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  1. more apc

    the anti air vehicles sounds like fun, this video is maybe something we can see in the future of squad for the milita.
  2. more apc

    Well i was thinking the m113 will only be in maps against insurgents. Yes i know that the stryker is coming soon. But the milita has nothing.
  3. more apc

    Have some ideas for apc.... maybe devs already have thinked of it and is in the works. We have the BTR 90. But i feel its a bit OP compared to the other factions. So..... Can we get the bmp-2 for the Irregular Militia (witch is supose to be pro-ukrainian forces)? The good old M113 with 50.cal for americans Old toyota haice van 1980s model for Insurgents. Not apc but pc.

    So.. let's talk about gore. Is it something we will see in the future? Limbs flying, blood pouring down the street down the street drain and splattering on the walls? Brains blown up by a 50. cal round? Medics getting blood on the hands and arms ect after reviving dead soldiers?? These are just things that makes the game more realistic. But im aiming at some thing like the Red Orchestra franchise.
  5. Nordic Front!

    So.. I was thinking. In the future we will have Germany, UK and french in the game (from what i know). Could we also get Sweden, danmark, norway and finland against Russia? It would be fun. Im not saying "DEV's YOU MUST MAKE THIS OR I WILL KILL YOU ALL AND BLOW UP YOUR HQ!!!!" its just idea. Take it in and think about it.
  6. Alpha 5 Released

    New update! 5.2 just got realesed! Atm there is no update vlog about it so i have no clue what is new.