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  2. January 2018 Recap

    Ok, so am I correct that you’re not doing Scrum despite what your Jira config suggests? Are you following some other methodology? Anyway, probably off topic here but ping me on Discord if you like. Happy to help if I can.
  3. January 2018 Recap

    Guys, all of that new art and other new features look great. But when you have that many open issues on your Jira board, and when you're already very late on a release, you need to stop working on new stuff. Ask the artists and anyone else doing new work to help squish bugs. Even if it's just testing fixes, it's more valuable at this point than anything else.
  4. Feedback on Squad’s Meta Game in v7.5

    I think the difference in philosophy between players who are motivated by individual accomplishment and those who are motivated by team success is critical. Any game must choose one or the other, and balance on that basis. KCIV tells us that six magazines give him too much latitude to camp a FOB and rack up kills. As an automatic rifleman, I expend six belts of ammunition routinely in an engagement. Does that mean I'm getting too many kills, and need to have my ammo capacity nerfed to bring the game into balance? No. It means I'm suppressing the enemy so my squadmates can move. Putting rounds into an empty window doesn't get me a kill, but it keeps the window empty. I can't do that with thirty rounds. Neither could riflemen whose ammo capacity was limited by the weight of 7.62x51, hence 5.56x45. A squad succeeds through maneuver. An individual succeeds through other means. The question is simply this: what kind of game does Squad want to be?