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  1. Fluctuating GPU usage and GPU clock

    Alright, will check that. Was running borderless in order to use SweetFX, but if I can get improve GPU performance, I can get bin it.
  2. Fluctuating GPU usage and GPU clock

    Yeah, I already do that when uninstalling drivers. I uninstall, use AMD removal utility and then run DDU. The graphs do mean something, I mean, the core clocks stutter between 300mhz and 1050mhz the same time as GPU usage... so it's indicative of an issue. It does not happen in other games. So 90% game related, which is fine... just wanted to know whether anyone had fixed it if it was a local issue!
  3. I was wondering if anyone else had an issue with the GPU usage and clock speeds fluctuating in game. It only happens on some maps. I am using borderless mode, 2560x1440 and SweetFX. I have ULPS disabled on my graphics card. The GPU usage will flick between 100% and 0% and when viewed on a chart, looks like a lot of spikes! By default, the core clock follows that, flicking between power save 300mhz and 1050mhz. This causes stutter and as such I have to use the ClockBlocker software to keep the GPU at full speed constantly. I understand that the game is still alpha and as such may have these sorts of issues, but I just want to confirm whether it may also be a problem with my machine specifically and thus, something I can resolve. My Machine: Intel Core i7 4770k Asus Z87-Pro 16gb G.Skill TridentX 2400mhz Sapphire Radeon Fury (1050/500) - 16.4.2 drivers (tried updating, no luck) Asus Xonar DGX Samsung 840 Pro 256gb Seasonic G-Series 650w Windows 10 Pro X64
  4. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU

    Good server, no lag, no downtime... just good games. RIP are a fun clan to play with too, welcoming to new players and happy to have you in squad with them.