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  1. limited spawns MOD idea?

    limiting spawns cant be a thing.. imagine on a huge map everyone dead except two guys at the opposite side of map..and we do want to have fun after all... more should be done to encourage staying alive and preserving tickets... one life stuff is pretty tense affair but just cant see it working on a public game at all.. unless its similar to the pubg style thing which is not what squad is..
  2. Spawned/ Alive players

    not sure why this would be useful ... being down and waiting for a medic or quick respawn this sounds like it might encourage respawn.. dont think it will encourage anyone to stay alive... infact it might do the opposite in terms of tickets... if the team is down to 30 tickets with 15 people alive more might spawn in thinking they will help...
  3. Combat Rescue

    there is already a 2 or 3 page thread on the medic changes.
  4. im confused... does it really matter how big my screen is if im only 60mhz refresh rate?
  5. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    there is a whole other thread on why this wont help...
  6. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    love the sentiment but its never going to be a thing medic...no one really wants to baby sit they all think they are delta force or SAS squad and want to shoot things ... the rest... sorry to say unless you have that specific person in your squad see above.... certain things can be done by devs to encourage the use of roles by restricting the ability of the squad if its not there ..others needs the players to step up def but there area few that are painful... if commander role comes in or choppers then on the larger maps you will def have more logi supply runs because of air drops or those that love being pilots ..atm some people view it as a waste of 10 mins shooting time medic role needs help from devs to make it a vital one..no one cares about tickets. and in terms of communication compared to some games Squad is great... it will never be perfect because, people...
  7. Squad vs Insurgency

    no, because all you will get is mic spam from some wag.. and unable to mute them. and of course as you say rendered waste of time if you use a separate device to chat and get around it. And if its voice activated the continuous noise of chatter would be unbearable ....
  8. sounds decent idea on the rally with SL that will help greatly...now they need to sort out the one logi squad thing.... and I just might sneak back in a few months ... cos of course their developing just for me
  9. I have been quite vocal in my criticism of the current rally mechanism in squad and whilst I still think it needs to be limited or tweaked, playing PS with its rally trucks makes me appreciate the rallies more. I know PS has only been the first test weekend and lots needs sorted (but it is great!).. the rally trucks for me are not one of the highlights. Feedback I read on the forums is that the SL feels a little useless and no one wants to follow them because they can just spawn where they like, so the attachment and need of the SL is diminished in PS (also due to a logistics squad being the only one that can drive the logis which is equally as painful). One of the major problems is people just using them for transport or driving off in them when there is a need to rally or in fact just leaving them at the last flag. Secondly commander role... PS has taken this route and tbh I think its not the name for it.. I think this should be off map fire support if it were implemented in a similar way in Squad. Given intel is extremely limited and generally not many of the squads are going to listen to a commander, what they really wanted was off map arty and bombing, this strategic role makes it very interesting if lonely, but I think commander is taking it a step to far... in giving (ill call it guidance) to squads, there is no real power in the commander role if you are ignored, my first thought is to lock vehicles etc from squads who dont follow orders or limit supplies etc in some way ... (i know this wont be popular) but really no point in calling it a commander role if all you are doing is launching air and arty. this is just feedback for Squad as I know there are some discussions around both commander and rallies / truck spawns.
  10. I think its because everyone is coming from the same direction and that they put in restricted areas where you cannot put the MSP (basically restricted everywhere but the route from the last flag) so this acts as a quasi front line (so its pretty simple for defenders to know where the enemy is coming from). If you take it to the extreme you could say that it simulates the pre d day parachute drops where they landed friggin miles from each other as squads and had to link up so lots of confusion.. it might actually work better if they did indeed have a front line format to the maps but there are so many more things wrong with the game that is the least of it. Even if they offered some sort of interim rally that could be placed once or twice it would help.
  11. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    increasing the ticket cost is not going to deter those that want to give up ... it just means the round will be over more quickly and again.. it punishes everyone that preserves tickets and does nothing to those that dont care. Im not sure the ammo incentive is going to make that much difference ... I wait for medic to get me up.. I have same ammo... i respawn with same ammo but can resupply at fob ... what are you going to do? yup true respawn in console would be an issue never thought about that... so just send them back to base with that command and increase the time limit to 5 mins ... or could you not disable console commands when dead???? i.e respawn can only be used when alive/stuck...
  12. Squad vs Insurgency

