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  1. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Airdrops only for USA/Brit/Russian but commander based.. i.e limited and restricted.. as you say risk in using them gives position away... but only logis can build fobs ... (so if the decouple comes in the air drop can build either ammo supply or one or two fixed weapons but not spawn) Allow other factions to take logistical build/ammo in any vehicle based on left over capacity giving the guerrilla forces more options to build ammo/emplacements .. and small outpost that allows limited spawns then is gone...not full team limit but perhaps 2 squads worth of spawns.. ability to capture enemy supplies and use them... so if you get that old airdrop and are surrounded you could be handing it to the enemy so better make sure you have defense setup before dropping...
  2. Bandaging Animations

    yea my left arm has taken quite a beating.. but on the scale of things that need changed when bandaging, this is pretty low on the list for me.
  3. it can be set at server level can it not? when playing the squad tournaments specific settings had to be in place or the server would kick.
  4. Mortars

    see above.
  5. Medic mechanic overhaul!

    seems a bit overly complicated just to get healed.. agree there needs to be some adjustment to the medic role, personally I think it needs more critical elements that are a must to have in the squad rather than the current situation where everyone in take all the support roles so it only leaves riflemen who are then requested to take medic, or first person in takes medic then switches as soon as their preferred role comes up. aid station built at a fob has been discussed too, this is where I think bandage supplies and healing should be taken from and only built by a medic. but its been discussed a good few times before.
  6. 3 Man TOW

    decouple with an air drop from the commander... so the commander becomes useful.. logi trucks.. habs/radio...big build supplies ...its a FOB... smaller one with individual dropped in by commander... so you dont get people taking logis all over the place and dropping things here there and everywhere... sort of keeps it a little balanced with an air drop timer... that would be for Russia/US/Brits militia and insurgents load up any truck with build points from supply back at base and can build anywhere .. makes them a little more free and Guerrilla like.
  7. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    it usually ends up a straight fight because of the flag defense when these factions should be using Guerrilla tactics to hit and run so either the loadout needs to adjust to allow for the head to head which would be additional optics or better static defenses, or bases dotted about the map that they can spawn into so they are coming from all over the place... I hate to say it ... but you know a spawn truck would work well for them, couple of squads spawn in..move the truck..keep moving it etc!... (even though I detest the things in PS)....
  8. if I put a race horse on my chariot vs a donkey the wooden wheels will still be faster than the pneumatic tires...
  9. yea lifes a bitch then u die ...
  10. I have I7 3.4 ghz with gtx 1050 and 16 gb ram.. it still sucks but why would I want to run it on highest settings if the game runs like its on a flipchart...
  11. Steam Achievements.

    its a game there are no unnecessary risks.... I think you should be thankful someone wanted to take the medic role in the first place
  12. Steam Achievements.

    an unnecessary risk during squad is me sticking a screw driver into my pc powerunit.. other than that.. you respawn.
  13. Steam Achievements.

    why not make some Training achievements? People keep complaining that new players dont run through the training with weapons and SL stuff, make some training ground achievements and add a medal (as it seems to be important to some) that it was completed.
  14. this argument is like telling everyone that drives that they can only drive £50,000 cars with a minimum speed of 120 mph or your not allowed on the roads, whilst it would be nice to go that fast the reality is car sales would die. I never ever look at my FPS, its like comparing my bank balance to that of Bill Gates, I would always be disappointed so Im happy with what ive got. FSX is god knows how many years old, it is CPU intensive and running it on high end GPU doesnt really help, fact is that when they developed it was a struggle, only now are CPUs really managing it. There are little enough players and those willing to SL in squad without becoming a PC snob and making it a 'pc boys club'. sorry PC boys/girls & gender neutral (for the snowflakes)
  15. its all but a fleeting moment in time...on with the next round...
  16. so does that mean if they fix it and you then have an advantage over players that cant run the game efficiently that you are abusing them? I know what you mean that you want to run every game on highest and it look fantastic but reality is that most players wont have that sort of kit so do you develop for the minority of GTX 1080s there and put a high base on it, or allows slower rigs to get involved at the expense of graphical niceness, fact is you are at no disadvantage atm because you can turn the graphics down. Those with not so good rigs are running low already so where is the problem?
  17. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    militia are screwed on most maps when up against US or British..literally 2 optics in a squad..
  18. Improvements to vic system

    your first point about vehicle tickets has been discussed many times in other threads, even one to remove them from ticket count and limit vehicles. No one really cares about the ticket cost until the last 40 tickets and by then its usually game over ... seems fair to have some sort of bind but are you suggesting that the vehicle screen shows the active enemy vehicles too? that seems like a little to much info
  19. I think there are a couple of clan servers that do that..just get whitelisted on them...
  20. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    second one undermines nothing depending on what is supplied and how often.. Postscriptum have gone for a full logi support unit where you drag around two people digging stuff ... using mortars ..mgs etc... some people like to do that... the problem however is when that logi squad does nothing.. then your screwed.. so having SLs able to do it actually is a bonus and I think squad has that right. if decoupling then does the radio become redundant apart from fob? and I dont see issue with throwing the odd ammo supply or small build pts int he back of another vehicle..especially if decoupling comes in...
  21. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    I think crew have binocs already... certainly I was using it to spot for Bradley, so they could just take crew man kit if you want to be dedicated. air drops I like the idea, it may be something that a commander could have as that role will be added eventually, and of course adding off map support there was some talk of having small kit bags of supplies / ammo, think an interesting idea where a transport truck could carry limited supplies to setup some sandbags or limited supply ammo crate... at the expense of a grunt?
  22. Functional walk mechanic

    you can walk by pressing capslock.
  23. that brick looks waaay to big for that hole... oh and he can rest his gun I bet without doing the bipod shuffle.
  24. lol its nothing personal... You point out a valid point that it would be nice not to have tags and a server option, something discussed many times before. is that good enough for ya?
  25. actually yes you are moaning because your not getting removable tags, and as your post suggests not playing because of it... nothing to do with you having an opinion your entitled to one as is everybody.. as I am in responding... but seems a little short sighted to spend money and complain about it because ...tags... thats what the post is about so thats what I am responding to... if you have more concerns they were not addressed in your post hence I can only go on the info you supply..