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  1. Why can't you use the gun on an enemy technical?

    why is this community so hostile to people asking questions and making suggestions?
  2. Pls grey out dead people on map

    it not a big deal people will still communicate +1
  3. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    just better fps and optimization is all i want
  4. Alpha 7.7 Released

    i get the flaming part is stupid but all it is is people disappointed and then both sides flaming each other i understand that this is not a AAA dev team and your prone to make mistakes but i would encourage more testing in the future. maybe have a public testing branch for everyone. the closed testing you guys did, the code was leaked anyways so why try to be secret release the testing for public and you would be able to iron things out a lot faster (if that possible of course) and im sorry but you got to stop telling people to just upgrade when they have fps problems. not everyone has the 300+ or whatever it is to just drop on any given day especially because you have very standard requirements on the store page. but i like the update when i get ok frames i get anywhere from 25-40 but it really depends on the server and how many people are on it
  5. Alpha 7.7 Released

    nope it does not
  6. Alpha 7.7 Released

    loss of frames makes this unplayable for me so ill just wait again...
  7. Squad tutorial's by F1R3

    you sound like nickbunyun a little also good video
  8. lol played the game long enough bro your not the only one. I have been following this game since announcment What did you expect as more people see the game and buy it there will BE MORE NEW PLAYERS common sense really
  9. what did you guys expect this is a mainstream release that there doing let it settle before complaining
  10. AMD Optimization

    video private
  11. AMD Optimization

    Im still at 40-56 frames but once shooting starts it quickly drops to 30 and below basically unplayable
  12. PR Install

    k thx guys cant wait
  13. PR Install

    thx man
  14. PR Install

    Hello, I am interested in downloading Project reality to play over the summer while squad gets all its features in. However I see there are three options in the standalone download on the PR website. Which one do I use and is there any security concerns that I should be aware of? Thanks and have a Nice day.
  15. Esports

    Hey everyone. I would like to know everyone's opinion on Esports. What you like about them or what you dislike? What games you would want to see? What games you like watching? all that stuff and what you think of Esports becoming bigger and bigger throughout the years And if you think its a sport.I personally i think that it shares a lot of things in conman with sports but I don't know if the pros should be called athletes and stuff but its fun to watch and its competitive like any sport so its up to personal opinion that is what matters i like watching CS:GO Esports because of the the intense rounds and when a pro pulls off something amazing get and Dota 2 because of the strategy and cluster of spells during a team fight.