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  1. reward for winning?

    Ranking system would be cool ! Not like cod or bf, those are rubbish ! Like csgo, this the one to go for For example: you start with a rank (like in rl) lets say "privat" , you have to win a certain number of matches (no specific number) and then you get an uprank to "privat 2" ! If you loose 2-3 games in a row you will lose that rank and go back down to "privat 1" ! For the ranks there should be a badge on the uniform or on the arm ! And there should be no progression bar or something like that ! So you never know when to uprank ! The progression is secret ! But for example if you win with a big amount of the tickets then you will uprank faster than if you win with 10 tickets left Thats realistic and a very good reason for the team to play together and focus on the win !
  2. INTRO

    it worked once for me aswell ! but now it doesnt anymore !
  3. INTRO

    what is the reason of not being able to skip it ! for me its the same ! if i alt tab, i still hear it and its loud af ! so please devs, let me skip the intro ! also it crashes sometimes after the intro, then i have to restart and watch again !
  4. INTRO

    im spamming as hard as i can man ! it doesnt skip it ! then i tried deleting the file, which actually worked, but then i get disconnected from all servers saying im missing a file !
  5. INTRO

    but what if i run out of beer bro ?
  6. INTRO

    hello, how can i skip the intro ! i dont want to get reminded that im playing squad ! also it sounds like im playing far cry and not a military milsim ! and its loud af....remember that THX intro from the movie ? maaan
  7. Alpha 7.7 Released

    i dont mind bugs ! but the game itself is not working, for me atleast ! you know what i mean ? there is a difference between a bug and a game not working ! i checkd all of those threads, nothing helps ! and tbh you need 50fps minimum to play a fps game, everything lower than that is bad ! i like the game so much that i playd on 30-40 fps, but now since v7 i cant play anymore, i have 20fps on low pop servers and the game is crashing or not loading etc.....i want to....but i cant.......! i always try to look for low pop servers so i get atleast my 30fps back, but i would like to play the 72p servers which is the normal feature of the game ! the idea of the game is amazing but the quality is low af, its like they are trying to build a ferrari with parts from a polo ! everytime time they put a new part in, a different part breaks because it cant handle it ! and nowhere does it say that the game may not work (i dont mean bugs, bugs are ok because its EA), EA games should be playable and not in a state like this, the performance issue was there from the beginning and it got worse and worse. at first i didnt mind so much, but now after v6 and v7 it got lower and lower ! and the devs always said and promised that there is some performance increase, but truth was a decrease ! so they lied, and im pretty sure they knew that the performance gets worse before they uploaded that patch ! look im not here to make friends with the devs, im here because i bought a product they sell, all i want is being able to play the game, i dont care if there are bugs, just playable !
  8. Alpha 7.7 Released

    i understand all of the rest, but did you understand this ? Is this the same as pre-purchasing a game? No. Early Access is a full purchase of a playable game. Early access to a game is typically offered when the game is in a playable state but may not be feature-complete, or may still have several software bugs to be found. Often these games are considered at alpha or beta releases ...now this game is not playable ! 20fps even though im above the recommended system requirements, all settings on ULTRA LOW i only play 50p servers and i get 20fps + crashes = not playable ! and you are surprised im pissd ?
  9. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I read this before, but where does it say that the game may not WORK even if you have the recommended requirements ! All it says is that you will be involved in the development of the game which means gameplay and content ! Now as i cant play the game, i cant be involved in giving constructive feedback about the gameplay because im playing with 20fps on a low pop server ! Having bugs in a game is a complete different story! So please "double read" this post before you quote me again !
  10. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Bro i dont care about other games, im here because i bought squad ! If 20 fps is a gift of god ? So 10 fps would be just fine ? Wtf ? Im still waiting for the quote where it says that EA means that the game does not work even when i meet more than the recommended requirements! you all just trying to avoid it ! Now i got a warning by sucidial chiar because i didnt respect the dev ? Did the devs respect me ? Go back a page and read his post All i want is the devs to be honest and say that things like that the performance will decreasd because they knew it ! That would be a gift god
  11. Alpha 7.7 Released

    i'm above the system requirements, which i checked when i bought the game ! EA does not say that this game may not WORK, it doesnt say that when i have the system requirements that this game still wont work ! it says that the game may not change and this has nothing to do with a game not working ! read it above ! please fucking quote me where it says that the game may not work if i have more than the recommended requirements ! all it says on steam is that i can be involved with the GAME development which means contents and gameplay and not actually waiting for it to freakin work, if the game doesnt work we cant do shit other than wait, if the gameplay is shit, well then we can give feedback ! fx8350 @ 4.4ghz r9 290 16gb ram look, just as i write this here i am on steam reading the discussions that people have fatals with the new hotfix ! man im speechless !
  12. Alpha 7.7 Released

    you still dont get it right ? i know its EA, but that doesnt mean the game shouldnt work for me ! 20 fps on a low pop server ??? i would love to give you constructive critisism but the only thing i can tell you is that the game is not working man, wtf man !?!?!?! you are telling me i'm whining ? ofc im whining man, i payd 40 fucking euros and i cant even play the game even though i have the recommended requirements ! you are simply selling a freakin lie man ! i didnt even try it on the 72p servers, i can imagine what kind of fps i will get there when i get 20fps on a 50p server ! ''a productive member of the community ?' .........'make a productive product for the community bro
  13. Alpha 7.7 Released

    wtf is that argument ?? do i have to be a developer to tell that this is bullshit ? just be honest with your updates, look man, i play with 20fps ! i have a game which simply doesnt work and i even have the recommended system requirements, wtf are you telling me ? man, you are selling a product which doesnt work, and now you are trying to fuck me over with your stupid sarcasm ????
  14. Alpha 7.7 Released

    see ? another guy who just didnt read the full post !!!!!!! why the fuck are you even quoting me ? i dont care what numbers you got, because that doesnt help me man, please tell me a good reason why you tell me your numbers, what should i do with that ? even if you got 40-50fps.......man this is low af ! ''contrustive criticism'' ? how.......when i cant play the game ? ''come back in a few months''..........man really ? the devs are lying right now ! they said performance increase every time, and it happened not even once ! also the fact that they ALWAYS have a hotfix in 24 hours after an update is really suspicious ! it seems like this is all some marketing strategy to keep you fanboys on the boat, so you fanboys will always be like ''wow, this devs are working so hard with the fixes ! ''
  15. Alpha 7.7 Released

    come on man, you gotta understand the other view aswell ! big ass update with lots of new content and we cant even enjoy it ! you cant be serious ! whats wrong with us being pissd off, now we got vehicles, new weapons, new maps, and you are saying relax ? they freakin hyped everyone about it.....but hey......chill bro !