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  1. Agreed we don't want to end up with a complicated milsim that no one really understands or enjoys, and don't get me wrong we need all the new players we can get but it does feel as though a good majority of the summer influx are very individualistic in the way they play. Even if I take sl role its a stress not because of leading the squad because a lot of the time new guys will want to learn ..but its the SLs who wont communicate or just go off with no intention of supporting the rest of the team.. Of course people as always, pays their money and are entitled to play the game how the wish, as I have said many times, but it does kill the game... As you have said on an other thread Zylfrax, there must be something wrong with the mechanics of the game if the servers are having to employ their own rules to ensure fair gameplay or sort poor gameplay, i.e no two man locked squads, no rushing certain flags, no radios in water, no main base attack within x metres, sls must have mics, sls must have x no. of hrs, people kicked because they wont take certain role. But I do think the ticket system is not working in the way it was intended, where players do not care about assets, it does mean that the team as a whole suffers the attrition of stupidity or selfishness. Thus something has to be directly attributable as a punishment for losing vehicles whether its spawn timer, not allowed to take another vehicle or something that forces the squad to care for the vehicle they are using. If its based on flags only, then I would couple that with a supply ticket mechanism where each flags provides tickets to spend on assets across the squads as a whole and they decide whether they want to spend it on a fob , vehicles or something else (i.e buy more spawn tickets for the squad)...and each rally should also take from that supply too, this makes rallies more important. But you need to save points to get the bigger more powerful vehicles which then may turn them into a game changer or you actually care about them not to lose them (as you would have to start again)... Medic heals should also contribute tickets to this... the ticket system at the moment lends itself to rush, run and gun, respawn after respawn..
  2. ATM squad is getting fubar'd by a lot of new players and the teamplay has gradually been destroyed ... it is a combination I think of the changes they have done both on vehicle claiming/locking squads and FOBS...imo poor gameplay decisions 1 person vehicle claim leads to vehicle spam and not in a good way locking squads.. for kit.. for vehicle.. ffs FOBS .. no regen of points.. no one wants to continually do logi runs..its not a logistic simulator after all... doesn't stop rushing ... many want to drive the vehicles and end up leaving them around the map or getting them destroyed and not contributing to the team play whatsoever... I have seen suggestions which I think are interesting to have allocated supply points for the squad to buy a vehicle.. .. this may solve the vehicles being left on the map but where does it punish the squad for losing vehicle after vehicle unless the points are never generated again? ... To encourage better care of assets should the destruction of a vehicle be directly attributed to the squad via their spawn timer so if you do rush a flag and your vehicle is destroyed then even though you might have placed a rally or a fob your get a no. of seconds added to the respawn time for the squad for wasting an asset.. and it is cumulative not a one off.. so if you continually take vehicles and get them destroyed your rally timer / fob timer keeps increasing... I don't think anyone really cares about the no. of ticket a vehicle loses at the beginning of a match, but sure would if it was not allowing them back into the game quickly, especially where a rush is involved. Two other things... FAKE SL ... drives everyone nuts... SL creates squad.. leaves or switches the role immediately ... then a merry go round of who wants it... complete time waster.. a) should they have a minute added to their spawn for the duration of the match every time they spawn in.. b) not allowed to create another squad on the server for the rest of that day.. c) only allowed to take medic kit last thing... how to stop people switching sides in the middle of a match.. its just too easy to quickly switch then go back and tell everyone where the fobs are...
  3. Supplemental Rules

