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  1. Gameplay Restrictions

    The interest of the game developers, logically, is to protect the broad function of the game so that the product that they advertise is the product that the consumers receive and experience. Hence rules about gross exploitation of bugs, wanton abuse of administrator rights, etc... The servers are PAID for by the server operators. Either they or their community of players hand over their real life earnings to keep the server going. Your moral outrage at those server operators making command decisions to subjectively improve the play experience of their community is curious. It should not be surprising that individual players are not entitled to kick down the figurative door of the server operator and dictate how their house should be arranged, and the recent trend of random non-contributing individuals attempting to weaponize the dev team in order to strongarm communities who have invested a great deal of time and treasure is troubling. It requires a wild entitlement complex and willful ignorance of why game servers are able to exist. It is a credit to OWI that they continue to handle the issue with grace and allow servers to plot their own course, for the most part.
  2. Excluded from teamplay

    You could start by not joining a squad called *clan name* only. I generally don't make those squads but if the name of the squad specifically excludes you, and you join anyway, you've already demonstrated a total inability to follow basic instructions. Not a good look. If the server is full of such squads and there are NO open squads (which from my experience is EXCEEDINGLY rare in the NA scene), then join a different server. I'd suggest you make a squad but since you need this much handholding to problem solve a very basic conundrum the rest of the team is probably better off if you don't.
  3. Hi redfox, thank you for your feedback. As we advised you in our discord chat, a player was kicked after repeatedly using profanity and totally refusing to engage in constructive discourse with server admins. Furthermore, members of the same group had been impersonating admins, trolling, and generally flouting the spirit and letter of the basic policies OWI has outlined since yesterday. On our end, we are currently training up a new crop of moderators and admins, and part of that process is making sure that there is no question as to whether or not they are acting in an admin capacity when they issue requests and orders to players regarding server rules. If there was any confusion in this regard, we apologize and ask for your patience as we develop the new members of our team. Since server admins had previously discussed and you had acknowledged these issues on both sides, it is surprising to me that you chose to disregard them and create a new post as if you had no prior understanding of the conditions and policies that led to the administrative action occurring. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on Discord if you ever have any questions or concerns.
  4. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    server seems to be kaput
  5. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    Bloodbath in
  6. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    Good game, well played. Thanks to admins for putting this on, it's a thankless job and I appreciate it. Recommend weekly pre-game roundtable a day previous for each team to discuss strategy. Will be conducive to teamplay and eliminate last minute confusion. Should also elevate the quality of the event all around.
  7. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    Bloodbath In
  8. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    Any intel on this weeks format/signups? Nice cast by the way.
  9. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    Bloodbath in