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  1. Game needs non owned servers

    but you said yourself you wanted free unmoderated servers? then say that an unmoderated server is crap because no one admins it? im lost. So Im thinking what you want is someone else to pay for servers that are unmoderated....but if its crap experience no one will be on it apart from cheaters/trolls... how enjoyable.
  2. Game needs non owned servers

    issue is admins... soon as you go over to servers that have limited / next to no control, it will be chaos. And with FF as per usual with automatic kick systems it has no filter for idiots. i.e like post scriptum where a commander tells the squad leads to stay out of the marked zone only for the idiots to ignore it and then get smashed by mortars... commander gets kicked due to no fault of their own... rent a server and just leave it with no admin if thats what you want. Simple.
  3. 1 Hour

    was quoting what you said you said not that a good few suggested what I said... get what I said....?
  4. Logistics Mechanics

    The logi system worked well for the early phase of dev but the points raised certainly made me think its needing a re work of sorts. Ive never really had an issue with the supply distance but people raise a valid point that its a little gamey (especially on some of the smaller maps where you setup a fob close to your own base). But then again whenever we have discussions about aspects that make Squad gamey, ... FOBS are the most gamey aspect of the whole system but for playability are a necessity. Not sure why helos are going to be such a drastic change and complaining about how they will supply before we know how they will supply , yea.... Maps are getting bigger and people are moaning about the time trucks take to get from base to x so helos could solve part of that issue. I do think however people have never really played logistics properly, no one really dedicates themselves to a logistics role (yes I know there are 3 of you out there who will say I always do, martyrs)... i.e supply routes with protective armour keeping them open, because supplies are squad specific. So it is left to individuals. Perhaps there should be ammo dumps (I guess similar to insurgency maps but not fixed place) instead that are supplied by trucks / helos and SLs can setup fobs and emplacements anywhere but will need to get supplies from the ammo dump/supply depot, these get supplied by trucks and helos and squaddies can pick up supplies from there. It then creates a two tier supply system, if no one is supplying the dumps then the squads wont be able to get supplies on their fobs. Given most vehicles can now carry supplies it would not be a big step for each to be able to pick up and drop off. This could probably be done now in a sense by dropping a radio in the middle of nowhere and supplying that thus making supply runs shorter.
  5. 1 Hour

    I think a good few have suggested this sort of thing... setting a time limit on rounds might force some gameplay however... losing it and you would have to attack... but of course, it will also mean others will just sit and defend a winning position around a flag.
  6. 1 Hour

    frontline mode or a mode where the players that control more pct of the map is more interesting .. taking positions based on their strategic value rather than its a flag... allowing players to decide where they want to defend rather than forcing a defence and known attack... I wouldnt want shorter rounds I just want more interesting gameplay during the rounds whether they are short or long...
  7. Immersion

    agreed I didnt like the rush myself and still dont, but its a valid tactic for the type of game thats being played but not a particularly fun one, certainly for me. I was glad there was an attempt to slow it down but its still not sorted however, as the rush is just to a different flag now ... hence the idea of a fog of war style gameplay is attractive. Immersion wise id prefer to see a secure and hold that only allows logis from base once the team has a grip on a specific area / flag whatever just to make it even more difficult / slower on these types of maps... rather than the ability to just drive in drop a fob and build emplacements... this would require support from other squads to bring in logis and use mechancized to support the hold rather than one squad taking the logis and a fighting vehicle and rushing the flag.... The only emplacements that should be allowed would then be from the Commander air drops if thats a thing... and thats limited.
  8. Immersion

    knowing where capture points are = rush ...doesnt matter whether the first flag or middle flags...its a TDM mentality not an immersive war... we fool ourselves into thinking there is some logic / tactics but in reality because its the same old every time the tactic ends up get to the flag and either defend or stop..and do it fast. If we want some sort of immersive war like game then flags perhaps are not the priority....
  9. Stopping Rouge Players Causing Nonstop Steamroll

