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  1. What I normally would recommend is that you join a squad and let them know you're new. If you get some bad response like the people are jerks, leave and find another squad (though I think you'll find a lot of people are more than willing to help!) start with basic rifleman kits and such until you start learning a bit more and kind of go from there. Eventually once you're comfortable squad leading is always a good option and it'll give you even more opportunities to help out your friends and other new players just remember, when in doubt, just ask!
  2. Interesting thoughts on the potato masher, might be interesting to keep in mind. not quite sure yet how we're handling the MGs but we'll see how things go when the animation system releases. A lot of stuff currently will change once that's out. i believe manual bolting is on our todo list but same idea as above (waiting for animation system). same goes for the WP, pretty sure that's on the list eventually along with possible new effects. All up in the air atm but it has been discussed. good feedback, thanks!
  3. Running as admin? This sounds like maybe some kind of permissions issue or maybe a firewall issue of some kind?
  4. During this specific battle the Germans didn't really have much set up in terms of defenses. Most of the garrison as stationed around the village of Renkum South West of Heelsum. My experience was much more than 2 or 3 empty buildings. Many engagements around the first cap (football fields near the LZ), and quite a few engagements around the village center near the Hotel Zwitzerland. Few good skirmishes here and there in the forests as well. Was a rough few rounds in terms of difficulty but damn was it fun. Good variation of fights from what I experienced. You'll find maps in the future have slightly different tones as they take place further along in the Market Garden Campaign. Closer to the middle and end were when you saw both sides digging in a bit more.
  5. Got my ass handed to me really hard but it was all fun regardless. Should be a few videos out already and more sometime this weekend. Hopefully we'll see some posted here but if not right away I'll look for some tomorrow and post em up Thanks to all who joined us today, was fun and went well! RIP to all who were slaughtered at the Wilhelmia Football Field.
  6. As far as I know it's going to be out only for military use though isn't it, similar to VBS? Though I imagine if you were to purchase it in the future it'd be quite expensive.
  7. It's already been stated that chances are there will be no specified sniper class. Closest thing to that will be the Marksman class once deeper zoom scopes are developed.
  8. *cough cough* Check latest post. Be sure to share the page, not just the post https://www.facebook.com/PostScriptumGame/
  9. Our biggest concern with that though is that in games like PR, BF series, etc. the actual speeds of the aircraft are slowed down tremendously from their real life counterparts. Also given the long view distances it would probably put slowed down planes at a big disadvantage. Not saying planes wouldn't be awesome, we would just prefer them to have a lot more flying room than what currently is available
  10. 2 Options: Go back to PR (don't get me wrong, I loved PR but it hasn't aged well for me and the community is terribly elitist) Or, if you don't like the direction Squad is going, make your own or get a group together to create a "Project Reality" mod that brings more of the PR feel to Squad
  11. @Jay U There is currently a WIP Squad SDK that you can download from the Unreal Engine 4 Launcher. Currently you cannot build your own mods and distribute them, however it was estimated that sometime this year the ability to add mods to the Steam Workshop will be available, at which point you'd do as kRUTCH said and go to the custom servers menu option and choose a server with a mod, at which point you'd download it. I've only really seen maps and factions being made so far, haven't seen much in the way of different game modes, but anything can be done via blueprint in the SDK so it's entirely possible. Hope that helps!
  12. Have you made sure that you have turned off any/all founder weapon skins? There is currently a bug where having them turned on will disconnect you instantly. I don't know if that is the issue but thought I'd bring it up just in case.
  13. Lookin pretty good! Have you played with any of Squad's textures before? If you wanted to try em out you can go into the SDK and export the materials used to jpgs so that you can UV map your building. Would be cool to see a textured version of this.
  14. It's more than "optimzation and fixes". The stuff they are currently working on is a framework for the rest of the content in the future. One the framework and core systems are finished (sounds like it's getting pretty close), content will begin to flow. Until then this is the moment in development where it's hard to push out updates because a lot of stuff is waiting on the frameworks to be finished (animation system, upgrade vehicle systems, etc). All in due time though. Content will catch up as these core features are finished up.
  15. We need a special "Non-canon" game mode that puts real-life allied factions against themselves. At least that's how I'd phrase it.