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  1. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    I'm new to the forums, if someone wants to tell me how to do this I will be happy to fix it.
  2. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    For the people who don't want to see the tread, dont want to hear about it? dont click it.
  3. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    Ok cool, thank you. Nice snapshots by the way.
  4. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    Is there any website or anywhere I can get info on your Fallen Heroes mod?
  5. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    The thing is, I tired of the big name game developers making these games like Call of Duty, that don't listen to the people. But here is the thing, they don't listen to what the people are saying, they are listening to what the cash register is saying. I can prove this, for the last 3 years, Call of Duty has been making futuristic games that are way out of the way of what people want. If you look at the comments on these websites talking about Call of Duty, you can see people saying, " I just want the old Call of Duty back" or, " Where did WW2 go?" You see it all the time. But the people that want WW2 are buying the futuristic CoD's. While this is happening, the people at Activision are going, " These games are getting us a lot of money, lets make anther one." So really, the overall meaning of this discussion is, me and the people, want game developers and modders to listen to what the people want. And that is why I am glad to see you are making mods like Fallen Heros (which looks great!) are being made.
  6. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    I just think there are some things that make Squad the kind of game that it is and I hope these mods still gave the Squad feeling, just in WW2.
  7. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    I know what you are saying. What I am trying to say is when the modding community is open, these are the things people may want to look for and what the people want.
  8. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    Yeah there is so many things you can do with a WW2 mod its overwhelming. Just one thing some games do is too many vehicles or not enough vehicles. It can be hard to balance that infantry to vehicle ratio sometimes.
  9. WW2 in Squad Discussion

    So, I have heard of WW2 mods in development for Squad and I know its early in the game for mods but I thought it was something to talk about. For me personally, one thing that makes squad a great game is really the sounds. I know its weird but hear me out. When you play other military simulations the weapons make more of a "bang" sound. In Squad they make a "pop" sound. Again, I know its weird but its one little thing that sells the game. So in some kind of WW2 mod, I want to be sitting in the woods on the Eastern Front with my K98 rifle and hear it echo through the trees when I shoot. Its those little things that make the game so much better. And a lot of people say " there is not enough weapon variation with WW2" but, there is. I mean you have the Russians, Germans and Americans (with a few others) that all have their own weapons and vehicles. That is another thing to take into account, vehicles. Vehicles are a very broad topic. For this, only ground vehicles. There are so many vehicles in WW2 you could use. Probably mostly tanks and Jeeps of some sorts. Tigers, Shermans, Willy's Jeeps. So think about these things and talk about what you think about a WW2 mod and what it should include to really make it great. If you want to answer these questions: What vehicles would make a WW2 mod really stand out to you? What little details of the game would sell a WW2 mod?
  10. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    Where did you get these photos from? What game is this?
  11. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    So, is there any info on a WWII mod or is it a rumor?