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  1. Enabling motion blur does nothing

    Nope. I've tried doing that revalidation, I've rebooted the game, changed the settings to very low, rebooted again, enabled only the motion blur, rebooted again etc.. tried numerous possibilities but i simply can't have motion blur enabled. I'd be glad if anyone could be of any help to me and appreciate you guys' time looking into this issue.
  2. Enabling motion blur does nothing

    I'll try that now. Also i remember getting a warning that I should restart the game after changing those settings. I don't get that warning anymore. I've just tried deleting defaultengine.ini and revalidated the game. Will report in a few minutes again.
  3. Hi. When i first bought squad(a few days ago) I could play with motion blur enabled. But now, there's no MBlur and changing the setting between None and Epic does nothing at all. Was the feature removed in a small update? Or is there a problem with me? I've tried validating my files through steam. It told that all files are successfully validated.