    they cant climb walls, jumping is glitchy, running is very fast as if they have no armour..character animations are.. mmmm...its a different game tbh its fun but its not comparable to squad imo...but of course there are ideas in other games that could help Squad become even better.
  13. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    dont like locking (hate the locking squads thing, that should have minimum players in it but anyway thats another thread)... TBH I think all this would do is just make people create one man squads or squads that they would call 'no locking give up'.. its unfortunately the downside to a ticket based attrition game, same as numpties taking vehicles and getting them blown up right away without a care int he world... again those that dont care about ticket loss have more impact on the game than those that do.... Not sure what the solution is... as it appears many are willing to wait for the timer to run down on pressing give up vs waiting to see if a medic will get them up... which suggests the wait time is too short ... perhaps players cant give up with a medic within x metres of them from any squad? so it just greys out the giveup button until the medic heals them/they move out the vicinity/they die/player bleeds out. This might slow down the immediate giveup ...
  14. yea its the No Mans Sky of WWII fps... promised so much.. delivered..meh... when I first started playing thought it was good game but dig a little deeper and they just screwed it up royally... people keep blaming the community for no communication and the headless chickens running around... but Im sure like me, a lot of squad players bought in... the mechanics are just horrible and just removed the need for communication by castrating the abilities of the SL.
  15. I ended up refunding PS ... game mechanics for me are just broken but my main hate is the MSP implementation... the biggest complaint from many on the forums is how the MSP encourages the so called squads to disperse so easily... I get the idea that its more of a frontline and confusion etc .. but for an SL this is just painful herding cats constantly.. im not saying the MSP is a bad idea but its not working IF you want to have a squad based game in its current form... Its actually turning it more into a red orchestra Rising Storm feel than a Squad feel. spawn..run directly to flag..die...or if your squad is across the other side of the flag then there is no real reason to join them .... I wait to see how the new rallies are implemented in SQuad as a step to possible MSPs ... still think MSP should be built up with more hitpoints than current but not as strong as a fob...
  16. August Community Feedback Roundtable

    more ammo on fob... more mortar spam...
  17. Quick Reload Feature

    yup exactly , running and gunning doesnt matter where it happens or what your doing its the same thing ... so it actually then doesnt matter if you lose the mag because you are emptying the mag so there is no punishment for losing ammo is there? People saying I would lose the ammo is just an excuse..the reason they want speed reloading is the one you talk about... Let me keep quick reloading after Ive emptied each of my mags... nah gamified BS. .... there is no need for speed reloading... perhaps all the tilting and examing of the rifle bs could be removed ..whose going to do that every time... hud can be removed by the server btw but probably wont be a game thing...
  18. Late Game Joinner

    its the problem with ticket attrition based game... as I have said many times before, players that dont care about ticket wastage have much more influence on the game than those that do. It comes back to the other threads around vehicles. remove heavy vehicles from ticket losses and limit their availability makes them more valuable and the medics actually add more value by not chasing their tails and competing with vehicle losses when getting people up. A guy has to spawn 25-30 times to waste the same amount of tickets he does by just driving off in a vehicle... hes going to get mighty fed up if you increase the spawn timer every time he dies. this might be where a commander could actually add value, where he can allocate certain assets to a squad that is not wasting ..i.e he authorises the use of the vehicle rather than numpty just taking it.... of course this could lead to him just giving the vehicles to his mates ... but it could be useful. Game is setup for ticket wasters thats the problem.
  19. Quick Reload Feature

    yes its fine atm if you dont have speed reload...why do you need speed reload when you can see when you are going to be low on ammo... the only reason people want speed reload is that they are trigger happy and want to run and gun and this game is not about that... having an indication when your ammo will be nearly empty i.e red just enhances the speed reload mechanic which is already gamey by having the hud there...
  20. Quick Reload Feature