    lol I would be too busy trying to remember all the rules to friggin play ...
  4. I think we have had an influx of players that are unable to understand team work or how to SL... I was about to post a bit of a salty post raising the question that right now Squad is for me at its lowest ebb in terms of the new players that have come in and how they interact in the community or in game.. there are some servers that the admins are not very active and do not enforce SLc ommunication .. or some other aspects of the game.. and it completely screws up the whole game.. as a few guys have said we have never really recovered from the summer sale...don't get me wrong everyone is entitled to play the game how they wish, they paid for it, but when its a team game and you are new.. don't take an SL role or don't come into a squad and expect to screw about or not listen then get completely tk happy because you are kicked... anyone off my chest now.. see you on the battlefield.
  5. I agree with you to some extent, the US are overpowered with their sights but I guess its like that for real, perhaps what we are seeing is the fact that you cannot take the US head-on given the weapon limitations of the opposition, so this may have a gameplay issue, certainly a lot of people don't like being on the insurgents side on larger open maps .. where on tighter city maps It evens out because its at close range.. which means insurgents and those with iron sights need to adjust their playing style to suit a) the map b) their opposition.. but rarely do... I agree looking through the sights is like doing it with both eyes open but if its easy just now , providing more focus is just ramping it up... I really don't think adding sights to every rifle is what's needed and more sway just destroys the guys using iron sights... I actually get more kills with the m4 iron site with the handle than I do with the sights... so perhaps there is something wrong with the AKs and nothing to do with the sights... or maybe just allow for a little better zoom on the iron sights as they seem to sit very far away from the eye compared to rifles I have fired in real life. What I would like to see is better weapon support on structures.. to steady the rifles .. and allow for better use of cover... atm it really is very poor where your stance is either crouched no view...or fully standing with a view but exposed .. or lying down and having to be exposed because you shoot into the ground... drives me nuts not being able to shoot out a window unless I point my rifle 45 degrees up yet the guy can shoot in at me easily.. so ultimately yes the US faction feels a little op.. but I think its more to do with the map, the way you play the faction and the cover/weapon collision BS...
  6. Suggestions and Feedback After 10 Hours

    1 man vehicle claiming and locked squads screwed the game.. too many locked squads now with two guys who don't give a monkeys about anyone else... would switch it back agreed.. if servers have to create supplemental rules to avoid exploitation or provide more even game play then there is something wrong with the game itself. Locked squads have done exactly what people thought they would do... either restricted by clans who overload a faction or two man squad that just wastes assets and ignores everyone. (yes I know they can kick you out anyway if you join it)... for me , rally points need a lot of work... no I don't think you should be able to pick your sight.. unless its related to the role you are taking.. which means no frigging sniper sight for m4... and it should take the supply points for doing this out of the first deployed fob... FOBs act more like glorified spawn points now rather than proper base of operation ..especially since they can be destroyed by explosives... something just doesn't sit right with both the FOB and rally mechanics for me.
  7. "Give Up" Timer

    I like the idea of somehow discouraging people to give up quickly but I think the mechanic is already in the game whereby the spawn timer increases if you were to die quickly again after your respawn.. and it would punish those where no fault of their own you could not save and had to give up. Maybe one v daft idea would be that the medic highlights the person they are going to heal and if they give up before the medic heals them then their spawn timer increases by the no. of seconds left on their bleedout counter (however long that is at the moment).. to avoid this the medic either has to heal them or unclick... or the bleed out counter obviously has a count down timer on it... add this to the re-spawn counter based on how much was left when you clicked give up (so if you click give up right a way you still have to wait the whole bleed out time plus respawn time to respawn)....
  8. Warning before squad kick

    whilst I understand why you go off to setup another one, its a real pia for the players in your squad that were doing the right thing.. it has been made easier since you get to keep the kit now, but tends to leave everyone without a spawn and no leadership. .. I would just kick the offending player than punish the whole squad.. and if he TKs me its only going to happen once then he will be banned as I play on very good clan servers.

    this has already been discussed in other threads... IMO non SLs should have no ability to use the build points on a radio.. this will lead to salty cry fest and twats just building the wrong stuff. What I think should be allowed is for the SL to authorise a build remotely, in a similar way as the current vehicle authorisation... but you click on the player and authorise for a specific emplacement etc.
  10. Warning before squad kick

    I think you just tell them verbally and type in chat... then no excuses.. unless you are a bit feardy to say something.. I ask for mic confirmation.. if not mic I ask for it in chat... I then issue a warning that if member doesn't begin to follow instructions then kick.. I don't care if they get pissed about it... I kick players when they do stupid things (ie the other day one asked for Humvee at main and proceeded to drive it straight into a town of insurgents and got it blown up..kicked immediately no warning)..... I'm not overly strict when I sl but I there are 8 other members who can be impacted by one stupid player , I put the team members first and kick when necessary...
  11. AASv(*)

    don't allow fob placement in enemy territory until previous flag is capped...
  12. calling up a map and placing markers on it and seeing all squads moving on that map is a gamey tool...but it would actually be useful
  13. AASv(*)

    Rushing does one thing.. pulls resources from the rushing team.. to combat rush then just overload the first couple of points... they wont have a fob and will need to spawn back at their base... if you don't like the rush tactic then stick to modes like invasion