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  1. Just working with my squad late tonight to get our server back up and running aR | Armed and Ready | Chicago, IL | Active Admins | Recruiting we did have a license... was it deactivated from inactivity.
  2. Is there a way to have my license sent again? It is empty.
  3. Server is not showing on Server Browser. We had the official registration done. Did it get deleted since the update? Server Name: aR | Armed and Ready | Chicago | Active Admins Thank you!
  4. I recently took over the server hosting responsibility for my unit. Server is on customer server list. Old server was on official list. How do i get the new one on there?
  5. Changing Display Name?

    If i could have my name changed that would be awesomeeee!! New Name: aR | Thamos
  6. aR | Armed and Ready

    Who Are We | - aR | is a Community/Clan/Unit, we look to implement tactics and teamwork and also have a lot of fun while doing it. We wear the aR | tag to show a symbol of teamwork. We are not a unit that is required to be active, we look to have you wear the tag to represent aR | and its morals. What Do We DO | - Our main focus is to have fun! This happens through practices, game nights, simple shenanigans on our discord chat and also moving to different games to catch a break from SQUAD. We have a chain of command but it does not mean our officers have more say than our recruits or members. Our officers are a little bit more dedicated to aR | and have expressed an elevated interest in helping the unit grow. What Do We Have | - aR | currently has a website where we use for our application mostly and we utilize a Discord Channel to post updates and other important messages, or just simply chat. Overall Goals | - Our overall goal is to have a group of players that enjoy teamwork, fun, and being apart of a laid back community. Follow Up With | - aR | Thamos @ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011581730/ or check our website out and drop an application! http://ar-squad.com/index.php?/forum/4-application-center/ Thanks!
  7. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    We are all in it for the same reason. Some buddies to shoot stuff with, and have fun.