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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Most of the features in this update are a welcome change to many! The Good - Making movement more fluid allows more tactical options to teams and helps widen the skill gap, greatly increasing player survival-ability when combined with good route planning. This new system focuses more on cover to cover sprints which seems more realistic and a good design decision overall. - Engineer class was sorely missing from V12. Having a kit that can help vehicles while still being infantry, with other cool tools as well is going to be amazing. - Ticket bleed changes while still minimal will provide that extra incentive to taking flags once again. Ideally there should be a balance between not wanting to lose your assets, but also capturing flags. No one way of winning the game should be the go to method. This will allow costly assaults to eventually be made up for overtime if one team continues to win the game. - FTL ranging change was something that while fun, let players play the game Squad a bit too solo. Decent change. - Mortar wounding radius increase was another thing that was a decent change. Dying instantly to mortars sucks, but even increasing how many times people are wounded from mortars can help increase the effectiveness drastically. If people get wounded too much, soldiers with less health definitely have a disadvantage against fresh ones so this will probably see mortars more or less mandatory on certain maps. Good change without making them too oppressive. - BTR changes were kind of a no-brainer. Good change nonetheless but would almost be silly if it wasn't changed. The Meh - UI changes like the shifting selection screen and stamina bar relocation are kind of jarring and unnecessary. Previously having all relevant soldier information magazine count, positon etc... in the same place worked really well. It was very handy to be able to glance at a corner of the screen and know all information relevant to your player. - Insta death removal has been hotly debated so far which is odd for how often it really has a big impact on gameplay. Overall not feeling too strongly on this change one way or the other. On one hand it does allow a team that is nearly wiped to come back seemingly from nothing, but on the other hand the way Squad combat works is that there is very rarely occasion where people can just mass revive their team if they're not being pressured. Seems like this will only be a real issue if the enemy team fails to fully dislodge an enemy assault, which is kind of like failing to wipe a rally point and fresh troops spawning in anyway. I'd be fine with this change reverting or staying because its impact despite what others have said is quite minimal. The Bad - It's pretty much universally agreed at this point that the rally budding feature doesn't make sense. Was a good idea to see if it would but at its core it just doesn't fit with Squad. If fobs becoming instantly active was removed, this shouldn't be a feature either. Overall If this update was to go live now, without any bugs in it. It would be a good update. Good job on this one.
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    FFO in Al Basrah Invasion
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    FFO in Al Basrah AAS v1
  4. The Wrench - November Edition

    There will be "boats"
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    FFO in Yehorivka AAS
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    FFO IN Fool's Road AAS v1
  7. Kicked for Refusing to Suicide

    Luckily with vehicles now in the game, out of position squads can quickly recall back to defense flags if they kept their initial vehicles alive. However prior to that, the fastest way to get back into the fight was to "commit sodoku" and spawn at the nearest allied FoB, of course I don't think suiciding to reposition is the most fun gameplay mechanic but it was the most effective and if you were in a tight game and wanted to pull it back, that's what you did, you committed suicide and waited the 60s penalty. Personally when i'd request it, I'd say "Commit suicide if you want otherwise you're facing a 5 minute walk and you'll be bored AF" I'll always strive to do the most effective option to not lose the game and up until vehicles were released there was a lot of the time that it came down to it.
  8. Kicked for Refusing to Suicide

    Hey Croaker, SL here with some good input you might want to read. I personally know the guy who kicked you, he's not kick crazy but like me he doesn't have a tolerance for inefficient game play. The unfortunate truth is, is that flag captures and defenses are often pulled off by 1-3 guy margin if both sides are playing as hard as they can and having one to two guys in transit for upwards of 2 minutes isn't something you can afford as a squad lead. It may break your immursion, but it probably broke his immuhrsion when he lost the game because someone would rather spend upwards of 2 minutes walking back to a point that they could be useful at, and then lost because of it. I've lost many games where an offence on Train Station at Fool's Road didn't push through fast enough and the enemy neutralised Fortress and then to not break their immursion they made the 5 minute long Trek back to our side of the map. We lost because we had 9 people outside of anything useful for too long and sometimes in tight fights you can't afford to be down 9 men that long. Also the tickets you want to conserve so much. Compare the 9 tickets a squad loses for having to suicide to get back into position, compare that to how many tickets you lose when your flag defense fails due to lack of manpower.
  9. Blanket banning

    In the same way that you represent HSG, Kevin and Backpack represent FFO. Their actions speak for all of FFO when they make the decision to ban your group. You making repeated reports to attempt to get the server flagged and taken down affects the FFO players you've never seen or interacted with because they all play on the server. If you were just a member in HSG and not the voice and decision maker of the clan this would not be a problem. What you do affects more than just yourself. As leaders you can't call people slurs and only be judged yourself, it affects your entire reputation as a group. If this were not true this thread would be titled "Hey can you ban Lt. Kevin and I love your backpack" specifically they didn't follow the server rules. I'm 100% sure there's decent guys in HSG that don't act the way you do, but you speak for them. And by continuing to be their leader you act for them. If your clan members didn't agree with your opinions and behavior is it likely you would still lead them? That doesn't really make sense. Will there be those who don't deserve to be affected by the blanket ban? Absolutely but if they really really want to play a specific server, than choosing to not be represented by you seems like an easy choice or maybe even taking it up with the admins themselves? I'm sure if they're good people it'd be an easy repeal. And yet here we stand.
  10. Blanket banning

    I don't think "refrain from using bigotry and offensive language" is a dumb rule to have on a licensed server though. Infact I think it helps add to one of the actual guidelines for running a licensed server by "providing a positive environment" for players to play the game. I don't think banning people who are excessively rude to other players when they play is stepping over the line as a server administrator. Furthermore you have your own server where you can be however you want to its players, why is this still such an issue.
  11. Blanket banning

    You represent them though my friend. If they wanted to play on the server as much as you seem to do, they would join a different clan or oust you? Obviously they either don't care about that, or believe you're in the right. I have not seen any other HSG member make a post wondering why they have been banned and asking for a higher power to smite those who banned them. It's just you, wondering why actions have consequences over and over. Vape nache dude. Go green
  12. Blanket banning

    I think it's less of a blanket ban when it's a ban on the leader of one of the parties. If it were just a few troublesome members a blanket ban makes less sense. But when said party is the main representative of said clan and is the primary offender of excess toxicity it seems like they're left with no choice but to ban the lot. If they didn't agree with his points of view, why would they join his clan? If a few apples in the carton are bad you throw them away. If the supplier of the apples produces bad apples, you get a different supplier.
  13. There's pinned down and there's 1000+ resources dumped into a stretch of road. TBH your squad comes under heavy fire maybe try another approach? I'm aware drop a su[erFoB is your first instict but idk if its the best idea. If a superFoB is going to be dumped 100+ metres from a point it should atleast be operating at a kill profit, but in this match it only served as an RU farm beacon. Luckily it seems a combination of Squad 3 and US spawn bias was enough to carry the round, but overall I'd say you guys operated at a loss.
  14. 2.FJg Saturday Night No BS Fights

    Okay folks looks like the survey found that the time we had previously set was the best. So the event will be held on SATURDAY APRIL 30TH, 9:00PM EST It will run for about two hours, or longer if they player count remains high. Map Rotation Logar AAS Chora2/Kohat AAS Fools Road AAS