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  1. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    SKS and PPSH look so polished!! cant wait to use them!
  2. Does Squad run really bad with AMD

    So I've sunk roughly 150 hours into this game only to find that the $2000 computer i have custom built using AMD Hardware gives me a VERY POOR 20-30 FPS am I the only one with this issue?? also when I shoot an SVD my game freeze for a good 2 seconds+. however most people I've asked who use Intel and Nvidia hardware get 90fps+ my specs are; 16GB ram GPU: R9 290 4gb CPU: AMD FX 8350 8core 4.0ghz MSI Motherboard
  3. Does Squad run really bad with AMD

    I didnt think this part of the post really mattered so much but i will clarify, the figure i gave also included Monitor, mouse, keyboard, headphones and a chair so chill. i also had Mwave build it which was roughly 100 so, on its own the PC probably costed roughly 1200ish give or take a 100 dollars
  4. Error Code:9

    So im playing the newest update (Alpha 6.2) but whenever i load the game i get this error box pop up; Hash catalogue error: Failed to load hash catalogue file c\ program files (x86)\steam\common\squad/\eac0.bin (error code 9). this has made the game unplayable. im curious if this is an issue some people are getting or if im on my own here? also can anyone suggest anything? im missing out on some juicy squadding EDIT; Reinstalling fixed the issue for me.
  5. Does Squad run really bad with AMD

    It's good to hear that the issue is well known. I thought possible I was on my own