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  1. Rally Point Discussion

    yet another rally point discussion.. or is it the same one.. ? RP are over powered ... a fob should be where the mass reinforcements are generated from an RP should have limited spawn ..atm with a good SL the rally is a mobile fob... I agree with Lug.. time limited spawn... in addition ... .. have fobs supplied with tickets... from the central pool, when an SL wants a rally he needs to supply it from the tickets at the fob... this will have two effects... ensure logistics are actually carried out on the fob because no one will be able to have a rally (so you reward the team that is doing the logi run with a supply of tickets of their own first out the pool or pts towards a vehicle).. slow the use of rallies down and make each spawn on that rally / life more important.
  2. take new SLs through the button controls during loading...
  3. do you mean cocks it? I don't think it reloads every time you get in? when you take it at base it is already loaded up... if that's what you mean.. agree... I would also like the animation to remain pointing at the last position rather than always having to get in.. cock it and turn it on to where it was already pointing ..by that time due to their unprotected nature.. your dead.
  4. FOB&Rally - Balance/variety

    gotta agree the FOB and the squadcraft style building rarely works, the maps are too small for a start, to me they are glorified rallies... and the best Fobs are those that tend to be used just as back up/supply centres without an over reliance on emplacements.... rallies are far too powerful a tool and when used as Zylfrax mentioned are real game winners... I think Fobs/hab should be supplied with tickets not just build points and ammo.. plus to cap a flag you need a fob or hab in the vicinity ...it is the area of control that caps the flag .. not the players... so it makes logis more important ... rallies with a timer is great idea so you would not know if the timer has run out or enemy has found it.. . I still think they are too powerful right now with their magic warp, full kit and ammo available.. the ticket bleed mechanism just pains... whilst I get its needed.. I would prefer to see vehicles not part of it.. but limit the supply of vehicles... or my oft repeated comment... somehow attribute it directly to the player/squad.. rather than a punishment for the whole team.. maybe if we ever get a commander they could allocate a pool of tickets based n the most need location (or more likely their mates location !)
  5. Pointing at targets physically .

    in VR maybe but don't see the 'point'...
  6. Few suggestions

    haha yea that's kinda what it sounds like... what I meant was that in terms of stopping people being an SL due to their time in game not passing a 'test' no... but the game needs to sort out the ticket bleed which is down to selfish play by many players not just new... so punishment needs to be at player level sometimes... but I said this on another thread so don't want to start off hijacking this one!
  7. its usually when I join and I spend the next 5 minutes playing 'pass the SL' as the first guy suddenly realises hes got to communicate and make a plan , asks how to pass the SL role, gives it to the next guy with the least amount of hours in the squad and no mic, who frantically types in chat who wants the role I don't have a mic? then leaves and it automatically drops to the sniper who is already off doing the loner thing in the middle of the map and cant place a rally, so it finally ends up with the guy who usually knows which buttons to press rather than knowing how to SL... and finally I take it...
  8. Substitution / Exchange Rate

    not sure why this would be interesting other than end of match 'oh look we had a turnover of 15 players, 5 SLs and a drop out rate every 4 minutes' might be interesting to see if people switched sides during the match then that might point out the spies in the camp!
  9. I thought they had already earmarked this for improvement where you could not switch roles immediately ?
  10. Few suggestions

    I still don't think training is going to make someone a better SL ... its better than nothing and of course will ensure they know which button to press but all the same ... being a good SL as I have said elsewhere is not just down to which button you press.. BUT people need to start somewhere... I am absolutely happy to jump into a squad led by a new SL ... it would be a helluva easier if they did know which button to press to get into a vehicle/drop a fob/rally.. the most frustrating thing for me is the new SL who doesn't do anything... but we have a choice.. stay and get pissed or leave their squad... Its difficult for new players because not enough veteran players take on the SL role... and so the merry go round continues, veteran players moan because new players take an SL role etc...... if there are new players wanting to SL or learn the game then look me up... I play on the squad Europe server and I'm always happy to help take people through SLing or just the mechanics of the game as long as they communicate in game via voice or chat and listen... not saying I'm best SL but I have invested a lot of hours in this game and really enjoy it so don't want it ruined by veteran players who think they have this right to put in lockdowns and restrictions just because you are new to the game... in saying that I have been vocal in the wastage of tickets due to new players locking squads/taking vehicles and not waiting to be revived...those things are spoilers for me and individuals need to be restricted from wasting tickets rather than restricted from playing roles...
  11. lol mystical powers of the medic ... no magic about it pure science... like a mothers kiss on your sore knee always made it feel better... you are quite correct though... people get focused on IRL .. but tbh Id never get into the army at my age and being shot 10 times in a round would incapacitate me for quite a while in hospital I think... plus not sure I could ever sprint that far with so much equipment ...
  12. please god no... don't want to end up like Insurgency or CSGO where you get kicked out of the server just because some 16 year old **** has the power to call a vote.... if we go down that route then it needs to provide more information on why the kick.. if tk then show everyone that has the power to vote the no. of tks... not just a kick because.. someone perhaps got in the back blast of rpg after he shouted clear.. and the guy didn't like it..so says hes team killing .. or kicking a player because hes not got 3 mio hours in the game and made a mistake so he deserves not to play the game on the server.. to me that's just BS kangaroo court law ... and you spend the next 20 mins hit y or n based on no knowledge and just trying to get the vote function out of the way... again these may be good for public servers but not for servers paid for by clans. @Zylfrax... you preparing for winter ? like the new hat!
  13. Few suggestions

    lol sounds like you were unlucky with a *** SL... these things have been discussed on other threads in the forum .. SL training before being allowed to take the role... (see Ani's thread from QFF).. glitches still need looked at... locked squads is really down to the server rules... personally I don't like locking squads at all .. and its allowed exactly what many said it would... two players locking the squad and taking vehicle after vehicle.. now of course they could do this anyway by starting their own squad and just kicking those that join...
  14. thanks Skul but more than aware that the barrel is under the sight and I'm not sure 90% of the users of shooters believe that bullets come out of the sight/inline with it.... ... the problem however is not that.. its the perspective that makes it a pain in the ass that you fire off a couple of rounds and if you are a millimetre out they hit the wall... now in real life I don't really care.. will never fire a rifle again and certainly not in cover... but I could of course have a tangible view of the cover and adjust accordingly by degrees... in game however it is not so easy.. you either lie down/kneel/or stand... the advantage of being in cover and being able to use it to shoot from is negated many times because you may not know that the barrel of the rifle is a millimetre lower than the top of the object when you are close to it .. thus giving away your position .. and indeed having to fully stand to shoot when in reality you could rest the rifle on top of the wall or cover or just move to another location without firing..... they have tried to remedy this somewhat (I think) by placing objects in houses under windows for stance.. but its never more obvious than when placing sandbags which many times just don't allow return fire without standing up.. Ive discussed this on a few threads... so will leave it at that.
  15. what lug said .. nothing but experience teaches this... I find it the most annoying feature of the game so hoping it will be sorted but don't think it will