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  1. Thank you, I noticed a lack of clans myself and I mean nothings better than having a group of mates who know how each other play.
  2. AUSTRALIAN NEW ZEALAND LEGION Brothers in Armchairs SQUAD Clan TS3: Undisclosed See you in the field <><><><><> Welcome to the ANZL Recruitment thread and current home page! We are looking for active players in the SQUAD community from the Oceanic region. Requirements: Fluent English SQUAD Common Sense Friendly Persona Humor Tacticoolness Drop a reply below if you're curious about anything. We believe in a more organic approach to accepting people, basically you play with us and we like you or think you're cool you're in. There are not many privileges besides being able to rely upon some above average squad members out in the field! Members: Rococo (Founder) Send me a message if you wish to play with us, otherwise see you in the field!