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  1. West Coast Tactical

    West Coast Tactical We are a casual gaming group dedicated to keeping the play environment fun and fair for everyone. Please be sure to read over our rules below. You can also find them listed on our Discord and Steam group. We are always looking for quality admins to help keep the peace and assist other players. If you are interested in getting involved feel free to contact me via Discord. Squad Servers: West Coast Tactical - AAS 80 Slot Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/westcoasttacticalgaming Discord: https://discord.gg/FFJKbGT If you need to appeal a ban please do so in our #ban-appeal channel. Please provide your Steam profile url or 64 bit ID. You can report players in our #report channel. Videos and screenshots are helpful. Server Rules: Toxic behavior and player harassment will not be tolerated. Please respect all players.Keep it clean,keep it fun. Racism will not be tolerated. This behavior will result in a permanent ban. Mic and chat spam will result in a ban. Intentional teamkilling and wounding will result in a ban. Glitching will result in a permanent ban. If you get caught in a glitch unintentionally please force respawn. Squad Leaders must have microphones. Squad leaders may kick for any reason. Squads must have at least 4 members before being locked. If you do accidentally tk/wound be sure to apologize. Accidents happen! Inactive and unassigned players will be kicked. Please join a squad. Do not share ticket counts with opposing team. Do not camp or ambush at enemy mains. This includes mines and IEDs. Impersonation of server admins or other players will result in a ban. Players who destroy friendly assets to sabotage a team will be banned Thanks for playing @ WCTG!
  2. Ban Appeal - West Coast Tactical

    It was actually an autoban that was placed on you. Probably killed a truck load of people and the autoban took affect. We have lifted it. We do have a Discord which is listed in game on server messages. We also broadcast it quite often in game. Thanks for playing on our servers.