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  1. full texture loading check that.. I had an issue since v9 where it would use all my ram and cpu overload... ordered another 8 gig of ram and problem solved. normally it should be running at around 2-3 gig
  2. I tend to leave the person shouting MEDIC to last... if the die in a stupid spot I also say to them no chance.. spawn not worth two tickets to get idiot up... as the medic you have the power!
  3. tbh it all comes down to who and where... trolling like CSGO leads to a very short life span on squad.. so that's really where the concerns lie. I play with people that are 25 years and more younger than me.. I don't have an issue with that at all and I don't care whether you are 14 or 94 as long as you enjoy the game, don't treat people like crap and respect others (as they should you)... admittedly it is difficult to take a 12 year old SL seriously when they are squeaking orders ..so if you are not a squeaky then even SL should be fine.
  4. 1. Melee Weapon like a bayonet or fixed blade knife. For some daft reason they are doing this with shovels.... hate the idea..using rifle or fists fair enough. 2. Get rid of the FOB audio.... no I actually think they should make it bigger and more like a FOB with a structure around it. 3. Add anti personnel mines like Claymores etc..... not opposed to this.. 4. Enable customized weapon loadouts with no restrictions within squad....no thanks.. then you have no medics and 9 snipers 5. Completely revise the squad structure into sub classes with two man teams like Sniper/Spotter, MG Gunner/Ammo Bearer etc...... they are already looking at doing fireteams which will be great 6. Drastically improve vehicle physics..I believe they are continually tweaking 7. Add more teamwork based missions like in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars...teamwork is there in abundance.. its the public servers most of the time that let this down 8. Tone down the requirements for claiming vehicles to one person in proximity approved by squad leader...no chance its bad enough on insurgents having all the bikes stolen for IED suicide missions 9. Add more controls over the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast of the game instead of a single "Gamma" control... night vision goggles for US... big torches for others 10. Get rid of the excessive amount of trees and foliage in several of the maps to bump up the frame rate...get better pc or reduce settings. then I realised this was a 6month old post... nvm
  5. What Lugnut said...
  6. agree that spawns are way to easy now and tickets get used quickly by those that run and gun and don't care... ends up like Vietnam Red blah blah... perhaps tickets are divided amongst the squads... and once you have used up your quota no more rallies.. only spawn at base or fob....
  7. there are some good threads on steam that cover this... the one thing about squad leading is that all the guys that said they did not want to be squad leader are always full of opinions on how to squad lead ......... my personal view is to make sure you get the guys in the specific roles doing what they are supposed to do.. which sounds like duh! if you have your medics first in on an assault or a sniper as point man , or lmg trying to run and gun.. it makes it difficult ... give your squad tasks and buddy up some of the support team... sniper and GL are good at pinning enemy down from distance... rifle men and lmg for push ... medics in the back .. and SL directing from centre ... a lot of SLS want to play as the hero and rush in but to me that's the wrong way to do it as you immediately put your whole squad at risk with no spawn ... and your push comes to and end as you need to spawn back at fob .. or worse back at base.
  8. cant do that as it would not be destructible.. and I think they already put in a no build zone around main base.... small maps you can always build mortars... with the advent of helicopters and eventually jets then rush tactics will take a bit of a pounding.
  9. I know this is daft but if mines are found in battle do they not have to get an expert in to defuse them? I mean if they could just shoot the suckers then that would save a lot of lives! perhaps you could put IED on them to blow them up instead?
  10. lmao... could we also develop hiding under the bed sheets until the baddies go away?
  11. With more and more new players joining Squad and with a probable move out of Alpha at some point it is important to remember that many of these new players will not be adults. Squad is built around the community and communication and 99% of the time its done right. As a very active player and member of a clan we take it upon ourselves to ensure that anyone joining the clan and the server is treated fairly, safely and with respect. There are of course those that will always try to circumvent or abuse the general rules and guidelines set out by each clan or server owner but for the most part they are dealt with quickly and removed from both. However what happens when it is the Clan themselves or owners of Clans that push the boundaries of privacy and safety. Younger players see being in a clan with great esteem and during the 'sign up' or recruit stage are asked to provide information or access by clan members that they may not be comfortable with. What we have to remind ourselves is that if you in anyway feel uncomfortable providing information, being asked to pay for servers or being forced in some way to make yourself available then tell the clan leader and if they say its in the rules and you will be kicked or are still uncomfortable with it then leave the clan. Even as an experienced player I recently had an unfortunate experience where my previous clan leader did not like the fact I changed my steam profile as currently offline. They demanded of me an explanation and when told this was my wish for privacy was promptly kicked from the clan. This was no business of theirs. I also gave them money for their server which coincidentally was provided the week before I was kicked (money never returned). My recommendation is never to provide money to a clan that is less than 1 year old (unless they are your known friends), ensure you thoroughly question the clan before hand (as much as they will do you) and always cash you can afford to lose. So you see it can happen to all of us. If you want to remain private or feel uncomfortable with certain 'rules' then leave, petty clan leaders will of course bitch and moan but the good ones understand and will always try to help new players.
  12. I'm not against them adding bird sounds, but when its supposedly Alpha/early access there is no need to be distracted with such things..getting v 10 out in a better state is more important.. helicopter/better movement mechanics/fireteams etc.. these are the things that will enhance the game to a different level.. not birds or shovel combat.
  13. I can usually hear people walking... insurgents wear sandals.. perhaps they are like slippers !... although the audio at times is a little screwy .. i.e the vehicles are far too loud .. I live near army base and training area and you cannot really hear any vehicles beyond 100 metres especially with other buildings in between..when in my house you wont hear anything until they are basically outside.. the chinooks and gunship are much louder funnily enough and can be heard at quite a distance...(yea I know they are not in the game yet but helo's are coming).
  14. I agree totally with you re the aiming over walls/windows/lying down on ground.. it is very frustrating ... I would like to see similar deployment as Insurgency where the weapon is raised up and wont allow shooting if you are not able to place it on the window/corner/ground... however I disagree with running and aiming... no one will be able to sprint and shoot accurately ... walking and shoot .. but running and gunning no...
  15. I dislike both insurgency and conquest.. but there are those that love them both.. bit unfair to say remove game modes because there is a band of people that don't like it... just don't play them or find servers that don't use them.