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  1. There's also Fog of War (Russian front) though I haven't really looked at that except for when it first released into early access. Looked alright but don't think I'm picking it up.
  2. Been a while since anyone's posted any picture updates, so here are our 3 new tanks! Panzer 3: Cromwell: and the mighty Sherman Firefly
  3. Sounds like a good mod idea, Could probably reuse a lot of already existing weapons but have some US specific statics and maps, some new player models, and done! Not that it'd be easy, but looks like a fun thought.
  4. Looking pretty sweet!
  5. Hot damn man, this is coming along very nicely! Keep up the hard work, it really is looking fantastic!
  6. Soon (tm)
  7. Are you a backer/ founder? If you are make sure that you turn off your weapon skins in the game settings menu. I know that's causing a crash right now and turning them off is the fix. Otherwise not sure. edit: dammit, ninjas -.-
  8. Must....not....spiderman........... Yup, totally agree though. Americans are too OP atm. I feel like wiping out the entire map tenfold would solve the balance problems currently plaguing Squad. You sir, have my full endorsement! /s
  9. I'm not sure when the next opprotunity will be, but keep your eyes here, on our twitter or on our facebook page. We'll always try to put out the message in those three areas like we did previously
  10. Don't get me wrong, you'll still definitely want infantry supporting your tanks. However, I will say it took me 6 PIATS and 2 or 3 gammon bombs to kill a panther. If your supporting infantry hasn't killed the enemy AT by then you're not doing tanks right
  11. Yup, this has been reported many times and that is indeed the fix. I haven't kept in touch with it but I'm assuming there should be a fix for it in V9 or sometime soon after.
  12. I think you need to lay off the BF4 for a bit It's a powerful drug!
  13. Some good Tank gameplay from Saint Sasius (around 17m area), don't think I've seen any quite yet in any other videos All WIP of course and only using AP rounds (armor piercing) at the moment, but still fun to see these lumbering beasts roaming around