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  1. Progressive RAAS

    so the flags are in exact same spot as the would benormally? nothing random in that doesnt stop the rush... daft really.
  2. Fire-team Radios.

    use search function.
  3. Fuel, Food & Water

    not sure the maps are big enough to justify fuel running out in the vehicles ... you get into the realms of pubg with super fast fuel consumption just to fit a certain mechanic in the game. after all its bad enough now with people leaving vehicles (fully fueled and full of ammo!) lying across the map.. what you suggest is whats in SCUM.. which simulates night and day and is built around stamina/food/bowel movement etc.. .. Whilst id like to see a shift towards a more realistic game a 2 hour realtime match should not really require food and water... the last thing I want to be doing is running around dying (not sure you can run around dying but you know what I mean) because there is no water or food at a supply point... I just think its a step to far .. but as discussed on another thread... droppable supply crates without the use of a radio would be useful and im still going to say that enemies should be able to hijack and use supply drops.
  4. Teleport from main base?

    this is a good point but what happens when its empty? tends to be left where it is.
  5. Teleport from main base?

    well imo the abandoning or the reckless use i.e not giving a toss, about vehicles was costing so many unnecessary tickets that people who didnt care could have a bigger impact on the ticket count than those preserving them... i still say limit the vehicles or as someone suggested on another thread give them their own tickets separate from the normal count.
  6. Teleport from main base?

    agreed but its a different mindset I think (and no disrespect intended) to the battlefield/insurgency players, they just want to spawn / shoot/kill/die and not wait for anything.. i.e vehicle destroyed give me another one right away.... its just a different game and needs a different mindset to play it. As we get newer players coming into the game these 'insta spawn, give me everything I want' ideas will continue especially with the sort of middle ground the game tries to take... this is not in reference to the OP who I believe is a wonder fish and experienced player.
  7. Teleport from main base?

    It is actually the reality and has been since vehicles were added, its worse now because of the daft spawn at main default that is getting sorted hopefully. People take vehicles to the point they want and abandon them. If a squad is ambushed I dont see an issue you have two vehicles ... you lose the first one you have an opportunity to take another, you lose a second... thats careless... It might even force omg... 'teamwork'... Id prefer to see the game with more elements of realism vs the 'I dont want to do anything that is not shooting and spawning right in the action...... ' brigade.
  8. Fuel, Food & Water

    I personally dont want to go into the realms of what Arma did and become a lifesim... but the importance of logistics is sadly ignored.
  9. Teleport from main base?

