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  1. Disk problems

    I noticed that the game is stuttering an the problem is my HDD C: drive spiking at 100% even when the game is on my SSD D: drive that is usually at 0% and then and than spikes at 50-60% for a second two or three times. The game is playable but it is a problem when it is stuttering in the wrong moment for some times to 8 seconds. Btw I started to notice this at V16.
  2. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    "The intention of adding a Commander role to Squad is two fold: we wanted a way for Squad Leaders to work more closely with each other, but at the same time relieve them of some of the pressure of having to constantly worry about the overall battle situation and re-assessing where they need to be" First you don't increase the cooperation between Squad Leaders with adding a Commander, instead you will add the potential cooperation between the SL and Commander. Second here we are coming to the ridiculous part, you want to relive the SL from the solution that some how is a problem ? "constantly worry about the overall battle situation" or we can say situational awareness which in games like Squad is 90% map and 10% what you see. What you are trying to achieve is 4 people in 4 cars and three are blind and now that one is expected to make sure the other three are making it without crashing or driving somebody over. Did you try to drive a car without situational awareness ? I am sure the Commander will save that squad that is facing in the same direction and will be shot by 2-3 players that flanked it ! And when the Commander is the solution why he didn't fix this in the past 15 years that I am leading squads? I thing that the gaming developers should after all that time recognize the definition of insanity. Without looking at the map min every 2 min for 5-10-15 s you simply cant make the right decisions regarding the current situation on the map and that is sadly a fact, regardless when you are a SL or a normal solder on the ground !
  3. A15 Survey Review

    I am almost sure that they are not making things up, because they dont have to. In the past two years the community changed 360 degrees. SLs only communicate through the main command channel on G, even when they are only talking to one of the SLs. Why should you use the Num keys, when you can interfere with two or more other SLs to clearly understand his squad members or you interfere with his ability to communicate because he cant here what he is saying, because he at the same time has to listen to information on the command chat that doesn't involve him at all. At the end of a game you always hear that your team lost because they don't communicate enough. Is this opinion based on facts ? Absolutely not, because you actually shouldn't even communicate there but coordinate. Those SLs are not using the information from the real time strategy map and this is what the US and any other military wants to move to. Why because the informations about your and enemy movements are transferred-communicated almost instantly, which makes you side 5-10 times more effective. And than there is the Logistical part: Ammo and the ability to spawn on a HAB. Still you hear SLs say you should spawn now, fast, immediately on a Rally even when there is a 60s delay after you set it up, before you can actually spawn. There is nothing wrong with the game, and everything with the community, who doesn't understand the facts in Squad and are not using the features who are in the game.
  4. Alpha 16 Test + AMA + TwitchCon!

    11h ago ! You need to download the test client from steam.
  5. Alpha 16 Test + AMA + TwitchCon!

