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  1. Everyone would flood into the Artillery College because the militia squad leader forgot to patch up the hole with sandbags.
  2. Replace Insurgent Medic Binocs With Camcorder

    I really like this idea for insurgents, maybe it can be an optional swap out for binos or something?
  3. User Interface Concept Art

    Not to mention waging a glorious jihad in defense of their precious hemp farms!
  4. User Interface Concept Art

    I like the top insurgent flag the best, sort of reminiscent of the Taliban flag, the other two remind me too much of Pakistan.
  5. Just want to clarify; the Taliban are certainly not in Syria, they were Af-Pak from the start and they still are today. Al-Qaeda's branch in Syria is Jabhat al-Nusra which would look similar to the FSA ideas already suggested here as far as gear goes. Also as for ISIS, they are long past their days of black pajamas, in their efforts to look like a real state (and capturing tons of equipment from the Iraqi Army, SAA and rebel groups) they have adopted what could be called a uniform mainly consisting of Desert MARPAT camo since early 2015. I did a brief write up for another thing on their uniforms here: https://justpaste.it/ISUniform Factions that could be covered in future could be Somalia's Al-Shabaab (another Al Qaeda branch) or Boko Haram (who have recently become ISIS's branch in Africa) in Nigeria. Of course their opposition would either be a general African military (think dark green camo and red berets perhaps) or a PMC faction. I guess I haven't offered much as far as uniqueness to factions but the latter two are very topical in the theme of African conflicts. Edit: Of course the specific organisations wouldn't be named after real ones but the general look and theme are still applicable