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  1. Increasing Performance (CPU Upgrade?)

    This. I`ll try this parts out, and if it is still too weak I'll go for the graphic card. It`s definately not exclusively for Squad, but the reason I finally decided for an upgrade. I know about the AMD compatibility problems, but over the last months it got much better than in the beginning of Squad. Couldn`t play it at all, back then. Its more likely a low budget upgrade, no need for a next gen machine. Got a SSD for my macbook, but I don't think its necessary for my gaming pc. Thanks for you help, guys!
  2. Increasing Performance (CPU Upgrade?)

    Budget is around 500€, mid-high settings and playable fps (30-40). AMD Ryzen 1600 DDR4 16 GB New CPU Cooler You think thats fine? Also probably need a new Motherboard for that...
  3. Hey Guys! It's time for me to spent some money on my computer. I want to avoid a bottleneck, but I'm a bit outdated if it comes to hardware. My specs at the moment: AMD FX-6300 6-Core 3500 MHz 8 GB RAM GeForce GTX 760 970 Pro3 R2.0 Motherboard What would be the best move? Upgrade CPU, or CPU and Graphic Card? I read about the AMD Ryzen 5 1X00 which seems to be the new shit. Do I need a new Motherboard for that upgrade? Thx in advance and sorry for my noob question, its been a while I was into computer hardware...
  4. Seems like everyone is just copy-pasting the "Fallujah / Korengal Valley" answer. This CANT be the favorite maps of all the players. They are 1km maps, skirmish feeling, with less logistics etc. Now you have the chance to vote for something, that is not yet in Squad. Korengal Valley = Logar Valley. How many Taliban vs US setup-maps do you still want ? Get chinese forces, MEC or russian forces in there guys! 4km, assets, all the things we love in PR. If you didn't play PR you shouldn't vote and just copy the other votes...