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  1. List of active clans and communities

    Hi everyone I would like to invite everyone to join the Grumpy Fusiliers , we are a new but experienced clan who play Tactical FPS games. We have a server on Squad if you would like to play with us (ENG)}GF{Grumpyfusiliers if you would like to join the clan please visit our web page GrumpyFusiliers.com and if you want to just chat join us on https://discord.gg/MtXG4zg(edited)
  2. FOB Wars , Experiment

    This can be clan based or lots of randoms if we can get a few people I can arrange it
  3. FOB Wars , Experiment

    Hi Guys , I have had talks with a few players about getting a new game type going called FOB Wars, and was seeing if anybody else is interested and willing to help us try it out. The Idea of FOB Wars : 2 Teams have 30 minutes to put a fob down and build a base around it, after the 30 minutes you go out, and find and destroy the enemy FOB, first team to do so wins. If I get enough Numbers for this I will let you know a time and date on this page. For the first game I will play as referee 70 player server If you are not interested Thank you for reading anyway ,but if you know someone who is up for this send them this way Rules For the nature of this game type it will be on Jensen's range :You have 30 minutes neutral time to build an FOB/base , no harassing or Spying on the other team . :After the neutral time has ended you have 1 hour to destroy the enemy FOB, the team who destroy the enemy FOB first wins. :after the 1 hour has ended and no FOB has been destroyed the Team with the most Kills wins. :You Can only put down 1 FOB . :Your FOB has to be placed on the ground. ( no putting it on a bunker x6 high ) :When the FOB has been placed you can NOT dig it up again. :you can not place the FOB within 500 metres of the Main bases (Because of Jensen's range's instant respawns and Vehicles ) :when your Teams FOB goes Live you are not allowed to Spawn at the main base.( you want the fight to be between the FOB's, not main base) :Your team can have no more than 4 squad leaders. Thanks for Reading.
  4. Is this a new bug?

    Have had a few bugs crop up in a new sever we started up ,we are not sure if it is the server or the last update. We now have x60 server . when the server gets up to 60 and a new match begins the new game gets crazy random high ping for everyone in and stays like this across new games even when the numbers reduce. we are getting strange beeping in comms chat like somone is tapping (B) constantly, its not just me it the whole sever,clan and random players who are in .we have checked the server restarted and it keeps happening . is this happening to anyone else? In a bit more detail , when you hear the beeping the ping seems to get worst ,when we look at the pings from the sever they seem normal ,and when you look up the server in server list it seem normal. When we check the server on how it is running its all ok with power to spare. skunkdogz server we got it up and running 8/6/16 noticed the problem on the 9/6/16 at about 10pm gmt and again on the 10/6/16 at about 10pm gmt ,its a gaming dulux server.