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  1. How can run more 43fps....

    I actually have a fairly similar PC, I recently upgrading from my 760 to a 1060 and went from around the same (40-50fps) to high 60’s, was a good upgrade ^^ for a few hundred bucks if you have the coin
  2. I fail to see currently how any comparison can be made from a quick gameplay video taken from the perspective inside of a Barn. We really have no clue yet how any of the game will play out at the moment, how performance for the common player will be, etc. This is more of a speculation thread than anything until there is some more detail from the game itself. Will be interesting to compare them but right now for everyone else who has yet to really play the game or see anything other than a quick video it seems difficult to make comparisons.
  3. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    I'd chalk it down to just not as fully developed yet personally. They're really early in their dev cycle so I'd hope that's just something that's going to get updated, really everything but the garand will need some love to get everything to the same level. The garand is just a sexy weapon....hehe
  4. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    I missed that, where does it say 40 vehicles?
  5. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    Looks like it has a lot of potential but waiting to see more personally. Will look into it after it's developed further to see what kind of content they end up having at the end of their development cycle. I will say their Garand is spot on!
  6. Body Dragging?

    Inbf4 IT player model mod dragging enemies into basements, lmao
  7. NW Fires

    Family lives in Eastern Washington, I grew up there too until I moved to Texas a few years ago. Lucky for me nothing bad happens here.....wait..... Heart goes out to everyone on the west and the gulf, here's to everyone working to save others.
  8. When will the British Faction be released?

    I can imagine they're waiting to release them with the animation update, not much use to animate them twice under 2 different systems/skeletons.
  9. Suggestion speed limit key

    I've always thought that could be nice ever since I played PR. It helps when you have convoys so that faster vehicles don't get too far ahead, etc. I mean that can be controlled now just by tapping W and such but would be a sweet end-of-development feature for those who like to convoy it up or work close with infantry!
  10. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Edit: Nevermind, not worth it for someone like you. I believe the name was changed to reflect what the command actually does, also because yes, since suicide is kind of an issue for a lot of people it's nicer to reflect it this way.
  11. Remove classes role limitations

    Go to the console (hit the ~ button) then type "AllKitsAvailable 1", that should do the trick.
  12. SDK Loading Stuck at 83%

    First time (sometimes first few times) that's normal. It's building a shader cache for the first. Give it 30 minutes to an hour to build up for the first time.
  13. Banned because of team killing

    Hello there, You'll want to find a medium to the server you were connected to (their forum, their discord, etc). Bans for specific servers are not handled in the Squad forums.
  14. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    Big progress, good to hear! Any pics or renders?
  15. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    One hope I have (maybe already on the to-do list) would be that getting too close to a collision mesh in front of your weapon automatically pulls your gun into the "lowered" state to avoid more clipping than necessary (similar to say, Heroes and Generals). That'd help me a little immersion wise and would help not having guns stick through thin walls and such ^^