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  1. Bipod seamlessness

    I had this problem yesterday on op first light.. lying down , no matter where I put the rifle it would not turn left or right, it got to the point I just changed kits, I have it recorded again.
  2. Community Feedback Roundtable

    feel honoured noobgamer.
  3. I like it. new icon on the map that both sides can see. The exchange point... Problem is I know those dirty rebels will plant IEDs on the vehicles for the hand over... but just imagine stealing that logi truck... you would have groups not destroying them but hunting them down to kidnap them...
  4. well that would be interesting dynamic having to send a squad to get their vehicles back! might be a bit more exciting than having to capture flags..
  5. I like the idea of being able to capture them and drive them off... not the intel thing... i.e if the enemy captures them then another doesnt spawn! that may stop the friggin abandoning of vehicles...
  6. Bipod seamlessness

    yes but the hard stop is so inconsistent you are never quite sure why it has a hard stop...
  7. Join by clan tag/preformed fireteam

    some just ask admin to switch them over but again you end up with teams imbalance, problem with Squad is everyone wants to be USA !
  8. Bipod seamlessness

    Bipod is very frustrating as I have posted on another thread... but not clear what you are after with this ? are you suggesting keeping the bipod down and being able to rest it on objects, rather than having to deploy it every time?
  9. Two "cute" Ideas

    The names things you will just get used to... I dont think adding more numerics is the answer, I would like to see the player talking being highlighted on the map (just in your squad) so you can say hold comms , let the guy speak and it flashes on the map, quickly locating him... or you click on his name in the squad list and it zooms to that character location on the map.
  10. Post Scriptum Keys

    I feel like a fat man on a diet, just keep wafting that bacon sandwich smell in front of my nose...and telling me how good it is... lalalalalal I cant hear you!
  11. Community Feedback Roundtable

    tks for this nice to see whats being discussed. a once over of the rally and fob would be appreciated and something to generate a need to stay alive and keep vehicles alive would be good, 'people dont like waiting' I get but really depends on why they are waiting you die a lot then you wait a lot longer ........ more importance around medic role .... mechanic repairs in the field would be great.
  12. nah no interest, it was a short conversation... must be a quiet day in the moderation world....
  13. Social Discussion

    Where did I say that they were horrible? its a fact of life, if you take a look at development of everything from shopping/food and especially social media, the demand is for instant gratification or there must be consequences.. Twitter is the prime example of this with Roman gladiatorial justice meted out by the great unwashed without evidence or intelligent thought. Instagram, (its in the title), fast food, Twitter (a few words), Amazon (click and buy and now have it delivered same day). You put a post up on other social sharing sites you are looking for instant likes and thumbs up. A web page you have less than 20 seconds to impress or a person will click away. Which leads into pc gaming where the development over the last few years is driven by this very thing. Its the same with games, they are driven by those who demand instant gratification, with rewards constantly popping up for doing something bland 'badge for no. of heals or kills'. The very fact that the gaming industry has managed to build a million usd business out of micro transactions says it all. It has its place in many games, I don't believe that Squad is a game that will benefit from those types of players nor implementations. So yes, I am critical of that, it is not ignorant nor narrow minded, indeed I was born before 1982, I actually have experience and insight learned over time, not provided to me by click and collect.
  14. Social Discussion

    also the use of wiki to somehow think they are clever...
  15. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    yes agreed, will look at both, just comparing like for like atm on characters HLL is behind, environments look great. I have not had an opportunity to play either so my Granny is on Ebay if anyone is interested in buying her for a slot in either game...
  16. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    im v excited for this... saw hell let loose and the character models look like cartoons...

    do a search for fire teams....
  18. check the forums...lots of threads on this already.
  19. Join by clan tag/preformed fireteam

    Not sure having the ability to join as a group is going to solve that? Would you not be waiting longer to find slots? Y not just get into a server and kick people out your squad to make room for your mates?.. The only other solution is get your own server.. (bit extreme!) or join a clan where they white list on their own server which means you can usually guarantee space.
  20. I just assumed it was hand shaking... until holding breath with shift.. so intentional. but the second video does look like hes been on an all night bender the night before!
  21. im sure the ability to mod the game could provide this so those of us that dont want it dont need to download it.

    Mortars are like the midgies of Scotland... loads of them suddenly appear, attack in one location, you get the odd bite but if you take cover you wont be touched... but its the annoying noise they make ... take 3 guys and follow the noise ... then wipe them out .. usually the radio will be right next to the mortars (go figure!) Only time that mortars tend to do a lot of damage is when they are zeroed on a hab or a small compound where its difficult to take cover... Although I would say that the infinity of ammo they have with supply runs does make it more annoying than anything. Id actually like to see mortars made mobile with limited ammo so you actually have a mortar in the squad similar to the HAT... with artillery support called in off map...
  23. Came back for v10 TAGS/SPAWN opinion

    welcome back... search forum posts... Nametags discussed before... Spawn timer