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  1. Bipod limitation

    disagree.. either sit up and reposition...which will automatically remove the bipod .. just sounds like you want to have a bipod that allows 360 degree turning without the penalty.
  2. Fog Of War

    havent played it yet but this is one of the things that should make gameplay more compelling and a little more strategic.
  3. Executing downed players.

    was suggested way back when.
  4. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    not been in squad for months.. but what this reads like is that Squad is trying to compete with the wrong games, I had a discussion last year on the forum about no. of players and which games it competes against and how it wasnt really stacking up against its real competitors.... I would never have thought Squad would be going anywhere near the Apex lot and any changes that appear to want to placate any players from that genre would imo be the death of squad for the players that wanted a military sim esq game. Reads like there is a bit of confusion in the direction of the game and as Zylfrax has said many times, trying to straddle multiple game styles is going to cause issues. Many of these changes dont encourage me to come back any time soon and I bought this in EA with over 2500 hrs it originally hit its niche... know what you are.
  5. Squad is dead or not ?

    yea makes sense... indestructable environment i.e doors and windows... shotgun perhaps...
  6. Squad is dead or not ?

    why on earth does the game need a breacher ..it seems some people have limited idea about what the game is...
  7. Game needs non owned servers

    I know that you have never really been a great fan of clan based servers and supplemental rules but many of those rules were added because within the context of the game it was somewhat difficult to actually maintain without human intervention. Wasting vehicles, digging down others fobs, rushing flags as you say just downright idiotic abusive players many of the things we have discussed god knows how many times. I agree with you it might attract others to the game and I would have a choice where I would want to play so to avoid such servers if they were toxic. However I have never really come across a clan server where it is controlled to such an extent that it interferes with the game (I played on European servers)...
  8. Game needs non owned servers

    but you said yourself you wanted free unmoderated servers? then say that an unmoderated server is crap because no one admins it? im lost. So Im thinking what you want is someone else to pay for servers that are unmoderated....but if its crap experience no one will be on it apart from cheaters/trolls... how enjoyable.
  9. Game needs non owned servers

    issue is admins... soon as you go over to servers that have limited / next to no control, it will be chaos. And with FF as per usual with automatic kick systems it has no filter for idiots. i.e like post scriptum where a commander tells the squad leads to stay out of the marked zone only for the idiots to ignore it and then get smashed by mortars... commander gets kicked due to no fault of their own... rent a server and just leave it with no admin if thats what you want. Simple.
  10. 1 Hour

    was quoting what you said you said not that a good few suggested what I said... get what I said....?
  11. Logistics Mechanics

    The logi system worked well for the early phase of dev but the points raised certainly made me think its needing a re work of sorts. Ive never really had an issue with the supply distance but people raise a valid point that its a little gamey (especially on some of the smaller maps where you setup a fob close to your own base). But then again whenever we have discussions about aspects that make Squad gamey, ... FOBS are the most gamey aspect of the whole system but for playability are a necessity. Not sure why helos are going to be such a drastic change and complaining about how they will supply before we know how they will supply , yea.... Maps are getting bigger and people are moaning about the time trucks take to get from base to x so helos could solve part of that issue. I do think however people have never really played logistics properly, no one really dedicates themselves to a logistics role (yes I know there are 3 of you out there who will say I always do, martyrs)... i.e supply routes with protective armour keeping them open, because supplies are squad specific. So it is left to individuals. Perhaps there should be ammo dumps (I guess similar to insurgency maps but not fixed place) instead that are supplied by trucks / helos and SLs can setup fobs and emplacements anywhere but will need to get supplies from the ammo dump/supply depot, these get supplied by trucks and helos and squaddies can pick up supplies from there. It then creates a two tier supply system, if no one is supplying the dumps then the squads wont be able to get supplies on their fobs. Given most vehicles can now carry supplies it would not be a big step for each to be able to pick up and drop off. This could probably be done now in a sense by dropping a radio in the middle of nowhere and supplying that thus making supply runs shorter.
  12. 1 Hour

    I think a good few have suggested this sort of thing... setting a time limit on rounds might force some gameplay however... losing it and you would have to attack... but of course, it will also mean others will just sit and defend a winning position around a flag.
  13. 1 Hour

    frontline mode or a mode where the players that control more pct of the map is more interesting .. taking positions based on their strategic value rather than its a flag... allowing players to decide where they want to defend rather than forcing a defence and known attack... I wouldnt want shorter rounds I just want more interesting gameplay during the rounds whether they are short or long...
  14. Immersion

    agreed I didnt like the rush myself and still dont, but its a valid tactic for the type of game thats being played but not a particularly fun one, certainly for me. I was glad there was an attempt to slow it down but its still not sorted however, as the rush is just to a different flag now ... hence the idea of a fog of war style gameplay is attractive. Immersion wise id prefer to see a secure and hold that only allows logis from base once the team has a grip on a specific area / flag whatever just to make it even more difficult / slower on these types of maps... rather than the ability to just drive in drop a fob and build emplacements... this would require support from other squads to bring in logis and use mechancized to support the hold rather than one squad taking the logis and a fighting vehicle and rushing the flag.... The only emplacements that should be allowed would then be from the Commander air drops if thats a thing... and thats limited.
  15. Immersion

    knowing where capture points are = rush ...doesnt matter whether the first flag or middle flags...its a TDM mentality not an immersive war... we fool ourselves into thinking there is some logic / tactics but in reality because its the same old every time the tactic ends up get to the flag and either defend or stop..and do it fast. If we want some sort of immersive war like game then flags perhaps are not the priority....