

    Please please fanboys, comment more on this, i want to hear your shit opinions on everything....common..bring them to me, nothing too juicy here yet
  4. FPS on GTX 1080

    AHaha so it's my fault or nVidia's fault. You just went to the next level of full retard. HAHAHAHAHA
  5. FPS on GTX 1080

    I'll just leave this screenshot here....got my GTX 1080 today, rest of the specs are - 16 GB RAM - Xeon 1225v3 Quad core OC-ed to 3.7 GHZ - QHD 1440p screen First: GPU usage, Second is GPU clock, FPS is ~47, for the ones that can't see the letters or are too lazy to click. Playing on Fool's Road 2 on a 70/71 man server, Settings don't have too much effect on the game...it was medium when i posted the screenshot. Please tell me more about how my rig is shit and that the devs are gods.....piss off fanboys...just posted this here so people don't buy better GPU cuz of this game, cuz it's shit anyway.
  6. Alpha Version 6 Released

  7. Hey guys, can you please share you specs if you are running this game at 60+ FPS and also the display resolution ? Also, please only post if you play starting from Medium performance, cuz otherwise the game looks like Mario. Thank you !!
  8. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    Hey Iron Taxi, i disabled the SLI, i have the same performance if i try to force it anyway + added AFR flicker, so no i don't use it in SLI mode. Would it help if i'd be to buy a 4900K right now . Or should i buy a better GPU and sell my SLI (not saying i'm gonna do that right away , but i'm curios ... )?
  9. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    None of the issues you presented are valid for me. Yes i have 4 cores in hwMonitor and when i play all of them are at about 80% usage. I have windows 10 64-bit. My processes are ok, no antivirus no bullshit, etc.
  10. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    I have a Xeon 1225v3 bro, i changed that i3 ..it's the same
  11. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    Read the whole fucking thread..i said i am using a Xeon 1225v3 right now OC'ed, and there is no difference.
  12. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Response to my Refund request from Offworld: Unfortunately OffWorld Industry does not offer refunds for Squad.Your best bet is to contact Steam directly, in some cases they can make exceptions.We are working as fast as we can to fix any major bugs and we apologize for the inconvenience. .
  13. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Is it astronomical for the game to not run like a piece of garbage?
  14. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Yeah, in fact i am a back-end web programmer & also i do some devOps, and yes i have a bachelor's in computer science, but why is this relevant ? Why are you attacking me instead of the arguments? I feel the weakness in you and i think you feel it too but since you're not reasonable..you only feel it abit.
  15. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Let's not concern ourselves with the actual meaning of 'EA' and so on, let's just state this simple objective fact: - Devs promise one thing an they were sure that nobody were having any problems - Devs were in no rush by anyone to release anything until it was final, they even had a pre-release - The patch defeats it's purpose and does the exact opposite thing So now, EA or not, how am i gonna trust the developers personally that they are taking the whole process seriously and taking them serious as human beings nor can i think anything else than my money was lost when they produced a self-shaming event when they weren't even forced to. Tell me please..how is this subjective or has any connection with EA or whatsoever..