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  1. I was putting it up here as an issue with the map as I could not see it reported anywhere during a search on forums, so it can be resolved, as it appears to be a known issue I can highlight it to my clan and others.
  2. no idea what you are talking about... you cant swim in the water in some sections and you die.. putting a radio in that section is exploiting that fact.. so not clear what point your making .
  3. Today noticed squads using an exploit on Al Basrah by placing a radio in the water. As you are unable to swim it cannot be dug out (unless proximity removes it)....
  4. Back seat SLs absolutely...
  5. me .. there are enemy at 030 200metres 3 tangos SL ... 'how do I build an ammo crate?' me.. there are enemy at 025 175 meters 4 tangos SL .. I need two people to put down a rally me... you only need one SL .. ok 1 person on me.. me .. there are tangos close 030 SL... why has the rally timer reset? me.. because enemy are close. SL.. Im down enemy at 030... me.... FFS....
  6. I think there would be huge kill streaks if there were major hacks.. sometimes things are suspect or feel wrong but there can be explanations... I had the same where I was lying perfectly still behind a wall and a guy crept up looked around the wall directly at me and shot me.. I could claim he could see me through the wall somehow or there could be teammates directing him to my position. I have only ever seen one hack in the game in my 1200 odd hours of play and that was fairly obvious nade/launcher spam and the guy was banned pretty quickly.. there are more players appearing with over 25 kills which does make you say wtf... but I think the community would pretty much kick these guys out quickly if it was proved
  7. Med tents I think would be good idea... if both medics are down then retreat to med tent if you dont have bandages... I also think there should be healing based on how much you have bled out.. i.e a similar way to administering morphine to get a guy up quickly but he will begin to lose health slowly either until healed fully by the medic or he gets back to the med tent. dragging people to cover I would like to see. unfortunately i dont think you can get away from people continually spawning... only thing that may solve this is to divide the available spawns up amongst the squads... so tickets are only available to squads.. (would stop lone wolves not joining squads (although might push more lone wolves to create 1 man squads..but obviously you can set the algorithm to adjust for those that have more players in the squad) ... if your squad or squad member reems through their allocation then they will get tickets from the remaining pool but at much longer spawn times and only be able to spawn back at base (ie. reinforcement style).. an idea to slow the game slightly and stop people just charging in head first all the time... it might also stop people giving up too early if they know they cant spawn in quickly and it will be back at base or you are using up your squads ticket allocation.
  8. I also dislike fanboys who decide any crticism is clickbait/not constructive etc...this thread is very constructive as it outlines some very valid player thoughts on the game.... as purchasers of the game each and every person is entitled to an opinion good or bad... I dislike the Government ... I dont get to sit in on meetings and decide how to resolve the issues of the day... I only get to vote, it doesnt come with a list of what I would like and how to resolve it...
  9. SL afk or creating squad and leaving/switching SL/not right kit (should be some sort of time out on kits if someone does this so they are only a basic grunt for 5 mins) randomness of one shot kills i.e animation clearly shows blood from head yet no death and even worse they unload a clip! insurgents wearing pyjamas yet needs 3 shots to take them down. no real effect from being shot on capability to shoot back other than a little fuzzyness and heavy breathing...not sure I would be able to aim quite as well with bullet holes and blood loss, infact I have less ability to shoot after running. kicking player from squad who is in a vehicle yet they can still gun and use vehicle (i.e people wasting ammo/not driving) no mute button for those that feel we want to hear them sing/repeat same message over and over/play music shooting dirt or window when you can clearly see over it.. grenades with ability to injure through certain brick walls... bullet penetration not actually penetrating clipping of legs or anypart of body through wall when sitting or lying down.. having to jump to get up a step / stone rocket change animation to reload different rocket type..were not carrying two friggin tubes ...
  10. I get more kills with medic class than I do with others.. my game style changes.. at the back, slow movement and using cover .also knowing many of my squad mates are relying on me.. so when approaching a downed person I tend to circle around and take my time which means I get the kills.. but I think in future there should be an option for the SL to open the slots he wants filled rather than it being a free for all once the first three are filled. and I mean filled in order of preference. Alot of players just dont want to play medic because they think AT or sniper is some sort of heroic position for kills, but thats because they are not playing medic properly. I also would like as SL to assign medic to the first person that says 'why do we not have / only have, x no. of medics' thats what drives me nuts.. if you think its important to have medics then friggin take it yourself instead of expecting others to wipe your mess up! would be good to be able to apply a quick morphine injection to revive players based on their level of injury (how much they have bled out will require more morphine injections or full bandage and heal) so they can have some with quick recovery ..then bandage ..then heal. So if you get to them right away and only a small bleed out it will not take so much to heal them/bandage.. will speed up the whole heal process. If you run out of bandages at least you can get the guy up on some ocasions and pull back. ability to drop mobile healing kit bag that acts like a healing centre but for slow recovery .. so if medic is down players can pull back to the station to slow their death down. drag players out of contact give medic one grenade
  11. Free weekend was fun.. loved helping new players and roasting those 'experienced' players for being dirt bags hopefully got a lot more players involved.. I play QFF and 20r servers which tend to be more organised during non free weekends... its only to be expecte TomHorn that the game goes into a bit of chaos during free weekend..
  12. is the free weekend over yet? ... (peeks through fingers).....
  13. congrats.. its great server and the noobs have been well and truly seen to.
  14. nice guide.. maybe update now we have habs!.. only thing I would kinda disagree with is the distance of dropping radios and the use of RPs... when defending it is good to have the point inside the radio range so ammo crates can be provided .. RPs should only be used for back up to any fob (where feasible).. unless fob is so far away the attack or defence would be slowed.