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  1. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    just turns into every other generic shooter, not a sorta military sim...
  2. Well all I have to say is Post Scriptum a lesson in to early a release and not enough testing game mechanics = .........
  3. Universal Logistical System

    There are other arguments that suggest that clans and specifc backers have a greater influence on the direction of the game design so why does it feel like sometimes the game is getting dumber...? I personally dont think the idea is to overly complicated, if you are going to have FOBS and supply lines then why not make them so they work like that, a step in the right direction is the ammo and ammo bags in v12.. I would liked to have seen the rallies be the ammo and medic supplies themselves
  4. Muting Squad Leader

    or just be able to mute them seems quicker..
  5. Game needs more maps ...

    hope not... I like that map just needs some love and made bigger.
  6. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    agree.. and I dont really see the point of a persistent rally if you can just place another without cost...I think it makes it more powerful than before..it also doesnt stop the magic alarm that is your rally that tells you if you have enemies near when it disappears, dont like that aspect of it. It should be set timer and if you dont get in you have to wait for the next rally.
  7. believe me.. im flinching all over the place, ducking, weaving... its just that doing that in your seat in front of the screen doesnt tend to help ...
  8. so unless guy is getting surpressed outwith 25 metres there can still be the hit in the head not dead spin 360 kill you .... but does mean fireteams are even more important.
  9. agree some of the maps are very dark, at times my nose is pressed up against the screen
  10. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    I think 99% of people in the game are aware that it costs tickets.. I mean the whole game is based around ticket attrition... Are you aware that many people dont care about the ticket cost but the kills. They want to be shooting more than lying about waiting for a medic, if it was the case that people cared more about tickets then medics would have a much more important role to play, they would have 100s of heals and matches would last for hours. Vehicles would not rush into flags and fobs would be built in positions to avoid detection not on top of flags.... What does this change to take the weight off the medics shoulders?.... you seem to forget that other players are able to heal others now, which would help the medic get players up more quickly... but it rarely happens. At the moment if you are bleeding out and a medic is near you have an option to wait to see if he makes it to you, if not you will either bleed out or give up. If players are diligent in helping the medic (which I cant see happening) in v12 you could find that people are saying dont heal me because I dont know if the medic is going to make it and I dont want to take that risk of sitting around vs giving up , and especially where there is perpetual ammo, you are encouraged to just respawn at a fob and resupply ammo plus your back in the action. And something that will be really friggin annoying is where a medic is in the process of reviving you and gets shot whilst healing your stamina... then you are stuck in the zombie state of no stamina
  11. cant have hab fights now anyway.. I currently play that shithole of a game rising storm vietnam.. it has suppression and actually it works pretty well.. although they seem to suppress whether its friendly fire or enemy..guess that makes sense if some **** is shooting over your head... for me its needed to allow HMG and LMGs to be the tools they are meant to be.. at the moment you would be lucky to get more than a few rounds off before being sniped .. and should stop to some extent the guy that just stands there with no effect of fire whatsover and pick you off, especially when you get the drop on someone shoot them and they are able to just accurately fire back.. hopefully make those trades a little less 5050
  12. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    agree... atm you will see around 60 revives depending on the no. of large teams ... on average in public medics will have 7 to 8 ... most Ive ever had is 20 and thats working my ass off to get to every downed player before they giveup. If its that good then you might save the loss of two vehicles.... these days though you have a lot tiny squads where they dont take a medic. Another thread I started discussed this new concept of other players being able to revive. I was against it and in some respects I still am, it does reduce the medics importance as I said in clutch situations or where you need bodies on a flag or a rally. It does not change that the medic will still be required to get players back into a capable fighting position but thats no different than it is currently.. it changes gameplay in a big way but does nothing to make the medic any more an important role than it is now. I can see this making players giveup more quickly too... you go down and are bleeding out... medic is still up...grunt player revives you.. now you are in a zombie state... medic dies..now you are stuck in a zombie state... if you had given up you would be respawning... now you either have to die or find a medic somehow or type Respawn. ATM you bleed out and respawn or giveup . To me there is still nothing in this that encourages a player to take the medic role because it is a must have in the squad, infact now with perpetual ammo respawn is king to supply... So something needs to change with the medic to ensure that its required role in the squad not something the last guy to join the squad or a riflemen reluctantly takes because everyone else jumped on the support roles. Infact I would say that if players are able to revive one another, then make it so a rally can only ever be placed with a medic and SL, I would have combined the rally as the medic / ammo supply which of course needs supplied at a fob. rather than rifelmen carrying ammo bags. It makes a rally vital and placement of it a risk so as enemy close in around your position you may not be able to place another if you had placed it on a flag, thus your supplies will run out.
  13. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    you can be on your own as an SL pretty quickly...
  14. Extra damage state

    I just think some stern words ending in 'SOLDIER' ... and your back ...
  15. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    Chrome drives me nuts for that... and yes using old slow prehistoric drive ... game just stops all of a sudden for about 2 or 3 secs...
  16. suppressors are still loud as...
  17. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    I used to have it using lots of ram without pre load textures..but was playing with 8gb now 16g ..but have started having freezes for some reason... will need to keep eye on ram use/gpu...
  18. Server Favorites

    tbh would love this as I only play on 5 servers...
  19. Suggestion about traps

    def trips
  20. Extra damage state

    as if stunned or winded... i.e if explosion goes off but does no physical damage it does wind .. maybe same as suppression?
  21. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    sorry my question was not quite on point, what I meant was the ammo bag.. when they die and its been half used will it come back with full ammo on respawn or will again need resupplied at supply crate... I never open the thing... just come into the forums more than I should!
  22. sigh..... its my ball and im going home cos I want to play the way I want to play...waaaaaah.... I was not disagreeing with you, I was offering an alternative point of view, asking whether switching it to right click offers the gunner to much of an advantage in being able to insta switch to coax vs the hesitation of pressing a key on the keyboard, in a sense simulating perhaps the real life switch... if it doesnt then rather than just bind it to right mouse why not allow the user to bind it to whatever key they want....
  23. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    yes its v annoying but in a way this might even play itself out in the same way as limiting vehicles ... leave them lying about the map you wont have them spawn in I guess...
  24. Vehicle Suggestion

    I thought they were adding something like that in the new update?