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  1. Loads forever, then drops me into the main menu. Yes, definitely. Time doesn't matter at all, I always just see a handful and usually only empty ones, never(!) full ones - which is very suspicious. I noticed that I have this problem with the steam browser in general. If I look for other games servers, I don't find much as well. However, I don't have connection issues usually and can play all kind of games just fine. Tried that already, also tried to disable the firewall to make sure its not the problem, nothing worked though. I also don't clutter my system with dozens of sketchy programs that help keep it "clean" while they usually just cause more trouble. Edit: I tried to connect via squad-servers.com again and that suddenly worked. Weird. Not sure what to think of it?! Maybe I had a time out during the first try and that dropped me to the menu...
  2. Well, how? Firewall is taken care of (Steam and Squad), same goes for ports.
  3. That's my Squad server list in steam right now:
  4. People tried, doesn't work.
  5. This is ridiculous, for whatever reason I never find servers besides empty ones or servers with a hand full of servers. Of course this problem isn't new, so I followed various threads with suggestions, yet nothing ever changed anything. I can't play alone, as I can't find a server. I can't play with friends, since I can't join them. I can't play at all since there isn't even a connect via IP feature. Wanted to voice my anger about this months ago, figured "it's alpha!" and waited. While you prioritized the implementation of broken vehicles no one really needed, this is still an issue for many players (or people who would like to play...)
  6. Wow, this... I mean... Seriously, threads like these should be against the rules.
  7. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    Dude come back when you comprehend English! I didn't say only my opinion matters. I didn't even say my opinion matters at all. Neither did I say I make any kind of decisions. Are you delusional or just stupid? However, I can comment on other people's opinions and while I respect their right to HAVE one, I do not necessarily respect the opinion itself. Big difference, learn it, come back when you know what you're talking about.
  8. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    I am actually rather well educated, which has nothing to do with my "rude" answer. If you can't handle it, seek shelter in your nearest safe-space. It is also pretty hypocritical to attack me personally for being "not polite". Why would I take someone like you serious at all? Just like I won't take people serious that suggest 3rd person or knives for "ninja kills" in this kind of game.
  9. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    Oh gawd please kill me now...
  10. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    Don't worry, the devs were so far making good decisions regarding what belongs in this game and what not. I sure think any 3rd person crap does NOT belong into this game. This is definitely one of the more stupid requests I have read here, since it contradicts the current game's path completely.
  11. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    Let's face reality: he is not. And there's nothing you or me can do about it. Unfortunately.
  12. People who ask for a RP/FOB

    No, we certainly do not agree, so please speak for yourself only in the future. I have the feeling what I and also others said may have been misunderstood or not explained in detail, I will try to recap my point of view: Now, if a new guy joins in, I am the first guy who is willing to help. However, not under every circumstances. First of all, what decides if I am willing to help is the new guys attitude: If he doesn't talk, not even writes, not really observes what others are doing and try to do so as well, if he picks the "snip0r kit" although he can't handle it, if he picks the SL although he doesn't know what to do, then I am very unwilling to help and rather want to kick the guys ass for wasting everyone's time and resources. This is a team game, a "what do you guys need?" game, not an "I just bought this, now gimmeh my snip0r kit already I wanna kill!" game. And personally I do not see why I am expected to have the patience or will to tolerate this type of person, really. When I was new, I picked a rifleman kit, tried to keep close to my SL and observe and listen what everyone is doing to understand how this game is played. If I had questions I could not answer by just observing, I asked. When I felt experienced enough, I picked other kits, asked questions BEFORE using it and also if we actually need kit XY. THAT is the attitude I am expecting from pretty much everyone playing games like that - no matter his experience, because any of this isn't influenced by gaming-experience, it has to do with basic social skills and common sense. Some may call people who just join in, pick the SL or marksman kit and fail hard "ambitious", to me this is just a sugar-coat to prevent to say how it really is: These people are assholes. Personally, I have no time for bullshit, and I sure won't tolerate others wasting my time. Squad is played best when everyone plays with the attitude of "What can I do for my squad?" rather then "What can my squad do for me?".
  13. People who ask for a RP/FOB

  14. People who ask for a RP/FOB

    My thoughts exactly. Some people seem to be unable to differentiate between a normal debate and a fight, which isn't surprising in today's PC-safe-space world where the "if you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything at all" kind of attitude is the way to go... and the way to Hell by the way.