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  1. January 2018 Recap

    Great to see that many variations for Insurgency clothing.
  2. The Wrench, October 2017

    I hope the FDF faction gets finished. I remember a few years ago I'd check PR community modding forums weekly for progress updates but sadly it never got released.
  3. Backer Tag Redeem!

  4. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    Those eastern europe assets are starting to look great! I loved all militia based maps on Project Reality but kinda hated the buildings since they were all exactly same.
  5. I like the idea alot but would it affect server performance when every radio transmit should be played twice?
  6. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    I ask for one and you come up with three They are awesome! Thank you!
  7. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    We Finns want one too
  8. July 2015

    Ural and technigal looks awesome! Great seeing you proceeding so quickly on this game. I hope you make multiple textures for technigals (and civi cars?) so it wouldn't be so easy for blufor to recognise hostile cars from civi cars and ammo cars.
  9. First Person Weapon Collision

    I loved this feature on RO2 and it worked surprisingly well. Hope it gets implemented properly
  10. Even the pre-alpha footage looks very promising. Plus it's very nice that developers actually communicate with playerbase. I believe we have a great team working on the project, they created the best military shooter FOR FREE and now they can go even further than that with UE4 which looks very good for a game like this.
  11. Afghan compounds

    I know destruction isn't something you're working on right now but the ability to blow these walls would bring nice gameplay where blufor can be unpredictable and not always come thru the same doorway. + Would give C4 specialist more role specific things to do.
  12. [UI] Wounded/Dead Screen

    When wounded I think we should get a blurry view and when completely dead black screen is just fine.
  13. Steam

    I'm sure there will be people who don't read the manual and just want to grab every vehicle / kit possible but that's what admins are for. Shouldn't be too big of a problem with well moderated servers.
  14. Well that's one nice looking AK, good job!
  15. March 2015

    Most afghanistan maps in games are pretty dull but the new forest one seems nice. I always liked Korengal Valley in PR even tho it had its issues. It had a very nice atmosphere. With UE4 environment looks much more alive!