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  1. I will try this Did not work.
  2. I will try this Edit: Did not do anything
  3. Ive been looking through the forums looking for an answer without success, so i decided creating my own topic. I have this strange issue where my fps seems to be 'capped' when i start the game. I usually type 'stat FPS' when entering the main menu, and sometimes it is around 40-50, while if i restart the game, it might change to 200 fps at a random. I found out that if i change the settings from windowed to fullscreen something happends with the fps, which makes it bump up to a higher 'average'. If i change back, it might go even higher. Ive tried to verify the game integrity, but this changes nothing. Ive set the game to run as administrator, without any noticeable changes. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad) - This one. Here are some pictures before and after i change to fullscreen from borderless, and back. Specs CPU pics