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  1. Voice volume adjustment for each player

    PS2 is not really a Game i would use the Communications as role model. If the other player adjust the input from these Players X Adjust the to loud player Y a hour later Y adjust his volumes (because of friendly asking SL) next map X is SL of Y. He never hear him. = Mess
  2. Is there anyone else worring about Vehicle Population.

    Now you saying it it feels right... but i was so sure Maybe you are right and i remember on Coop or so
  3. Kicking people from vehicles

    Sorry post made no sense in context, i didnt get the point. Was to sleepy
  4. Battlefield 1

    Maybe you are right. At least it was the best the Designer could do. So it sounds unfair But i Played BF2 for more than 1000 Hours, and BF4 (BF3 i never buyed) Bf 4 i played for ....around a half hours. Since then i never touched it again So for me its the right word, but sure, its subjective. And i meaned it referred to the gameplay.
  5. Is there anyone else worring about Vehicle Population.

    Was it not 5 Minutes ? At least 2-3 Years ago Maybe it was only on Kashan 5 Minutes
  6. scoped .50 cal emplacement

    Before the 50 cals in PR had their zoom they was only Cannonfooder. Problem is that Squad/PR Weapons are Still aim to good. In my Point of view. Add Camo Webs to the Assets, only from inside nearly Invisible, and from outside hard to spot the Man inside.
  7. Battlefield 1

    Finally we should wish that BF1 will be again a pathetic arcade bunnyjumping "Mario Brothers with Guns" clone. We have now Squad as a Standalone with a actuall Engine. So all we need is enough Players. I see there no really rivalry on the Market. And this is good so. Means more Squad player, means more full server.
  8. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    Ok at least one point why it makes sense to place a FoB in the Compound from time to time. If there would be a Rule, and nobody place the fob inside the Compound , or lets say not inside a 100 Meter Radius. Then the m² where the fob can be will be halfed. Means the enemy will adapt and search in a Half Circle on a 250 meter Radius. Finally this will make the FOBS die sooner as now.
  9. Is there anyone else worring about Vehicle Population.

    From PR PR respawn time Attack helo 20 Minutes ! Respawn time Tank 5 Minutes Only the First Squad with the Correct name could Use the (Names may vary from Server to server, i remember a Really long talk that it would be forbidden to make a Mech Inf (1 APC+Inf) but most server accept this mix, but Squad will ever take same Respawn) CAS (Close air Support), Airtrans, Tanks and even APC squads, mostly Rusian BMP was more Tank than APC Driver and Gunner a different player, means the Driver can not use the Gun, Seatswitching in PR was forbidden and not possible because of a 30 Second Heat up time to start the engine of the Tower. (30 Seconds no Moving tower) Finally it was/(is?) not like in BF With Transport Helo as Example 1 Crash = nothing Happens 2 Crash = Shitstorm over Mumble often a "Warning from a Admin to Learn Flying on a Test Mp" 3 Crash = Kick or Bann from Server Sure means in short time, Transport Helos often had no long live, depends often on AA and Flag Situation, specially on Muttra
  10. Voice volume adjustment for each player

    Like "not brad" said. Until now i never had a chase where the Other Person was not willed to adjust his settings. Most player are happy, and apologize for the effort. But hey, Squad is about Teamwork ! And finally a good server will have an reachable Admin, if someone is intentional not tolerable, have a talk with the admin. But like i said, until now i never had (Because of Voip)
  11. This game looks awesome!

    ohh yes please don't go on sell at Steam or make it to cheap Don´t want that the Cheater buy them a bunch of copies Finally 36€ means 1 Less Cinema visit, or one less Disco, or eating 5 Times Pasta instead of Steak. Or one Month 4 Cigarettes less per day. At least in Germany In my point of sight it is much more more worth
  12. Battlefield 1

    Thats the point.
  13. Map size survey!

    Problem i run in was that (i started to draw in the maps Distances between flags, Capzones and longer walls the players cant cross) At lest on Fouls Road the Maps are not actuall, needed to Draw the Buildings by myself, very Ugly. Are there new Versions of the High res Pictures ?
  14. display driver crash

    Before reinstall the game or format the computer, try a (bit) older version if it is NVIDIA specially if it is a older card. No need to shoot small birds with a big cannon. Had exactly the same Bugreport, solved by a older Driver version.
  15. Map size survey!

    Damn saw the Thread to late. But finally, i can say the Values looking correct, At Chora Valley i had 400m istead of 375m but this could be my mess.
  16. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    @The Salti5 4460 and GTX 750 Ti was Last year the Basis of my Suggestions, what do you think, what experience has you. Any Problems in any game ?
  17. display driver crash

    Had that often with my NVIDIA Drivers, so i Update only once all 1-2 Years But its all time the same, i started with the newest and then i go the v ersions backwards until a Driver makes no problems At least my GTX 460 was never able to use a sensefull new driver. With my GTX 750 Ti i had only ones problems, but i use since over a year the same driver
  18. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    @ old sneakers I write in a German hardwareforum, i diskussed the i3 there often enough to be sure that i wouldnt suggest this CPU for a giming rig. But i dont want to have the same diskussion again and specially not on english. And i need not to Diskuss the performance, there are benchmarks that show really simple that a I3 is not the best choice for a gaming PC. But sure, if the money is short the I3 is not the baddest choice. i used by myself until 3 Weeks ago a G3258. But i never raise to question the poor Performance
  19. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    1: What is exactly what they do. 2: Why is every second player a softwaredeveloper ? 3: Then you know that complex software like a game has many different jobs to do. Means it is not very helpfull to let the Texture Maker working on the Code. And even inside the Code its not sensefull to use more than one or a few men. i Explain it. You sit in a Room and solve a Mathematic Task. There are 9 other People Solving Tasks 2 Paint Pictures 2 Make Models 2 make Music and the last 4 solve Mathematical Tasks (include you) That the other 6 Guys cant help you should be clear i hope But even the last 4 Men can not help at every task. Have you ever tried to work with 2 men at a straight mathematical Task ? This work not faster ! You want a other Example Build a Wall of Bricks with 2 men is a bit faster than 1 one man, it can be double so fast. Replace a Generator in a car and only one of the two men can work at the same time Greets , a Modder
  20. 8 to 16 RAM for squad

    8 is enough for nearly all games (and all games at system Requirements i know) On the other hand the prices are low So i suggest if you build a System with around costs of 1000€ just spend 2x8 GB and took a mainboard make it possible to add later 16 GB Additional If you need to spare 8 Gb are still fine
  21. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    if they have Marksman bether not stand still
  22. Maybe new as Squadleader
  23. Really Men i believe you have never had a really bad Squadleader. Squad is new, the players are new (Except all the PR Veterans) So it is no wonder that new Squadleaders need to learn, and that means they need to make mistakes. Finally he comes here and ask what he have done wrong. You instead... First Post... And you can write a million times that it is not personal, for me its not ok to attack others without need like you did it. He was on a Position near 3 Objectives, so not so bad at all He spoke with his men He gave his best Maybe you can learn something from him
  24. Disappointed by the current state of the game

    Not really 2000€ or $ With Pheripherie https://geizhals.eu/?cat=WL-667846 Only Core System https://geizhals.eu/?cat=WL-667847 But if you want the performance of a 1000€ System, you need a 1000€ System
  25. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Have you ever played different Generals in Command and Conquer Generals. One team has Suicide Bombers, the other Flashbangs. Completly different to play, but still fair