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  1. Kickstarter was over around a year and a half ago, but you can hop onto Steam and buy it there. Or if you'd like to wait there tend to be sales now and then if you'd like to save. No ETA on when the next sale may be though
  2. Before making a hundred feedback threads there is a search bar in the top right. Most of the new threads you created already exist. Take a minute to search for an already existing thread and do a little bit of research. Been discussed quite a bit already.
  3. Stay away from any kind of CAD software if you wish to develop weapons or objects for games. They do not work well and are not optimized for game assets. I would recommend 3ds max or if you're looking for a free 3D application try blender out.
  4. squad management

    Welcome to the forums! In the top right there is a search bar. This has been discussed to death already, I suggest you type "Squad Locking" and see what comes up, might be an answer there for you already.
  5. Jealous af, looks like a blast! Awesome stuff!
  6. If you two are done, the moderators have had all the time in the world and have made statements that until an official statement is released from us this thread will stay in this section. Your insults won't change anything that's already been decided. If you'd like to continue insulting us and telling us to kill ourselves, I suggest you do it via PM. Grow up. Cheers.
  7. I may or may not have had that same kind of thing happen during PS play tests....lol...... Last thing you want is a mg42 on a tripod looking at you when you cross a field, all I'll say about that ^^
  8. That's amazing feedback, really, you should look into a career of QA with the detail you provide. i do like the idea that Nirl provided, I love the complexity of ACE's system but I think that might be a bit too much to keep players interested in playing medic without getting too frustrated.
  9. Noted with the smoke effect (and no, doesn't seem to give any performance hit at all, at least not in the SDK). I'll pass that on. Right now we don't have any specific Sherman engine sounds set up but that'll be done in due time
  10. No worries, anything you can provide can always help us! Most of this is really WIP at the moment so a lot of those things will be fixed up. Feedback is always welcome
  11. Just gonna go ahead and leave this here....
  12. I always laugh my ass off watching the intro to that vid ^^
  13. Yup, this is planned for the next release. V10 is going to be an animation overhaul and this is already part of it. Check out the monthly updates, can't remember which one but I think it was January / February. Has some videos there for you of it
  14. Comes with Kokan, but it was updated before Al Basrah was included. Best guess would be it will be in the v10 SDK.
  15. There's also Fog of War (Russian front) though I haven't really looked at that except for when it first released into early access. Looked alright but don't think I'm picking it up.