    def a no...its an issue thats has been discussed 100s of times (ok hyperbole)... just lock squads to two vehicles max and if they abandon one, it needs recovered or they need to catch a lift from someone else.
  10. where did I suggest dropping a mag couldnt be done? ... as I said.. all the examing of the magazine/rifle stuff needs stripped out its unnecessary and this would speed up the reload, but a certain section of the community wants a speed reload for clutch times... which I disagree with... because it would just end up always being used so you force this unrealistic 'speed' reload on the game..
  11. I agree with all this, but with new players IF the SLs or others are not offering assistance certainly a short tutorial would not hurt. However its not difficult to pick it up from the UI .
  12. ... people need to learn not to unload a whole magazine and miss... then blame 'I couldnt reload fast enough, reloading sucks'.... its been discussed in many threads before.. the only thing that I think needs adjusted is all the examining of the rifle/casing etc during the reloading... this is not insurgency this is edging more on the realistic.
  13. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    thats completely different weve been asking for a seeding game mode for a while, smaller maps where its more close combat during that period.. we have TDM at the moment its just hidden on a larger scale map! I personally miss some of the smaller maps. I think as we see with new players now they have a very different expectation of how they think a shooter should play, mainly due to their experiences with the likes of COD/Battlefield and insurgency... the whole reason I bought squad nearly 4 years ago was because it wasnt those games ... a risk would be that the TDM mentality influences the more realistic aspects of the game ..i.e faster reloads, ability to change optics/loadout etc...
  14. what about when real bullets fired at you in a do or die situation?
  15. may not have been but clearly how it reads. Eh? so a squad leader is not placing a rally nor leading a squad and you blame the UI? honestly I think your now just making it up as you go along just for arguments sake. I think you want to play at UI using rather than a military sim ... a UI should compliment the players ability to play the game not become the force by which the player has to play the game, a players behaviour in this type of game should never be dictated by the UI, it is dictated by the situation they find themelves in on the ground. what problems? you just say the UI is crap but offer nothing in return? There is one problem and that is the spawning back at main... the others you talk about are not UI issues. youve lost me... you say there are no fobs... blaming the UI for some reason... where its the players responsibility to place fobs/rallies etc... why is that the UI problem and not the players? The UI cant place the rally/fob on the players behalf so pray tell how its not the players fault. You are just complaining and not offering anything. sigh....
  16. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    CSGO is a very different community and size of player base and it had a large player base from just counterstrike, Squad being a more niche product, I think you would be more likely to see full servers begin to lose players to other servers they like the game mode of but not see additional players filling the vacated spots. In essence you bastardise your traditional community ...it happens now with Insurgency mode.. as soon as that map comes on you see umpteen disconnects a server will half. If you begin to provide different game modes then you could see the same thing or a thinning out of the player base. Im not suggesting that there is not a need to expand on what is there but with such a small community there is an inherent danger of to much choice not enough players. Ultimately it could be handled by modding.
  17. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    could be the same thing as sitting in the middle ground of milsim/arcade ..if you choose to develop all game mode types are you in danger of being jack of all trades and master of none? Thus the player base is fractured across servers that are playing the modes they like and making it difficult to fill a lot of servers up...
  18. I did actually agree with you and yes I do know, and agreed if your used to playing the spawn rinse repeat that requires less brain cells type of game then Squad is going to be taxing for new players. This was a new spawn mechanic for the new UI in v12, it worked better previously so hopefully they will look at it. Again your lack of understanding of the game (hence your post) has led you to a conclusion that the game is not functioning properly because there is no FOB, this is the fault of the teamwork of your team and nothing else, FOBs need built, if no one is doing that, or they are destroyed then you will spawn back at main. Plus your SL should be placing a rally. The UI can only do so much, I think its a bit of a mess but the UI is not there to teach you the game, (in settings you can turn on hints) but to provide information during the course of the round, lessons should be done in a training scenario. And if you are with a decent SL then your experience would be different, and I do think the community should step up in game for new players, if not we end up with the very thing you posted about and in part thats the communities fault or certainly the guys you were playing with. note it was not squad I was refunding but post scriptum which was built on the squad engine... I have been with squad since it came to steam and I advocate the community helping new players, because it is a small community with a great game and I hate that others wont help or when they sl they stay silent. First thing I do if an SL is quiet is get onto admin and start pressuring them to SL, pass it on or leave... or better yet move to another squad.
  19. Ive got Red Orchestra and played a lot of insurgency, they dont particularly hold the hand of the new player either, infact they can be even tougher due to the one shot kill and the faster pace. the game is not that hard to pick up, look on the internet there are plenty of resources, but it could do with a short instructional training session, granted. Im with you on the UI I think it was not a change for the better but sure there are many players out there that like it. Technical issues seem to be player specific, I have a potato computer and the only issue I ever have with the game is the fact it stops loading on the round entry screen because I switch windows (dual screen), annoying but sporadic. Painful if you have purchased a game to play and you always want your issue addressed vs the bigger picture, having the ability to refund helps and come back at a later date. The gameplay problem you describe regarding the spawn is a problem for all players not just new ones, its a pia and needs sorted, Ive got more hours than I should in the game and still find myself back at main when Ive never selected main. One thing however regarding gameplay, it sounds like you pretty much soloing .. (may not be the case but thats how it reads) and tbh your not going to have a great time of it as a new player, especially if you have played games like insurgency and red orchestra, they tend to be a spawn rush die mass brawl of individuals. Your instructions and objectives should be set by your squad lead, and if your on a good server other squad members should be willing to help you out. It makes for a painful game if your SL doesnt speak or you solo so would suggest a) dont solo b) leave a squad if the SL is not talking. I had the same issues with Post Scriptum and refunded that 3 times! Its improved greatly and now playing it more than squad these days.
  20. V12 Feedback

    again how many are carrying grapling hooks?.... a normal infantry squad is generally (and I stand to be corrected) not carrying kit for such a scenario.. it would I imagine be some sort of special forces unit or sapper unit to blow the walls not sure whether thats going to be part of the game... I do believe fast ropes will be deployable from choppers... I do think there should be a demolitions/sapper class in the Russian/US and British forces.
  21. V12 Feedback

    I guess as you said above, its just your opinion on which many people disagreed, but given V12 was released under a public playtest server a good few bugs were ironed out and people liked the dynamics, the things you mention are not bugs but your dislike of the new mechanics (apart from performance which has in all honesty been an issue from day one). It did not mean it was not ready.
  22. V12 Feedback

    I like the persistent ammo... it stops the changing kit to the one needed and magically spawning in with that HAT or rpg just because a vehicle is nearby... not sure what equipment you are suggesting you keep or just magazines? Classes should not be mixed. I was heavily critical of this change but overall it has been for the better in terms of the ability for others to revive, but feel its given medics this gungho mentality now. there were lots of people screaming for v12, give us it now we dont care if its buggy... now people complain cos its buggy..they cant win... overall I think its better for it. The worst thing about it is the new rally system, i like people spawning in waves, but it has led to more giving up because of this i.e not wanting to miss the wave, .. the system still needs a little work.. with no destructable objects, windows nor opening / closing doors etc feel its pretty pointless... do the grunts normally carry flashbangs?
  23. Think it was suggested a while ago. but agree... never understand the need to request to use a simple vehicle (which is necessary) yet an important fob anyone can just dig it up...
  24. Global Chat option: ON/OFF

    thanks glad you approve my opinion.
  25. Global Chat option: ON/OFF

    Actually its information that I like to use... if I see lots of disconnects and its from the opposition it usually means they are in trouble...