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  1. So.......human capture the flag? Count me in.
  2. I believe with all the kickstarter keys there were 2 game keys (or more depending on your backing level) but only one perk key. My friend and I did the same, so we both got the game, but he gave me the perk keys for the weapon skins (M4, Ak, etc).
  3. Hello, Was this a ban from the game (usually shows up as a "developer ban"), or banned from a specific server? If the first, the developers themselves don't handle the bans. You did mention EAC, which is the correct place to go to regarding these types of bans. Someone else here might be able to help a little more but to my knowledge there isn't anything anyone here can personally do about an EAC ban other than EAC themselves.
  4. Only thing right now is our modding page. Until release I'd imagine that's where we'll have most of our public discussion.
  5. If you have less than 2 hours (I think) you can refund it via steam refund and rebuy it when it's on sale. If you've played more then that you're probably out of luck. Though I can say that you'll get your money out of it.
  6. I think you might be confused. One picture in the kickstarter had 2 playermodels posed to simulate what dragging may look like in the future. Dragging will be coming sooner or later into the core game at some point. There is no specific kickstarter for this kind of thing, the only kickstarter that went on finished up about a year ago. There is no way to pledge to the kick starter anymore, and any specific weapon skins and rewards for backing can not be obtained anymore due to the fact that the kickstarter is finished. Thus, no way to get founder edition anymore.
  7. As we don't yet have the correct code from vanilla to compile the game for multiplayer, it will be quite a while. At some point that should be included with the SDK, but the code required to do so has not yet been included. Best thing you can do is check out our dev blogs for the time being.
  8. New interview with Shermanator up! Take some time if you'd like and take a listen
  9. Cool ideas, but way out of scope for the main game. best thing to do if you want it is create a faction modding team and begin working on a faction you'd like to see. on a side note, Argentina was added recently to PR but has been in the works for several years, both by the core modding team but mostly by one or two people. It takes a vast amount of time and resources to create a faction, let alone maps for them to play on.
  10. Depends where you hit. Normally either 1 in the head or 2 in the chest does the trick. Usually 3 or more in the limbs, at least from my experience.
  11. Keep it up, you're both doing fantastic work!
  12. Idea is you have to deliver supplies via logistics trucks, then the players have the ability to set them up by "shoveling" them. But as far as I know from various places (OPsCast, discord, etc.) there are going to be reworks and such to the FOB system, which I'm looking forward to ^^
  13. Alright, going with your PR example, there are also plenty of wide open maps: Kashan Black Gold Silent Eagle Yamlia etc. A lot of it has to do with optimization and available statics. Easier to start small with open maps like we have right now and start drilling deeper as development get's further along. Smartest way of testing the capacity of the engine and game without making things too much too fast.