    the reload times are fine.. its bad enough you have a display that shows you when your ammo is low, now you want speed loading ... remove the hud for ammo display.. and lose your ammo..thats a big enough penalty
  21. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    would like to see the SL able to select the kits he wants but within reason.. based on current rules where a role has to be filled before another speciality role opens so we dont have balance issues. Kick is always the best option an SL has.. and tbh Ive never really had to kick many players from a squad for not taking a kit or not being with the squad.
  22. Ticket count

    changing ticket loss will not matter to the players that want to get back into the action rather than wait on a medic.. medics have less impact on tickets than vehicle losses or people giving up, the punishment for giving up should be vs the player not against the team, a medic working his ass off will always be wasting his time vs the current ticket giveup scenario.
  23. your example suggests that if a medic has multiple revives then it could be the fault of the situation they find themselves in..i.e poor SLing or as you say below just 'lucky' so is he a good medic for getting people up or not?.. then you say that if its a poor enemy then the medic might not have any revives.. . basically the squad is on the front foot.. but you missed out one bit.. as we both know its rare for a squad not to take casualties.. ..what I said was that you can give the medic all the toys to have quicker revives etc..but the role in the team is far out weighed by the tickets lost in vehicle wastage or indeed tickets you save as a medic in your squad that some other guy in another squad wastes because he wants to get back into the action... its not situational its a fact.. I might save 8 tickets...if another guy in the team has 12 deaths.. and 4 kills ..whose been wasting their time? ... Id prefer to see those revives credited directly to the squad ... because they are what I worked for as a medic... so a medic that walks into a room with loads of bodies and gets them up is just a lucky medic? Hes a medic, he needs to get people up thats the point of the role ? A bad medic is one that goes into the same room and gets one guy up and goes off to get kills... you are arguing that you cant judge a medic based on revives alone? If I see a medic in my squad with 1 revive, Ill not be saying hey great game medic... I have not been in many games where a squad has no casualties... ... how else do you judge a medic? ..im just not clear on what you think makes a good medic if its not based on revives? if you see a board that says 0 3 5 12 revives ... which medic do you want in your squad next round? The guy with twelve may have done as you say, walked into a room with 12 guys down.. but hey he got them up so for me better than the guy with 0 or 3. We all want a medic thats actually going to respond and get you up when your down no? and at the end of the day, to me thats a good medic.
  24. There is no way when you look at a public game and the heals that 60 tickets are ever gained back I have never seen that and I have a lot of hours in the game and played on a clan and on many a clan server, the average I see is about 40 tickets at most and thats if the squads have two medics and usually you see one medic doing a better job than the other..so we will have to disagree on this. Thats one heavy and perhaps a logi... you mis understand though... the medic role I say is important but less of an overall impact as a medics work can be ruined by people wasting assets, and as a medic its harder work saving tickets just to have them blown away by another squad who wastes vehicles... this is why I say the medic is more important to his squad and not the team. I think you are getting yourself a little confused now.. you suggest in the OP to offer more abilities to the medic to quickly heal but then suggest now that we dont judge the medic on his revives? Its a medic role, im not going to judge it on K/D ? if that's the case then the guy should be a rifleman and concentrate on that role. If the enemy is terrible and there is less revives then thats not exactly the fault of the medic for not getting revives, but the medic is still there to revive people. Put it this way if im in a squad and I turn around and say to the SL dont judge me on my no. of revives as a medic but on my K/D or teamwork score..what do you think the SL is going to say? It would be great to have a game where your squad has 0 deaths 0 revives and everyone has loads of kills..but we both know that's not the case.. I can see where a squad has a few deaths and revives so its evident which medics have worked their ass off.which have had little work to do and those that just didnt bother.. Let me put it in the context of the RPG role, right now people cant see the impact their work in blowing up vehicles has as its not really shown on the end game chart. It may be added in next fix. Now if a guy takes the RPG role and at the end of the round what do you check? vehicle kills.... if none he could be shit shot or not seen any vehicles... if he has taken out a couple good work... thats how that role judges themselves... The medic has to be judged on something and it would be revives. whether or not the SL has done a bad job if Ive saved 20 people I know ive done a good medic job as its designed to do.
  25. problem with minus tickets is that it just makes the game go faster, doesnt stop the guy that wants to be back int he action giving up... he doesnt care about the team he cares about k/d.