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  1. V13 Vehicles - Unresolved Problems

    loads of posts, probably by me on the use of vehicles and the consequence there of (or lack of) ... but its a circle of arguments in the end... tanks are to powerful we need more squad counter weapons people keep losing tanks we dont have a tank to defend vs the other tank we need more tank spawns tanks are to powerful we need bigger squad counters people keep losing tanks blah blah... something I have banged on about since vehicle arrived, teams need to work to get support points to be able to call in assets that can be game changing i.e big bad tanks... not just have them spawn in.. the consequence of bad teamwork is that team cannot get the assets it may need. Perhaps a commander role (I hate the idea but can see at times it would benefit certain processes) could assign the tank to a specific squad etc.
  2. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Ive not played this since December (apart from dipping in to see what the update did), seems the same discussions are still going on (the same as they were 1 2 and 3 years ago) rushing is still a thing, there are no tactics, the game is moving more arcade like, rallies are evil, PR is great (never played it) so no idea and people I believe did buy into this game because they were sold on the idea that it was a PR successor, which I would assume led them to believe there would be elements of PR in the game. (I listened to the community around me). Familiarity breeds contempt and its 3 years I think since it launched on steam, perhaps many early adopters are battle weary... for me in its basic form Squad was fantastic yes there were bugs and some stupid mechanics, but overall prior to vehicles the game felt more sim like, walking great distances meant you didnt want to die, you had to take care of rallies and your squad leader and there was an element of tactics in assaults. Then vehicles appeared and I just dont think the game has ever been the same, because it meant death was not an overly punishing ordeal, of course vehicles were needed for the larger maps but the game was not prepared for even more rush, fobs behind enemy lines, rallies, etc etc... With every update there seems to be a slight move more towards keeping players playing by saving them with game mechanics rather than them saving themselves, the one thing I personally think Squad has missed the mark on is the fear of dying factor, and its being compounded with no death, everyone can revive, sprint increases, optics increases, rally mechanics. How long before faster reloads, diving again, kit customization etc..... It matters not to the person that drives a vehicle into enemy territory and gets wiped that he lost the vehicles tickets and one death of his own, his ability to respawn quickly and take another vehicle or just get back into the fight is that persons main concern. The consequence of ones actions now are less and less important. It is a balancing act to some extent but the scales for me have tipped ever so slightly in the wrong direction.
  3. customization / ranking

    there is a command role. what you want is everyone to be the same rank because...rank...
  4. customization / ranking

    to serve a purpose of having someone in command... it is irrelevant to have a reward system based on rank because at some point 90% of the players will be the same rank...
  5. Alpha 13.1 Released

