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  1. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    or this can start happening....
  2. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    People you cant cure stupid even with the strongest of weed branches, there should be a VOTE/BAN/KICK voting for toxic players, maybe filter the Chat tab avoiding any type of insult, racist comments, or anything that might disturb the session because the emphasize of TEAMWORK will be completely lost if one man is not doing the right job helping his or her Squad mates, which can lead to a bad gameplay in my opinion, having someone YELL at others because of nothing in a videogame is pathetic and degrading to that such toxic person and to squad leaders trying to regulate their ranks out, ADMINS should keep an eye out and REGULATE or POLICE this people's behaviour. In the army they don't allow this kind of "I am the best, better than my teammates" in this kind of game there should be no such thing as I in a team, but US. TEAMWORK PEOPLE, TEAMWORK, thats what makes the game, and gets the game done.
  3. Have a little hope, for it is possible

    dont let NWI see this, jarhead... ohh the good old spaceman syndrome, what days...
  4. DShKM-related bug

    exactly same here, havent tested the others though....
  5. So i'm looking at this posts right after the release for vehicles, people are complaining about how the game should be done "this way" and "that way" "your game is full of bugs" "its gonna be 2032 when this game finishes full release", yadda yadda, and I'm just like, it clearly stated Early Access RIGHT? step one: noticing the truth of events, step two: how this actually works... Do... any of you milsimers or people with an addiction to tacticool realism online video games remember, Insurgency? Yes, not the same engine, not the same developers, as far as we know or I know, no relationship in between... they started as a mod, Insurgency Modern Infantry Combat, in the so famous source engine from counter strike source... the engine wasn't even that advanced then, workshop for steam was still a mere idea... but they said, lets make it standalone and why not a kick-starter too, see if people actually like it? why not? success. a little closed alpha April 27th, 2013 1202 days ago it looked like that, Or 3 years, 3 months, 15 days.... i used a web software for that. about a year after this, they had introduced the workshop to the game... and.. it was joyful.. video below... And this is January, 8 2016 yeah its an hour long dont watch it all, its optional... really stop watching... its just an example... dude... no...srsly and of course the workshop modding opportunities, a video from a week ago.. Impressive? no, its still source engine, a highly modifiable engine, a few handful of devs just got the hang of it eventually, fixing all kinds of bugs, i was there from day one... Even with PR... and i saw this 2 pieces of gold grow from the beginning, played them, molded by them. http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f198-pr-dev-journal-archives An engine very hard to work with, and 8 years into development to turn v0.1 to V1.0 and todays version is V1.3.5 in that same BF2 engine. I saw them both grow, but moving on from the nostalgia feels I'm experiencing writing this, I tell you now.... If you really want to see this game grow, like the others, and really make it worth with this new Engine that they merely started tinkering with and are doing a great job at pulling its cables and handling a structure for us, to at least enjoy something that is not even a 1/4 of the final product... and i heavenly enjoy even with its small fixable issues... Give feedback, not hate... I assure you they will pay attention better to one of those. Have faith because it is possible and its growing at a fast pace for it to be monthly updates.... Patience is a virtue, and Early Access does not requiere it, does not beg for it, its the corner stone of a very well, masterpiece, game. JANUARY 2015 FIRST SQUAD RECAP FEB, 3, 2015 http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=6 and it starts as simple as that... OFFWORLD, you have my 200% support Seager out.
  6. Release: Alpha Version 6

    keep nipping those twinks
  7. Vehicles Countdown Thread

    Guise! just 11 days! hype! hype! hype!
  8. Do Squad Leader Tier Get There Items As Well?

    it does work!