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  1. Squad vs Insurgency

    Insurgency Sandstorm is a great game but unfortunately just cant play it ... the sound is not one that people would have missed if they didnt put it in... anyway ... catering to the minority is difficult... but sounds are very good.
  2. have to admit Ive struggled at times with the new maps ...but everyone talks about how unrealistic fobs and rallies are... yet no one complains about the magic radar map that gives you any information you want ... So to open a can of worms... why not just remove the ability for players to see other squads on the map... and actually rely on communication and icons more... I would keep the view of your own squad to stop the lone wolf running off and you have no idea where he is...
  3. Squad vs Insurgency

    I have Tinnitus... they added a tinnitus sound in Sandstorm when there is an explosion near you... so now a constant ringing noise throughout the game... of course they cant cater for every ailment out there ... but I play pc games to drown out the noise... now their adding that dreadful noise into a game! You can imagine the troll sympathy I received on suggesting it was an unnecessary sound ...
  4. December Feedback Roundtable

    ... Wave spawning is much better scenario but it does encourage the giveup far to quickly as you check the timer to get back in... I think the SL should have the ability to unlock the spawn rather than allowing players to spawn in if the timer is on 5secs left and its only one guy..hes going to give up to get back in quickly... why not just have a wider spawn area around the rallies rather than everyone spawns within 1 metre of each other.... Ammo on rallies would be better, but persistent ammo works, supply at fob both the rally and the ammo with it... Agree FOBS are now to easy to take down.. still think a sapper style role would add something different..
  5. Insurgency supply

    it would never get anywhere quickly for stopping to be offended by something every 10 metres...
  6. APC VS IFV ticket count.

    nothing strange about it... just look at any game and the no. of vehicles strewn across the map abandoned ... the incentive is to stop people just leaving them ... I have not mentioned removing the timer, there would still be a timer if lost.. but if people have left vehicles all over the map then the ticket count for the tank may not be enough so vehicles need returned... leave an abandoned vehicle and it gets blown up, you may have cost your team the ability to bring in the armour... I have never mentioned removing the timer once? I have never mentioned anything about removing the timer....
  7. APC VS IFV ticket count.

    If they are changing the map/loadout screen to display what vehicles are available then this might not be as complicated as it sounds. There is no real incentive atm to return vehicles to base, you might as well wait until they are destroyed... the simplest method is to just have a limited vehicle count which in effect is what we have basedon spawn timers. Applying a value to the vehicles that are spread across the battlefield might force rtb of them to get the armour. Right now if a team is down to 100 tickets with 8 vehicles on the map no one is really suggesting they get taken back to base to avoid ticket loss by being destroyed or indeed accumulation to bring a tank in which might help reverse or secure a match.
  8. The issue with a tank driving straight up to a fob is a real one though, with three crew it is automatically disabled ...but ..I am shaking my head about the tears re rpg..id like to see street barricades / tank traps.. but hey also mines can be built around habs so that tank can catch one there.. .. people will be crying in their helmets when helicopters arrive... ' oh im getting killed from a distance, please give everyone the most powerful one shot kill anti aircraft rocket there is so a single soldier is as powerful vs air as he should be vs tanks'... stop friggin crying .. the dynamics of the game have changed.. instead of playing rock paper scissors actually think about how you will counter a tank.. if you know a tank is on the map then it should be no surprise should it... build things to counter... group vehicles and rpg to support one another... as is what you see is 3 full infantry squads using the same friggin tactics now that they did from v9... rush separate flags with a logi and perhaps a btr or stryker.. tank squad goes off on its own... logi squads die because they of course find the enemy tank first... now its a rush to bring you own tank in ... by then no fob.. people are struggling to counter .. no ammo supplies because no fob ... . tank cant get close because its now got enemy swarming the flag and an enemy tank to contend with, and no infantry support... it becomes a stand off slug fest until one tank blows up... now enemy tank has upperhand.. no counters built anywhere on the map due to the logi rush.. it can sit and pick off incoming vehicles ... tears from squads saying they could not destroy the tank because of its armour.. but with no fob/no tank support/ and shooting it in the side and front tends not to work...
  9. Armor Penalty

    never played planetside so no idea... but did say armour pool not logi etc....its not as gamey as a rally or fob tbh... its logistics supply ... managing assets ... atm its an unlimited supply based on the legnth of the round. its nothing to do with balance of power, its about who is using up the assets at a rate unsustainable to the rest of the team...the team is subsidising a vehicle crews waste ... I dont like that because its not a two way thing...
  10. all depends whether the weapon is loaded or not if it was a thing, I assume they would not go down the pubg route where dropping a weapon inexplicably unloads a mag...
  11. Mortars need to be a little scarier

    not difficult to add comment to an old thread that is discussing exactly the same thing... it goes to the top of the list when a new comment is added...
  12. Armor Penalty

    This is exactly my issue with Squad, whilst I love the game its still focused on TDM more than anything ... nothing really tactical... the game should impose a penalty on those that waste vehicles... you lock squad get tank... kill a few people and maybe a vehicle and die.... respawn take Stryker same result ... until you have made your way through wasting as many vehicles as die spawn will allow... its the reason I detest vehicles... Someone had a good idea to give vehicles a separate ticket counter.. so when the counter is 0 no more vehicles...I would say that it should have a separate armour counter... you take tank from spawn and 100 tickets are debited .make it expensive as hell.. lose the tank your ticket pool is down 100..drop it back to main and the tank tickets are added back to the pool.. or you might not have enough tickets left to take another... but the thing is losing a vehicle cant lose you the game because its not coming from the attrition pool... so that numpty that drives into full enemy cant do anymore damage to the team than losing the vehicle when low on tickets.. my preferred solution is rewarding squads with acheivement points (snowflakes will love this ITS A REWARD)... you do stuff you earn pts to spend on vehicles/ammo drop things like that... you take a vehicle out and it gets destroyed in seconds... you didnt earn enough pts to get another one .. so you have to take something else and work hard .... .. and for those that think they just create a new squad...nope... once the round starts any squad starts at zero acheivement pts. i before e but cant be bothered changing it...
  13. Mortars need to be a little scarier

    just incase your search function wasnt working .....
  14. Few thoughts

    I went past a convoy of army trucks yesterday... all the same... its been discussed many times... search is your friend... and the answer is no. spawning time is to long already for people, having to go back to have work done is just a step to far in their role play... dragging was supposed to be a thing but it never appeared. do a search on weapon/customization... its going to be limited at best... thank goodness balance first... assume there may be something added in equipment to mark targets once aircraft are available to the 'commander'
  15. Why I dont want Helicopters

    100 player servers are in the pipeline.. so hopefully will encourage more infantry..but this all happened due to the demand by clans to lock squads..which was one of if not the worst decision now the servers have to have rules on squad locking vs it being a minimum size for the type of squad.