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  1. BIGD SKIRM 10 GRAND FINAL SUNDAY 19TH JUNE 2016 7PM AEST LOG Squad vs [ULD] F.A.G. The Skirm 10 rounds have come to an end with some awesome matches being played, so now we move on to the SKIRM 10 GRAND FINAL! As you can see the match will be played between the infamous LOG squad and [ULD] F.A.G. at 7pm AEST! The game will be recorded as well as streamed and can be watched athttp://www.bigdgaming.net/skirm10/ Bring some nibbles and drinks, spread the news and come join us for a match that is sure to be one to remember! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!
  2. Hey guys it's that time again. Kicking off Round 5 we had the first of two inter-clan matches seeing [ULD] L.A.A. going up against [ULD] F.A.G. on Logar Skirmish with both [ULD] teams playing a solid game of trying to outmaneuver the other team to break the strong stalemate that was happening between North and South central. There were quite a few tense moments as each sides fire teams broke through some strong defenses! Game 1 saw the game going to [ULD] F.A.G by 88 tickets causing both teams to play a bit more aggressive in their styles with barricades being built and the such in Game 2 by the [ULD] L.A.A. guys. From this, Match 2 developed into a war of attrition and wits for both teams, but unfortunately for [ULD] L.A.A., the [ULD] F.A.G. guys came out on top by 105 tickets. As a side note for this game, I was joined Spono (Senior Community Admin) and FilthyCrab ([ULD] clan leader) as commentators and Filthy provided alot of insight and feedback about his clan's performance, strategies and ideas throughout the game. It was a pleasure to have you join us Filthy! The next inter-clan match in this round saw the two [N/A] teams, [N/A] HASTP vs [N/A] SNAFU, playing on *gasp* a different map than Logar!!!!! This match was played on Sumari Skirmish. Now let me tell you some background about this match.. There was ALOT riding on this game, not only for bragging rights within the clan, but the two team captains, Madhouse and AussieSASRSniper had a long standing bet that whomever won this match would be treated to a meal at their local ribs joint, so as you can imagine both team captains were pushing their teams hard. The first game between the two teams saw some really intense and heavy fighting in this close quarters map, some interesting maneuvers and flanking going on, but all in all, an amazing match to watch! The first game of the [N/A] match went to [N/A] SNAFU by 45 tickets, much to the delight of Madhouse and dismay of AussieSASRSniper! This prompted a step up in tactics and gameplay on both sides, with the fighting becoming what can only be described as a war of attrition, with s.mouse (from the [N/A] HASTP team) running soe strong offensive tactics against the [N/A] SNAFU defensive team, while on the same hand the [N/A] SNAFU offensive fire team put alot of hard pressure on the [N/A] HASTP team. After a very well played match, [N/A] HASTP emerged victorious from the destruction but unfortunately not with enough of a ticket lead to compensate for the 45 ticket loss, meaning that the [N/A] SNAFU team won the game with 33 tickets! Looks like Madhouse is getting a free meal of ribs! Both games were streamed and commentated on by Spono and myself, so check it out as we have some fun banter and good dissection of the games! For the first game ([ULD] inter-clan game) we were joined by the [ULD] clan leader, FilthyCrab in Match 2. Check out both games at www.twitch.tv/darkbotawakens. For the final match in this round saw [ZSU] playing host to Log. In what has only been described to me as a well enjoyed match which I am sure was well played by both sides! Log came out victorious in this game in a well fought game. All in all, well done to all teams and I look forward to seeing what each of you bring next round! -Darkbot
  3. If anyone wants to check out previous matches or even keep up to date with matches being streamed, check out www.twitch.tv/darkbotawakens for all the BigD Skirm 10 videos. Just a heads up as well, once the Skirm 10 is complete I will be compiling a "Best of" moments montage, which may be going up on Youtube as well. Stay tuned and keep gaming!