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  1. nah, there are gaps between the steps.. no way that everybullet is hitting the steps .. (I know I'm a bad shot but!|)
  2. anyone else notice that when someone sits on stairs and you shoot at them from beneath (metal stairs with gaps between steps) that they are next to impossible to hit.?
  3. Logi V10

    just meant instead of all the incremental shenanigans... left click once half ammo, left click again fills it full of ammo.. same for right click on build pts... q loads both.. reverse at the fob... just seems a lot of faffing about with incremental when really you just want to dump in and get out of there....
  4. Logi V10

    would be better if you could just load with right or left click too or press q to load and unload both at same time... seems simpler.
  5. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    SL should not be allowed dual role ..... kit should remain unassigned until another player takes it .. means the squad cannot mark on map, take vehicles, drop spawns or build until someone takes the role ..
  6. Spotting enemies?

    think it just takes time... depends on how you play the game and which faction you are on... obviously if you are iron sights then close range is your goal, closing the distance and drawing enemy in.. not running head on into them.. but one thing I am still learning and still screw up.. (and I have loads of hours) is the use of cover, fire, look left and right, then move. The more you stay in one place the more you will get wiped. Simple reason is that without the real threat of death the current suppression fails to deter many they will just sit there shooting until they die or get you. If your on your own then they will have the drop on you most likely.
  7. Mk 19 with smoke rounds.

    lol never heard of it..just looked it up... a friggin machine gun grenade launcher! honestly if I hadn't read it I would have been shouting you cod noob don't you go ruining Squad with your daft made up weapons.... I think mortars are getting smoke rounds anyway... but omg this would have some serious suppression value...
  8. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    yea.. would love v 10 now... also to include a knife where I can climb over a fence and reign death from above on unsuspecting enemy... ok just release it already!... xx
  9. Run speed control

    bit confused... how fast do you want to run? capslock is walking pace forward key is light jog shift forward is sprint when standing still shift to hold breath (effect is difficult if you have just been sprinting)... if you are looking for a sprint shoot down sights lets hope that never gets into the game ....
  10. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    think this will just turn into a salt fest picking on noob SLs and players as usual.. and that is one of my pet peeves about squad.. community is getting more and more salty not only on forums but in game too... Player PIA things... Creating squad and handing over SL role.. I now kick that person from the squad as the first order of the day. spawning at main and asking for a vehicle. back seat SLs, i.e sl tell squad blah blah to do x.. or tell all squads to move down... please..just concentrate on your own thing.if I'm communicate with you then I'm already communicating with the other squads. no one wanting medic role no one wanting to do logi runs people giving up just as the medic gets there and starts bandaging marksmen on tiny maps... Game mechanics its not v10 yup... no real punishment for vehicle misuse/destroyed/dying (i.e locked out of taking armour for longer) rallies superfobs cover.. every window/sandbag/car seems to be at the perfect level to shoot straight into it whilst kneeling..... even in v10 the weapon collision is rough. medic role is not important enough to enough players if no medic in a squad then spawn time should be longer for each squad member and unless that role is filled prior to spawn, no other roles are available, so if people leave medic role before spawn then it needs filled or everyone spawns in as rifleman. LOCKED SQUADS of 2 or less people when there are already multiple small locked squads.. ends up you have 1 or two players that a) cant get into a squad so have to create one or they end up a tiny squad too. Suppression..
  11. player equipments(idea-suggestions)

    Ijust think it might distract when your trying to shoot etc.
  12. player equipments(idea-suggestions)

    8 squad members with ability to tag, 8x tagging is a lot to be on your screen for SL. It might be useful if you could highlight youself on the map only, so that when the SL shouts who said that they don't have to search the map to find you.. then that could be quicker. in addition to the scout / sniper being able to perhaps highlight a couple of things.. but not everyone.
  13. do a search.. fire teams... there is a whole page of threads on it.
  14. if its the name tags of distant friendlies that look like they are over an enemy making it difficult to distinguish, then yes agree, but think there are a few threads on this already.
  15. Anti Tank

    usually they are getting hit by 4 rounds because they have got to close and cant reverse or turn around quickly enough, or are not using cover...