    If the SL isnt kicking people then its an SL problem and leave the squad. I kick people if they tend to keep doing stuff that is not in the interests of the squad. If someone spawns on wrong fob I give them a chance to communicate, if no response or they keep doing it their kicked. You cant fix stupid or selfish players, I do think habs are far to easily disabled now and should require some sort of heavy weapon/ied to destroy rather than the double whammy of 3 disabling and then able to dig it down. The meat grinder in a sense was exactly the same thing, stupid players spawning in when told its compromised and thinking they can get it back, came down to communication. After nearly 3000 hours int he game I havent played for about 3 months, I just think that the game has edged to much in the arcade direction with rush TDM mentality overly influencing ticket loss especially through vehicles. For me not enough was ever done to encourage good play and discourage / punish selfish bad play. btw Rogue... not Rouge.... that would suggest bunch of guys running around with bright red cheeks
  10. Ranking System?

    only to be made worse by adding a ranking system that suggests time played... you only have 100 hrs... get a rifleman kit leave the big boys to play... no thanks..
  11. Ranking System?

    would have saved all this by just doing a simple search and finding out lots of threads suggesting much of the same thing, with in the end, the same answer... A ranking system offers absolutely no merit to the game whatsover, there is a point where the community will be 80% one rank... and then what do you do? Ive got a squad of noobs... their not high enough rank to take x kit... so I kick the lot from my squad and wait to see if I get high enough ranked players ... My squad is named ..xxx rank or kick... At the extreme a ranking system could now cause this... SL leaves, we need an SL but no one is high enough rank to take it.. so the squad disbands and the team loses because 9 players suddenly become lone wolf blueberries... No one is high enough rank to drive a tank... so your left with RPG squads.. commence the 'we are getting wasted by one tank because they had a player that was the right rank' all your suggesting is, is a pavlovs dogs reward system...
  12. Ranking System?

    you know why right?
  13. Redeploy From Main Base

    Logistics in public games is hit and miss..there have been suggestions to create a logistics specific class that can only take logis..but there is freedom atm to be a logistics unit and convoy , no one really does it ... with every squad leader able to build and no one really doing base runs its likely to remain the same. Choppers are coming so I guess there will be fast transport from main if there is dedicated pilot class ... put separate tickets for vehicles and lose a ticket for every minute a vehicle is not within a specific range of a fob or rally without crew (as they will be used for supplies) ... this will eat into the teams ability to use larger vehicles, ... and the vehicle in question can be directly attributed to a specific squad... so people can yell at them to retrieve it or blow it.
  14. Squad is dead or not ?

    which ones? if were comparing like for like then Arma is the stand out no?
  15. Squad is dead or not ?

    Just in case anyone was wondering. ..... this also doesnt include the new battlefield games....data from steam charts. yea I was bored . Feel free to add others as I could not quite find games exactly like squad as it depends on what you want to compare it with.... AVG no. of players playing per day over a 30 day period Arma ... 15 000 .. War Thunder 13000 Blacksquad 5000 Ghost Recon Wildlands 3846 Insurgency Sandstorm 3200 COD wWII 2-3000 Warface 2500 Squad 1825 COD Black ops 1800 Rising storm Vietnam 1500 Post Scriptum 501 DCS World 480 Proving Grounds 325 World War 3 200 WWII Online 22 Medal of Honor 4.6
  16. Squad is dead or not ?

    not sure it was cherry picking any data as the data shown was about 3 years worth if you check the table and not just the headline no.... infact I would say you cherry picked the data as its only a point in time that you decided to look... not over a period ... the game is certainly not in decline but vs the no. of games bought ... (I read somewhere over a million) the average of 2000 a day is not a great no. Whilst it matters not to those that enjoy the game the trouble will arise where the investment and continuance of dev may not be able to keep at full pace based on ongoing purchases and I imagine will eventually be handed over to the community to continue that, as I believe happened with pr. It looks like more of the clans have taken a back seat (certainly server wise) as I see less and less of the old clans but a few newer servers.
  17. Squad is dead or not ?

    average is up by 600 daily ..and the peak is better... but its not even a 50% growth in the players playing in 2 years. We dont know if its new or old players and Im sure vs the actual sales its a disappointing trend.
  18. Squad is dead or not ?

