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  1. Squad | Panic & Fuckery

    Hi guys! Quick little video here of my mass panic and a funny glitch! Enjoy!
  2. Many valid points up until the concluding statement about Alpha. The whole point of alpha is to add new features and content, polish comes after, and will come. There's not much point in polishing something to completion if you're just going to throw more work on top of it that could potentially break it.
  3. Thought i'd say hello

    Hey, Sweet thaaaaanng.
  4. Still no penalty for getting shot?

    The penalty for being shot is death.
  5. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    You will never be able to control what other people do. You do you, boo-boo, that's all you can do.
  6. Squad: Driving the Tractor

    You can't afford me, pleb.
  7. Squad: Driving the Tractor

    Can I just have a job? Haha. Will do mundane tasks for cookies and vodka.
  8. Squad: Driving the Tractor

    Yeah, the tractor is static, I exported it, split it up and rigged it and reimported it. The actual vehicle physics are almost pretty much a 1:1 with standard UE4 vehicle physics, and they work, but the animation blueprint doesn't, or if it does, I couldn't get it to work. That's what ended up taking all day. Basically, I had to manually get all the vehicles physics wheels, and their position and rotation, and match the visual wheels with the wheel colliders. Not a hard task in itself per-say, I just didn't know that's what I needed to do.
  9. New Players Hype

    A new player who doesn't know anything is better than a player who thinks they know it all.
  10. Squad: Driving the Tractor

    DISCLAIMER: This is not connected to OWI's progress on vehicles, the vehicles are not done, this was by me, for fun. It took about a full day since vehicles aren't done yet. I had to manually set the rotation of each wheel, basically using the old-school system that was used before the new system that is literally 4 nodes in blueprint. Let's just say the old way didn't use 4 nodes. I plan to make the tractor drivable for real once vehicles come out and are moddable.
  11. Eventual 200 player servers

    I'm not picking up what you're putting down. It's not theoretical, using P2P, every peer talks to every other peer, if you threw a server in the mix to verify certain things to prevent cheating, you still end up with P2P which is not optimal for this kind of shit. Can we just get @RoyAwesome or another programmer in here to give a quick explanation before this turns into a shitshow and we both end up just being fundamentally flawed? I don't feel that I know enough to say without a doubt that you're wrong, but your theory conflicts with what I believe to be true. Edit: Now I see what you're saying, kind of. Wouldn't it be better then to do that across multiple servers? The reason I don't see that working with P2P is because of synchronization issues.
  12. Eventual 200 player servers

    P2P is acceptable for something like an RTS game, as stated in that article, because it's good when you have a large number of tokens and few players. P2P would be bad for something like Squad or most other shooters for several reasons, such as synchronization issues, everyone would have the same latency as the player with the worst latency, and fundamentally, it limits the player cap further because every peer has to communicate with every other peer, not to mention it makes hacking so much easier to do. I think what you're thinking of is performing more actions on the client to decrease server load, in turn allowing more clients. The main con of Server/Client networking is the cost imo. P2P is good when you are able to get away with it, or need to stay on the cheap side, but Server/Client is superior and imo necessary for a reliable and consistent experience. Although I'm by no means an expert, I am a programmer with a basic grasp on networking, so if it turns out I'm wrong on something, someone please do correct me.
  13. Eventual 200 player servers

    Peer-to-peer is bad, mkay.
  14. Squad in Three Words

    Stay salty, baby.