    Like the handling of the helicopters. The problem is the Logistic part. 1000 supplies is still balanced VS the Logy 1500 supplies isn't ! But this isn't the big problem ! Here we are again the Devs and there god intentions again ignoring the game mechanics. The helicopters will not be used as intended so long they can carry construction supplies and won't be anything else as flying Logys. Why should you carry troops when you can set up 6 and more FOBs in such a small time. When those FOBs are up your team will be able to spawn anywhere on the map, so please Devs enlighten me why should you transport any one when you can enable your whole team to spawn where ever they want and at the same time, because of the spawns decide that game in your favor ? Makes no sense to me, but maybe it is just because I am a Logist ! Btw. We are talking here about the purpose of the helicopters based on the current specification. That they can be countered has nothing to do with the purpose based on the specification of the helicopters.
  6. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    The develepers decided 2017 with the change of the Adminstration Guidelines to take the freedom from squad leaders to make there own decisions away and at the same time gave the admins a absurd amout of power actualy a blank check: " Admins are free to kick/ban anyone that they feel necessary to protect the integrity of their server and community as long as this does not interfere with other administration guidelines " which means absolutly enyting. In 2018 this is resulting in admins threatening squad leaders to be kicked and even kicking tham when thouse SL arent playing the objective ! Like there is only one objective at a time ? Usely there are three or atleast two but never one, which means thosue people dont know what they are talking about. But the Adminstration Guidelines change did more than that it changed the game form a multipular comand to a singupular comand structure. This is a problem because there is no place for expirienced SL because the singupular structure dosent alow the freedom of decision which is the only again the only reason that thouse expirienced SL are leading squads it the first place. Thats why you can find so many expirienced players complaining that they arent gatting the same expirience as before and are saying that the game compleatly changed in 6 monts. What did you expect when more and more SL who before provided you with that expirience are more and more leaving the game becuse they dont get the freedom you dont get the gameplay.
  7. You can rename the UAV in to FOB hunting tool, because in 90% of the time it will be used for that and in 10% for supporting the other squads. When the enemy cant spawn 100m of a point because you destroyed there FOB and has to now walk 300m or more, you are almost guaranteed to capture that point. This will completely change the game and I can guarantee you that a ton of Experienced SL will stop playing the game after introduction. The attracting things of SL in squad are the Cat and Mouse, flanking and the "make your tactic work" freedom that the game provides. This will change the game for 360 degrees, which brings me to the conclusion that most people posting here don't understand the game and the resulting game play at all.
  8. I would like to remind people yet again that experiences shape our opinions. Its clear that most of you never experienced a abusive Admin who misused his Admin cam to relay the exact locations of players to a enemy squad. Not sure when you can still see the Admin cam but for a long, long time you could see it flying around. I found myself more than three times on the receiving side and once on the side of the SL who was given those informations (I was just a LITTLE bit upset about the situation and made a break from the game for almost a month). Thats is exactly what you want, without the ability to see inside buildings. Its great when you are using it but not for the receiving side. And to the people who say that it can be balanced by being easy to destroy: first when you get spotted its over with any flanking and you will be attacked soon after and second when it is easy to destroy than it wont stay up for long so why have it in game anyway ? 10 years ago I would be for it not knowing what I would rally get. Now what would I get is a mini-game that would completely compromise tactics and strategy. Never asked yourself why there is a counter UAV ?
  9. A UAV operator would not work for Squad because it would be almost a cheat that would prevent flanking and make any strategy and tactics worthless when you would be spotted. Luck at the map every 2 or at least 4 min and you will have a ruff idea where thous enemy squads are without completely ruining the game!
  10. When I recall correctly there is this super duper cheat in game that lets everybody see the "bigger picture" in real time I think its called map. And when you than spend 10-20s a few times per game you will be in no time able to respond to your "bigger picture".
  11. You simply cant except the fact that people can agree to disagree and are still able to work on a common goal. You are living in a illusion that people that are putting some work to provide there squad with a good experience will give up the ability to impact the outcome of the game (game play XP for there squad) with there own decisions.
  12. I don't think most people rely understand that. Lets say you are constructing something outside with a other person. You do all the work in the meantime that other person is only telling you how to do things, that something has to be done otherwise, that this cant or will not work and so on. And you are doing this 2/3 hours 5 days every week. Now honesty ask your self at which time would you have enough ?
  13. Its amazing how people are crying for the Commander - Platoon leader not understanding the mechanics behind it. After 12 years of SL and 50-60 people that I Mentored to become SL, I have a good understanding of Game, SL, Commander - Platoon leader mechanics and the opinions - believes, problems, and the time line in which normal players become real SL. For starters the Squad leader has a 3 times harder job to do because he has to control his Squad, but at the same time he can actually make a impact on the map because he has the mas for it, which the Commander - Platoon leader doesn't have. Ok let me teach you how to make the right decision 98% of the time and be that requested Intel officer of yours. Start lucking at you map every 2 min for 5-10 seconds so you can see what is going on the map (which will also enable you to res-pawn to threads in time) and when you than deciding where you have to move to, than take min 10-20 second to again lock at the map and use that Intel that you gathered every 2 min to make the right decision. Of course the first week you will my be lucking at the map every 6 min but in a few weeks after you get that in your systm you should be close to 2 min which means you should not miss any important development on the map. Now to where you should position your self. One Squad need to defend the defensive point with a FOB, a Squad needs to flank the enemy point with a LOGY and setting up a FOB and than attack that point and the remaining two Squads need to create a front line preventing the majority of the enemy from attacking your flag and at the same time pushing to theres. Which means that you only need to fill up one of the four spots and that means that deciding where you have to be in easy as 1+1. So the Commander - Platoon leader is simply putting 1+1 together which anybody can do (80% of the people that I mentored were completely new to SL so I can assure you that everybody can make the right decision after two weeks so long he is actually lucking at the map for a few sec.), is trying to force SL to follow his super duper plan that cant work because no plan survives the first contact with the enemy (which is needed is adaption to the developments in that game) or want to impose his own opinion on the SL (which is stupid when you think that the SL are doing all of the hard work) at the same time the Commander - Platoon leader is in 90-95% of the time taking away the only thing that is thriving SL to lead squads and that is that they can make there own decisions in a game for that they are providing the community with a experience that they would other wise never get. That is exactly why they get ignored and when they have some abilities that only they can provide they are lucked at as a glorified support role.
  14. June 2018 Recap

    Fire teams need communication channels specially between the SL and the Fire team commanders. But I don't get the Charlie part of it ! Not saying people shouldn't split in to a group of three, but I would like to warn "SL" from exporting the responsibility to two Fire team commanders. No real SL will swallow that ! When you cant get people in line so there are following orders and you than have a team, exporting the responsibility wont do it aether ! When you cant get people in line so there are following orders than get a Mentor to teach you how to do it. When you don't know a experienced SL who could do that, you can contact me. Get help and don't export your responsibility to others !
  15. June 2018 Recap

    KaB "But once attackers finally captured the point they gotta face incessant attacks from previous defenders who also got rallys in the area. So they have no other choice but camping too if they don't want to lose their newly captured flag. In the end the whole game took place around this lonely flag." And the other members of the attacking team will just freeze or what ? They will push to the new point and push or help defend to hold the new defense flag !