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  1. SKS Is Unrealistic

    It's not that the animation is bad, it looks good. Just reloading it with rounds in the magazine using the stripper clip doesn't work. Like I said it's not so much the animation itself. It's the fact that the SKS cannot be reloaded with stripper clips until the magazine is empty.
  2. SKS Is Unrealistic

    Because if it's not fixed now before its released it won't be for a very long time. If they wanted to have an SKS where you can reload it whenever you want they should have done a magazine with it like insurgency. It doesn't look like a placeholder, more of they didn't understand how the SKS worked. They should have known what they were getting into when your dealing with surplus firearms.
  3. SKS Is Unrealistic

    So the way I top off my magazine is that I put the butt of the stock on my chest and hold the bolt with my right hand then I load them one by one with my left, its pretty time consuming and probably not the way to do it in a combat situation.
  4. SKS Is Unrealistic

    Here's some pictures. The vest. This is a modified 30 round duck bill magazine I made fit. Don't really use it much though. Bolt locked back with tab. Tab is now flush with a round in the magazine. And as you can see the rounds are smashed without the bolt being locked back.
  5. SKS Is Unrealistic

    I actually brought it up right when the video came up, but they kinda ignored me on discord.
  6. SKS Is Unrealistic

    So with the new recap video they showed off the SKS rifle. It's an awesome rifle and one of my favorites, I love to shoot mine all the time. However it is unrealistic in the sense of reloading. I already mentioned this on discord but it seems I need to make a proper forum post. Anyways what happens in the video, is he shoots maybe 4 or so rounds and then pulls the bolt back and it locks in place, then proceeds to feed the 6 rounds off the stripper clip into the internal magazine. Now the main issue is that you can't do that. Unless the gun is empty the bolt will not stay locked back. And I will upload some 4k photos of mine to show a more in depth look. Basically with no rounds in the magazine the follower pushes up a tab and prevents the bolt from going forward. If you try and use a stripper clip without the magazine being empty and are not holding the bolt back it will proceed to smash your rounds into the front of the receiver. Now I heard that the animation system limits what they can do with this, and the simple solution for now would be to prevent the gun from being reloaded until all 10 rounds have been fired. You can carry a lot of ammo for the sks, I even have a 200 round vest that holds pairs of 10 on stripper clips in each pocket. And being able to load it so fast with the stripper clips keeps you in the firefight.
  7. Server Issues

    So I went to play in the CCFN tonight, and I started up Squad, and upon loading the server list I found that I can only get servers overseas. I get NZ and Australia servers, China, with almost 1,300 ping on them. I have never had the issue before what is going on? I live in Texas not Europe. And no direct connect for the console is super annoying.
  8. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    When can we expect this update?
  9. Backer Tag Redeem!

    It's not working for me. Nevermind.
  10. Backer Tag Redeem!

  11. I fought the law and the law won

    They can already do that with the RPG. Or they could make the ammo box have a limited amount of rockets.
  12. I fought the law and the law won

    You don't reload the LAW, its one shot and it's done.
  13. I fought the law and the law won

    But the RPG gets 4 rockets, and sets up quicker. It doesn't detonate at close range vs the law but it really shouldn't be used at that range anyways. If they want to play the realism card, all they have to do is make you throw away the law, why would they spend time animating to put it away when you just dump it.
  14. I fought the law and the law won

    It's because it was a big group of them, and some of them layed down in the field. I wasn't going to shoot at them with my M4 only to be spotted and killed.
  15. So the Law launcher needs to be fixed, it literally has driven me crazy. It's a one shot disposable rocket launcher that you throw away after you fire. But apparently littering is a big issue here. Anyways I had a game where I fired off my rocket at some enemies, got shot and while I'm bleeding out I neatly put up the used law and then I finally can stop the bleeding. Well afterwards I see some more enemies and pull out the rocket launcher again, go through all the animations and when I go to fire it, ITS STILL THE USED LAUNCHER! And then I get murdered by the Russians. Seriously make the Law disposable, that would balance it with the RPG since the RPG gets 4 rockets vs 2 law launchers.