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  1. I took the drastic measure to do that but also due to the fact I only had 8gb.. turning the textures on off in settings had no impact whatsover on the memory/cpu use it remained high with stuttering .. after installing the RAM, when off the game still performed poorly (slightly laggy but not drastically so) turned on there is still no change in CPU or memory use but the game does run more smoothly.
  2. personally hate the idea of jets.. transport choppers ok .. already we see too many people just spamming the vehicles and rushing them into contact without a care for tickets .. we will end up like ARMA .. people just take the choppers and jets to smash about the skies and actually leaving the players standing at base .. 50 plus server its sometimes hard enough to get all kits up and active so if you are losing a player as a pilot then you are another short... connecting it to the squad perhaps.. i.e you have one pilot or anti tank specialist... but cant have both.
  3. i reported earlier that I had huge lag problems (not actual ping issues) with the game stuttering and jumping or stalling.. I noticed that its use of memory had increased hugely since the update .. upto 7gigs of ram being used.. and cpu 97% (as I had 8 gig of ram)... over 1000 hours on the game and no such issues... so I added another 8gig of ram and it has completely solved the issue of the lag/stalling of the game....
  4. agree.. although I still dont understand how people can see me when lying down in a field pfff... leaning makes you a smaller target apparently when in combat.. the hit boxes are less exposed? dunno.. I seem to get shot easily even if its just my friggin nose sticking out from a corner... and now with bullet penetration im fooked.....
  5. dont like the idea of a squad for APC only .. but the issue at the moment is people just taking the vehicles as soon as the spawn... then losing them and costing the team tickets because they really dont give a shit about ticket loss or how to control the vehicle... I would like to see a lock on the no. of vehicles a squad can take based on previous losses or even though a vehicle spawns if you have prevouisly lost a vehicle then there is a countdown on when you can access it and gets longer the more vehicles you lose. Means other squads who have not lost vehicles can get in and control it first.
  6. whilst it is not huge problem.. as the game becomes more popular there are times when you wish that you could just mute someone..
  7. oh I hope they never put in aircraft.. transport chopper fine.. but this is a squad game at its core. Rather than put in a10 or whatever that are user controlled have it as an off map artillery style... called in once per round so it doesnt get spammed.
  8. rasism

    sorry but have to disagree with this, or perhaps the way you put it... it is not perfectly normal.. there is good old fashioned banter and as grown ups can easily establish when someone is being a racist or poking fun because they cannot understand your accent.. forum on here is not exactly the place to bang a drum... so im stopping now.
  9. i get same thing where there is a flash of an image of a soldier on the screen.. can be in midair / on ground .. whatever... hate it when admins follow you about and then whisper in your ear..... its creepy!
  10. sounds are great.. seems to brought it to life somehow
  11. rasism

    it could be racism.. you cant state that its not.. there is a lot of racism from users of Squad and of course any multiplayer game where these idiots have a forum to spout their crap or have an opportunity to use their admin rights to enforce their views.. unfortunately unless its proven and recorded there is not a lot people can do... it would be good to be able to get their steam accounts locked/deleted for racism and locked from squad for same, based on evidence of course. there is a lot of xxx only squad in servers and kicking out players who dont meet whatever criteria the SL decides, it needs to be policed more by the admins and usually is on clan servers, especially where there are rules set.. it would be good to have rules showing on the launch screen when joining a server so people can complain if someone is abusing those rules. Also Grunt has a point too.. if its ENG server then calling your squad RUS could lead to the wrong conclusion.. I for one enjoy playing with all the different nationalities, unfortuantely cant speak a word of another language except bad language, and war always sounds so much better in German for some reason.. however name ure squad RUS/ENG or something else so that everyone else on the server can be included if rules allow.
  12. yup have unbelievable laggy game.. ping is fine.. cleared cache.. re downloaded .. cleared app data.. updated graphics card driver.. did various things with windows to get rid of anything using memory.. the game seems to be using the max amount of memory I have now.. before it would only be 2.5 gig or so.. now its ramping right up to around 6.5 gig ... not had any issues before witht he game even though my spec is on lowest settings.
  13. yup never had such issues got over 1000 hrs on the game... my pc is crap so play it on low settings normally anyway.. but the big issue I see now is that the game is suddenly maxing out my CPU/memory .. never had this before so its since the update. normally runs at about 25 % cpu and 30 60% memory .. now hitting 90 - 91 % .. at times 6 Gigs of memory.. never has it done that normally around 2.5 3 gigs. .. no idea whether thats the culprit as I know nothing about pc's tbh. (just closed the game and my cpu is 1% and 18% memory..) unfortunately cant play the game like that so will wait to see what comes out of the patches.
  14. yes got into firerange changed settings and it was fine but in servers have same issue..Ive had hang on loading screen, automatically failing back to the server list.. going to black screen and just music... its now using 95% of my CPU and just sticks on the loading screen everytime. settings all set to low and I update graphics card drivers (admittedly shit card though). but I have over 1000 hours on squad with no issues until this release.
  15. had same issue ... played about with all my graphics.. also deleted localapp folder.. seemed ok after that although its unbelievably laggy ...