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  1. Ticket System Needs to be Reworked

    Another side to this topic. New flag /ticket system is going to right direction but I still think there's no reason to keep attacking unless you're steamrolling the enemy or enemy is steamrolling you. If a game goes almost 50-50, both sides are mostly trying to fight on the middle flag. Then victory usually goes to the team that has destroyed more enemy vehicles and FOBs than the other team. And that's just bad. Newbies don't necessarily understand the value of BTR-80A (30mm) which is 40 tickets and even BTR-80 is 30 tickets. Veteran players who do understand are not willing to risk that much tickets easily. End results are that LOT of tickets are wasted because of vehicles get destroyed too easily or vehicles are not used enough. Every vehicle costs a LOT of tickets. They are like a toys which are only to be seen not to touch. Same goes for FOBs. I usually like to place backup FOB but Im always reluctant to do so because its worth so much tickets. And cause it's a backup fob its not guarded too much. Loosing a FOB (-20 tickets) might be disaster on its own but also tickets, come on. These are the main problems for right now in Squad. I like to compare this to PR because I think the balance using your resources was much better. Squad tickets http://squad.gamepedia.com/Tickets PR (old) tikcets http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/93504-ticket-loss-list-intel-points-3.html#post1842607 I know PR link is old and those might have changed over the years. I haven't played it in few years. But the idea is still clear. In PR "Tank, IFV, Jet, Attack Helicopter: -10" When your team lost one or two heavy assets it didn't end the game. Players on the ground decided the game and usually team with destroyed assets would lose. Main thing is players were willing to use them as means to victory. In Squad USA vs Russia. Game is fairly even but early Russia loses BTR-80A and when it spawns back they loose it again. Sneaky ambush team =). Stryker/HMMWVs at this point are still on their first lives. 80 tickets. Thats a F***ton when otherwise the game is almost balanced. Vehicles aren't means to victory, vehicles are the victory. The point in short. To win or lose. Squad focuses too much on vehicles and FOBs. Most of the times there are no reasons to attack because defending is more efficient way to victory. Focus should be more in gamemode (flags, caches) than assets. For me PR system was better and it's kind of weird how few change there have been to this in Squad. Hope to see it getting better. Also want to see more vehicles used in game.
  2. Other perspective. I hate players who assume Im there to serve them as SL. Almost always I play with my friends and randoms in our squad are there if they want and are not causing troubles. We are not very random friendly gang (waiting for that lock). Sometimes these F***tard players join and start to demand something usually a RP or other method of spawn that doesn't include 100-200m walks. Most of the times I recognize these individuals and calmly told them to wait. For them it means 5-20seconds and they just keeps on going. Wonder if I have a plan to place our RP somewhere where we might need it for example and I don't want to waste it for that hyperactive player because then we'd have to wait RP timer. If these guys would just wait for a moment, I don't know how long please don't ask. Sometimes its a 1min and sometimes its 6min. Veteran player who knows this stuff usually spawns somewhere and tries to get a ride or walks to catch us. And everyones stress levels stays at normal. And the best thing is sometimes when Im in a good mood I try to explain this shit for them. Most of the time they leave at this point or try to teamkill us. So almost 1 year in Squad, 131 hours and Im done with randoms. 80% of the SL's are fine but most of the random riflemans are just these Battlefield/CoD/CS.. FPSGodLikeMFSn1p3R1337XX-..xxXXûberK1lleRs..... And they just can't wait for couple of minutes. And ifI mention the Squad manual or wiki they usually go nuts. Even got killed one time cause I told one to read the manual, he didn't like it. Don't get me wrong I love teamwork, PR had some most legendary events I have ever participated. But Im not here to help new players to wipe their ass. Wiki is for that. "trying to keep it short"....yeeeah, no.
  3. So last weekend I was playing INS and I was in a situation were I knew the compound where cache was just didn't know which house. As a SL I was running around with incendiary on hand assuming my squadmates were covering me. Then enemy pops up and I panicked and pulled the pin and died. Couple seconds later the cache destroyed and I was stunned and laughing at the same time. After that I saw this https://www.twitch.tv/communityclanfightnight/v/99493676?t=01h28m36s and I realized that something was wrong. So before writing this I was testing this with a friend (Soppa) and we discovered that when you throw a incendiary grenade within 20m from the cache it gets destroyed. Insurgency is not very popular (and I hate that =D) but just a heads up to you all when playing it, especially if your defending. Im not sure how long you can throw a incendiary nade but if it goes as long as normal nades and smokes you can theoretically destroy cache from 40-50m away... Maybe this was done on purpose if so nevermind
  4. Why 9 player squads?

    I think this is also a very situational thing. Usually if you want as much firepower in a squad as possible 9 players is a good thing. But Im also inclined to see more than 3-4 squads on map. It is common for me to watch map and wonder "where the hell is everyone". Because of so few squads players are gathering on same points and entire squads are being wiped out with a good placed nade or a BTR. More variety on squad sizes for different roles and tasks is what I want. It work on PR I can't understand why it wouldn't work here. Someone suggested that SL's would have options to choose from 6 or 9 player squad. Best option in my opinion is to add squadlock. And locking would be available after 3 players on squad. Its kind of hard trying to play as a 3 man "behind the enemy lines" squad with your friends when randoms are constantly joining in no matter you write on squad name...
  5. This is true and I think one of the reasons beside the players is radio/comms. I mean both command ch and group ch are sometimes blasting away same time on both ears and ofcourse you'r the only one suffering from it (SL). Fix -> same kind of comms like Arma mods have (TFR,ACRE) where you can choose to put for example command ch on right ear and group on left. This way it's easier to focus on the comms you need to hear and block everything else.
  6. Fatal Error - Squad's New Best Friend

    Not a 100% fix but change "Effects" to Low. Yesterday playing about 3-4h and had one crash after pressing exit game. Earlier 2-3 crashes a night.
  7. Like New players who are serious to learn and kick some balls! Don't like New players who aren't serious and sometimes are not willing to learn. -> Just today after a small argument on chat one guy TK'd me 3 times immediately after I spawned and said on chat "You scared me". Admin took care of it.
  8. Backer Tag Redeem!