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  1. give a Player or 2 players the option to climb over a larger wall, similar to what you could use in Medal of Honor: Warfighter where you could position yourself on a Wall and Wait for a Budy to climb over the wall with you. this could be aplied in Squad by moving over walls and even climbing ontop of small buildings, it would reduce the use of Ropes, when they get implemented, and will help with more tactical, silent movement on the Battlefield
  2. The Weapons Thread!

    it still works
  3. The Weapons Thread!

    Infantry Weapons: Insurgents: -MG-42 -K98K/S Russian Armed Fores: -AK-12 Weapon Series -AN-94 (Squad Leader kit only) -VSS Vintorez -RPG-32 United States Armed Forces: -Scar Weapon Series -H&K 416 -M107A1 Barrett -AA-12 -MP5 -M32 MGL Deplayables: -Deplayable MK19 Mobile Weapon Systems: Russian Armed Fores: -2S19 Msta-S -2S25 Sprut-SD United States Armed Forces: -M109 Paladin -M6 Linebacker -M1128 MGS New Kits: -Heavy Fire Support: Caries a Deplayable Heavy Weapon such as a M2 Browning or Tow with max 2 mags(1 loaded 1 reserve)
  4. Insurgent Machine Gunner

    it would be more of a GPMG class since its not a Heavy weapon like the DSHK or the M2 Browning yet still not a light weapong like the M249 or RPK i personlay would say give the LMG kit the option betwen a DPM, RPK and RPD, those are all relatively light weapons while the PKM is neither very light nor overly heavy
  5. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    Why not make a AMR Kit?
  6. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    that may be but why not implement a M107 for the US?
  7. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    Reminds me of the Barrett
  8. or a difrent aproach, give the team a Vehicle as the "VIP" or bothe, player and vehicle together where the Bluefor Team Earns more points if they destroy the car and Kill the VIP and even more when they Capture bothe alive
  9. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    why not a dinosaur?
  10. ok, erm.. so we start a of this new Gammode, lets call it VIP or Smuggler, at the begining of the game there will be no information to the Bluefor Forces about the VIP, in that time each team can build fobs, roadblocks, hideouts etc after lets say 10 minutes the US team will get Information about a VIP in a certain area, since this VIP is moving the position get updated every minute, the accuracy of the intel is in a radius from 200-500 meters(depending on map size) when the VIP/Smuggler manages to deliver a Weapons Package to a Cache the Insurgent team scores, if the VIP gets killed or maybe even take prisoner the US team scores (where taking him prisoner gives more points, aditionaly tot hat feature i would like to see the implementation of Local Chat in bothe teams so that Bluefor and Ins can negotiate, take someone prisoner or even get information from a hostage) in the end the Ticket system would be similar to Ins in PR where insurgents factions only lose tickets whent he VIP gets killed or taken prisoner, the VIP gets all together 5-10 respawns(balance factor which has to be found out) and the Bluefor Factions get a Normal ticket counter where deaths and Asset losses bleed tickets, yet a Killed VIP gives about 50 tickets back and a Captured VIP without killing him will give 100-150 tickets back if the VIP stops at nearby insurgents he can arm them with new weapons and when he gets to a Cache location the whole team gets armed with new weapons this is most likely going to be the Hardest game mode in the game since you need a lot of teamwork especialy on the Insurgents side and the VIP has to know what he is doing, Runing hiding yet still completing his mission. i would also suggest something like this only with Regular armys as example US vs RU and the US team has to protect a VIP, or a Insurgents layer where the US have to rescue and protect a VIP for a certain amount of time
  11. im sorry, i havent read all of this yet but i would make a sugestion, why not make the Arms Dealer something like a VIP and creat a whole gamemode around it like CNC as example just instead of a Stationary target a moving one Edit: Smugler could take the Role of the Insurgent Comander since the Insurgent Comander had very limited use if any in PR (only realy usable things where Waypoints and Mortar/Arty)
  12. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    i would suggest that if we get the Customisation option for weapons and such that a player should be able to pick from a list of Weapons in the Insurgent factions, acording to their role as example: Officer: STG, AK Series(AK-47,AKS-47, AKM, AKMS, AK-74, AKS-74, AKS-74U) G3A3, FAL, Oposing Force Weapon(insurgents would capture and use enemy weapons against them) Rifleman: Mosin, Long AK series(AK-47,AKM,AK-74), G3A3, FAL, SKS Medic: Scorpion, PPSH(Stick Mag), Short AK series (AKS-47, AKMS, AKS-74, AKS-74U), MP5A5, Breacher: Various Shotgun Types (Including Captured Oposing force Weapons), PPSH(Drum Mag), MP5A4, Short AK series (AKS-47, AKMS, AKS-74, AKS-74U) AR: DPM, AK type LMG(RPK, RPKS, RPK-74, RPKS-74, RPK-74M), RPD, MG-42/MG-3, Captured Oposing Force LMGs such as M249 Sniper: PU Sniper, Springfield M1903, K-98S, PTRS(very limited suply of amo + Scope), Captured Oposing Force Sniper Rifles such as M24 Heavy AT: RPG7V2(Tandem Warhead), PTRS(without Scope), Captured Oposing Force AT weapons such as AT4, Panzerfaust 3 Keep in mind, this is just a suggestion of how we could get Variety into the game and tbh we dont need all that many AKs, one AKM,AKS and AK74 would already be enought
  13. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    im not sure but i think in the Ukraine, Doentsk Defence Force they only have 1 or 2 on the Airport
  14. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    wouldnt it be easier if they implemented the Barrett?
  15. PTRS (Anti-Tank Rifle)

    The "Seperatist" Forces in Ukraine use it to take out infantry and damage if not even destroy T-64s and T-72s by shooting at the Engine and cooling system, causing it to fail and in turn causing the tanks engine to run hot, estimated time after engine cooling failure is about 1 more kilometer to travel, maybe evne a bit more on open roads if such a thing would get into the M1 Gas turbine it would be basicly instant failure of the engine if not instant combustion of the tank and it burning down