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    In terms of video games, tactical shooters, mainly Arma and Insurgency. Also Halo and other games on Xbox One.
  1. Functional MOLLE System or Inventory?

    I like the description of this, I hope it get implemented eventually. Do we know whether all of the confirmed features will be in the final release? As in out of early access?
  2. Functional MOLLE System or Inventory?

    No I definitely do not mean that. In a game like Arma where you do have a considerable amount of time to gear up and plan it makes sense, but Squad is a little bit more plan everything while it happens. I'd say maybe like once you choose a role in the selection screen you have the option to swap out certain things on your tactical vest/chest rig/plate carrier/whatever as well as change attachments on your weapon.
  3. I was wondering if Squad will have a way to share ammunition, whether its magazines, grenades, or anything else, and then I started thinking about the game Ground Branch's functional MOLLE webbing system. It allows you to place magazines, grenades, first aid, or whatever on selected hardpoints, and that effects what you have in game and how long it takes to get that item depending on where it's placed. I understand that Squad is trying to be 100% authentic woth things such as the gear each faction has, but atleast for the US Army I'm sure the placement of individual pouches isn't regulated as much as what you carry. So I assume it could work, just with restrictions based on your role. The second option is having an inventory system like Arma. The load of how much you carry would be dependent on your class/role, and you would be able to access other people's inventory (within reason to prevent griefing or trolls) to let you share ammo.
  4. Customization: Weapons

    How does weapon customization make it a generic FPS? Tons of tactical shooters have attachments. The original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games, Arma, Insurgency, Ground Branch. I could continue. Just keep it toned down, limit the types of attachments to scopes, foregrips, and rail covers. No suppressors or barrel modifications. Also @JuicyJ chill out. No one is trying to bash you.