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  1. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    you can be on your own as an SL pretty quickly...
  2. Extra damage state

    I just think some stern words ending in 'SOLDIER' ... and your back ...
  3. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    Chrome drives me nuts for that... and yes using old slow prehistoric drive ... game just stops all of a sudden for about 2 or 3 secs...
  4. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    I used to have it using lots of ram without pre load textures..but was playing with 8gb now 16g ..but have started having freezes for some reason... will need to keep eye on ram use/gpu...
  5. Server Favorites

    tbh would love this as I only play on 5 servers...
  6. Extra damage state

    as if stunned or winded... i.e if explosion goes off but does no physical damage it does wind .. maybe same as suppression?
  7. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    sorry my question was not quite on point, what I meant was the ammo bag.. when they die and its been half used will it come back with full ammo on respawn or will again need resupplied at supply crate... I never open the thing... just come into the forums more than I should!
  8. sigh..... its my ball and im going home cos I want to play the way I want to play...waaaaaah.... I was not disagreeing with you, I was offering an alternative point of view, asking whether switching it to right click offers the gunner to much of an advantage in being able to insta switch to coax vs the hesitation of pressing a key on the keyboard, in a sense simulating perhaps the real life switch... if it doesnt then rather than just bind it to right mouse why not allow the user to bind it to whatever key they want....
  9. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    yes its v annoying but in a way this might even play itself out in the same way as limiting vehicles ... leave them lying about the map you wont have them spawn in I guess...
  10. Vehicle Suggestion

    I thought they were adding something like that in the new update?
  11. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    I agree I like the way this looks like it will work, as if the soldier is persistent but not the ammo.... although the rally I think becomes more fragile hence why I hate that it can be taken down by a single enemy even when you have units around it.. question... does the riflemen spawn in with a full ammo supply every time ? or will need to supply it at fob when dead?
  12. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    medic issue ... .. Im not clear how this one plays out (anyone done it in V12 I didnt get the invite have I wasted nearly 3000 hours not to get an invite ;P) What I do think is that it makes the medic role less valuable in those must have a medic to get me up situations... and anything that makes the medic less valuable is a bad move for the game. As Smee says it could make squads indestructable in some sense if you can always get the medic back up.. so clarity needed.... can a medic heal themselves once revived by a grunt? if SL is revived by a Grunt can he immediately place a rallypoint (all things considered with usual restrictions with enemy) Can you move once revived by a Grunt or remain stamina depleted? Is your aim (if stamina depleted) impacted once you are healed by a grunt? Are you actually in an 'active' state once healed by a grunt or still incapacitated (does this mean you could be revived and help cap a flag but cant move) For me this is where the confusion lies about the change... What it feels like is that players will be in an active state now after being healed by others and the medic is just a glorified stamina replacement tool. Players dont normally get others up that often and rely on the medic, if they can revive the most important roles within the squad themselves then I think this is a move in the wrong direction for the medic. Im still not sure about this argument about medics not now being the fragile snowflakes, in reality whats the difference now to the change? If you need a medic once healed then a medic that is fighting is not getting you up, does it mean you are down and happy for the medic to be running off fighting vs healing you? I can guarantee that you will be shouting for a medic especially if you are now in a state where you now have to type respawn rather than just bleed out. Im not sure it is going to make that much difference to the way the medic goes about their role as most other players will rely on the medic to get people up and only in clutch situations as mentioned (i.e medic is down) will this really come into its own. If it means the medic takes a more aggressive role in combat I think you will find people start screaming at the medic to stop rushing in and dying. As for ammo .. Im not sure on this one ..what it does do is perhaps stop the AT firing off one shot and then saying I need to get more ammo ill just die and respawn... which is janky... Ive run out of ammo so many times and no way am I running all the way back to a fob... Ill go in with my pistol... or knife.. but now I have an option to get it from rifleman which keeps the action going...