    Ive got nearly 3000 hours in squad... I havent played it for a month, but in comparison to Post Scriptum, Squad has many many servers to populate... PS has maybe 3 European servers that English is spoken or allowed. Im now waiting to see what develops this year, Im hoping it finally makes a move in the right direction for me, more sim like rather than what I feel is getting demanded in the forums to edge towards the easy option for the arcade players. This is why Ive stopped playing, the game has been turned more into a big TDM now rather than a tactical, objective based, coordinated military game. Karmakut a big influencer in squad has shifted alliance to PS in the last couple of months too. Would like to see if anything will be done about vehicles, not the cry baby boo hoo my gun isnt big enough, I dont have enough armour thing, thats just people who want to go toe to toe and not move, but the cost of vehicles in terms of tickets to the team because of vehicle wastage. Secondly the random flag generator maps are not. So this needs sorted and hopefully a frontline mode which will fingers crossed slow down the rush meta, not that its not a valid tactic for the game, but it gets boring . Better logistics (not relying on a radio to build) and some way to build cohesion between squads or the team that relies on everyone pulling their weight via some sort of reward system (no not a medal) ... linked to the commander role so the commander can offer assets for completed objectives by squads. And of course see how the helos and commander are introduced ...
  19. I would say the rally system wave spawn works well apart from the timer giving players more incentive to giveup so they dont miss the wave. I dont really get the reasoning that 'single spawn' run from rally until its used up vs a few spawning in on a wave does more harm to squad cohesion? Whats better, to spawn with a group or just give people the choice to spawn in on their own ..oh and take the last spawn on the rally... I would suggest that the SL makes a decision to start the timer rather than it being automatic.. he then controls the reinforcements and of course it 'might' stop the give up to get the spawn where the SL sees there is a medic available to revive players ...also could force the squad to use another spawn where necessary and avoid the usual 'oops I spawned on the... ' scenario of course you would still get the wise guys 'read selfish twats' who would give up right away and start badgering the SL... I would just kick them ...
  20. Progressive RAAS

    so the flags are in exact same spot as the would benormally? nothing random in that doesnt stop the rush... daft really.
  21. Fire-team Radios.

    use search function.
  22. Fuel, Food & Water

    not sure the maps are big enough to justify fuel running out in the vehicles ... you get into the realms of pubg with super fast fuel consumption just to fit a certain mechanic in the game. after all its bad enough now with people leaving vehicles (fully fueled and full of ammo!) lying across the map.. what you suggest is whats in SCUM.. which simulates night and day and is built around stamina/food/bowel movement etc.. .. Whilst id like to see a shift towards a more realistic game a 2 hour realtime match should not really require food and water... the last thing I want to be doing is running around dying (not sure you can run around dying but you know what I mean) because there is no water or food at a supply point... I just think its a step to far .. but as discussed on another thread... droppable supply crates without the use of a radio would be useful and im still going to say that enemies should be able to hijack and use supply drops.
  23. Teleport from main base?

    this is a good point but what happens when its empty? tends to be left where it is.
  24. Teleport from main base?

    well imo the abandoning or the reckless use i.e not giving a toss, about vehicles was costing so many unnecessary tickets that people who didnt care could have a bigger impact on the ticket count than those preserving them... i still say limit the vehicles or as someone suggested on another thread give them their own tickets separate from the normal count.
  25. Teleport from main base?

    agreed but its a different mindset I think (and no disrespect intended) to the battlefield/insurgency players, they just want to spawn / shoot/kill/die and not wait for anything.. i.e vehicle destroyed give me another one right away.... its just a different game and needs a different mindset to play it. As we get newer players coming into the game these 'insta spawn, give me everything I want' ideas will continue especially with the sort of middle ground the game tries to take... this is not in reference to the OP who I believe is a wonder fish and experienced player.