    cant seem to get passed question 3 in the survey keeps asking if I want to leave when clicking next...
  6. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    in your opinion.
  7. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    agreed, how do you remove someone that just wants to drive a tank without team interaction ..a valuable asset without admins.. as said many times one troll can screw the whole round depending on their level of window licking.
  8. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Its not whether you see it right now, its the changes that are taking it along that path.
  9. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Its not whether the tweaks are insignificant, individually they are not but the gradual shift towards what appears a more casual/arcade version of squad is what concerns many, then again those that did the survey might say differently. Something you yourself have asked and pointed out many times what direction are they taking? I believe that many of the core players you talk about are not wholly in favour of a move in that direction, I certainly dont see many of the core players I used to play with in clans jumping into squad as much these days. Indeed some streamer advocates dropped squad from their rota because it was even in v12 becoming a little arcade like. You have never been in favour of clan controlled servers and I have always taken the view that clan controlled can provide better gameplay, (evident when admins are not available). But agree that a choice should be made available. I think it would be more detrimental if OWI setup servers that did not have admins and chaos ensued than a couple of over zealous power mad clan admins, of which in my 3000 hours (yup I said it I know, shoot me)I have very rarely come into contact with. After months out, the one biggest problem with Squad is still getting SLs and stopping vehicle wastage... the first well needs a bigger player base but if you lose some of the veterans it may never happen, the second may never be solved.....
  10. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    and there we have the depth of your ability to communicate ... good luck.
  11. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    ah Alpha... the game companies excuse for perpetually experimenting with players money... This could be released tomorrow and they could still update it.. it doesnt need to remain in alpha to be changed..
  12. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    I changed it just as you put that up...but if you want a discussion about it dont start 'lol' ing.....Ive taken the time to respond ..have the courtesy not to act like a ****.
  13. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    I dont know if you have been, but many people have been involved in this from of course initial backers and like myself when it first arrived on steam, back then there were no vehicles, it was a running sim, CQB on some small maps and down to a lot of squad communication and actual teamwork on larger maps as it required decent timing and defense because no one wanted to run the distances from fobs ! With every update there have been some very good changes but gradually (vehicle implementation has been its greatest teamplay downfall) it became more and more like a rush TDM on larger maps rather than what was an expected slower game play, tactical positioning and semi realistic military sim. From V10 there has been a shift to placate those that want a more casual gameplay style, and this update certainly seems a swing in favour of those types of players ADS speed/optics/speed of running, a rally that can now be placed next to others/gear changes from trucks/whilst not against it perma death threat is removed ... At its core of course squad can still be played as the same game, but the character you are playing has begun to get further away from imo a representation of a soldier but a gamified one. One thing I believe they have never done well is the element of consequence, creating squads and immediately leaving or handing over the role, dying is now compounded by the fact that there is no perma death and a push from the devs to keep players spawning by allowing the SL options on where he can place his rally, giving everyone the ability to revive rather than only medics and everyone can heal stamina.. Look at vehicles for instance.. there is never any consequence for leaving a vehicle on the field or losing a vehicle 90% of time they are a mode of transport to get from a to b their worth other than that is not recognised. Its like death by a thousand cuts...
  14. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    I dont hate any of those players, but they have a choice of fast paced, 360 degree spin, ultra fast reload, weapon load out, unrealistic weapon recoil, kit loadout, weapon buff addition games ... I play pubg ..alot.. I dont want Squad to become that, I chose squad specifically because it appeared to have its own identity (albeit PR related which I never played btw) .... I need to adapt to the play style of PUBG ... those that play battlefield / cod and apex need to decide to adapt to squads gameplay style..... I just feel right now with the current path the closer it gets to some supposed release, that the game it started out 3 years or so ago, will not be the one many bought into. I mean its at a point where Im waiting for Hell let Loose to hit alpha to see if that is something interesting because PS was screwed up so much... but that may be an insurgency 2 (good game though) style WWII setting.
  15. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    insta death Im not so bothered about, it was a pia sometimes because through no fault of your own you would get wiped again ... it added nothing but a respawn to the game... .. I do think that certain changes are pandering more to the Battlefield mob and that to me is a little sad to see, not because they are bad games but just because Squad seemed to want to be different, slower, more tactical... I have not been into squad for 6 months and I have nearly 3000 hours in it.. I have started to play alpha 13 and the only more tactical gameplay addition is the fog of war (a great addition), everything else to me is just about speeding up the Soldier and slowing his death, thus removing somewhat the feeling of vulnerability to ensure you look after yourself... so new players and Battlefield esq players can pick up the game more quickly and not feel as punished. NOw you can just change your kit from a vehicle supplies ... this is a backward step imo ... going back to the days where you needed an RPG so you just died and spawned in as one... now you just need to go back to a vehicle to do so, it might help in instances where a new SL needs the kit admittedly. Optics for all .... I dont know how to feel about that.. perhaps it evens out the teams and creates more long range fights, but it also creates more camping loners, im not completely against it, but again feel this just panders to the iron sights squealers and let me choose my own kit mob... balance?? There is to me still very little in the game about being a team, yes one squad loses a tank it impacts the whole team but it does not in reality impact that squads ability to lose more tanks/vehicles etc... difficult to police I guess as a small tank squad could just keep creating new squads with different SL to get new vehicle... early days and Im just back into it, the only real difference now is that I think Ussain Bolt would have trouble keeping up with me even when Im carry and 80lb pack!