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    Best matches i have seen in my 1500 Hours of Squad are happening right here.
  2. Guys, its the hole between Patches. Every Day Squad Players need new toys to come back and then play every day and good squads will come back again. See it for myself... I love Squadleading, i love Squad. Everybody knows it, but atm the air is out. Stay a little little more patient, play something different for the mix. Come back, all good.
  3. WTF with the cheating over?

    Hacks? https://clips.twitch.tv/InspiringRefinedRadishOhMyDog
  4. Squad Discord Server!

    There is an official Squad Discord Server.
  5. Quack

    Hallöchen, ich bin Ducky, 26 Jahre alt, Oberbayer, in Spanien lebend, Maschinenbau studierend, und wollt mich hier in unserem deutschem Unterforum auch mal vorstellen. Einige deutsche Spieler kennen mich eventuell schon. Spiele Squad seid geraumer Zeit, hin und wieder auch mal andere taktische Spiele a la Arma oder jetzt neuerdings RS2. Bin Streamer und ihr alle seid natürlich herzlich eingeladen mal bei mir auf http://www.twitch.tv/running_duck vorbeizuguggen. Mal spiel ich auf deutsch, mal auf englisch. Immer was los. Squad Gameplay, Squadleading, Gametipps, und auch immer mehr Gamecasts von Organisierten Squadmatches sind zu genießen. Inzwischen darf ich auch den "Duck Army Headquaters" Gameserver mein eigen nennen und natürlich würd ich mich auch freuen euch da zu sehen. Mehr wüsst ich jetzt grad gar nicht zu sagen, wenn ihr Fragen habt, schießt los!
  6. Rising Storm 2

    Gestern in der Beta schon nen We <3 Squad RS2 Server gesehen :-) Werd im übrigen auch RS2 ab und an mal Streamen :-)
  7. Welcome to the Headquaters! 80 Slots - Active Admins - Official Languages English and German! Home of runningDuck and the Duck Army! Teamwork orienated firenldy environment. OUR RULES: #1 : We will remove Teamkiller, Trolls, Griefer, Soundspammer, Racists and all similar idiots. #2 : Squadleads require a Microphone. If you lead a Squad without a Microphone you are destroying gameplay for a lot of other people. #3 : Play constructive and in a team orientated way. Wasting Vehicles, Extreme Lonewolfing, actions without any common sense can result in a kick. #4: Listen to the Admins. If Admins broadcast while a game is live they do it for a reason. Listen and everything is gonna be alright. #5: Our official Languages are German and English, Squadleads are highly recommendet to speak english. Discord: If you feel like you want to be part of the Duck Army feel free to Enter our Discord: https://discord.gg/M7Z3kHd This is also the Place to go to appeal bans and kicks. See you in the Headquaters!
  8. Ducky goes to Town!

    Another Time another Town! This time in ENGLISH Enjoy
  9. Ducky goes to Town!

    What happens if you take your MTLB right in the Middle of the Action?
  10. A quick Guide how a Mechanised Squad can work!

    If u have a Stryker or an MTLB with NVG for example you can engage enemy Vehicles after your LATs hit them once. With that u are even able to take down BTRs or Strykers pretty good with Smaller Guns then 30 Mils. Another thing is that you are even able to move into towns or capzones if you have a nice flock of your Squads Infantery around your vehicle. Just make sure that your Infantery kills those LATs quick enough and it will be alright. Thanks for the Feedback so far :-)
  11. A quick Guide how a Mechanised Squad can work!

    This is a guidance. Not the one and only way. If you consider that u have 1 Squadlead working on coordinating the Squad, 2 Crewman inside your vehicle, 2 Medics whose Job is to revive and stay alive that let you 4 Squaddies to take actively take care of Infantery Threats. Put 2 LATs hunting enemy Vehicles in it and you will have 1 Rifleman and 1 Special Role left for that Job. The Squaddies Job is to protect and secure the Vehicle of threats. The Abilitiy to put more pressure comes with the cost of protection for your Vehicle. That is in my opinion it is better to take two anti Infantery Kits over 2 LATs if you have a Gun big enough to deal with all possible Vehicle Threats. Driver and Gunner should not bail out thats correct. Assuming this playstyle your Gunner and Driver will always be in a nice comfy flock of your Squaddies to protect them though, so they wont want to jump out.
  12. Hello fellow Squaddies, Alpha 9 is finally here and we had some time to play around with the new Assets, Maps like Gorodok and Yehiorvka really want you to use those Goodies as long as possible and everybody gets hyped about the sound when a 30 Milimeter goes off right next to you. Unfortunately with more Assets, there is more Responsibility to them, there is more things to adapt to, new tactics to learn, and different ways of what to do with those Assets. I played with a lot of the new Assets, got some positive Feedback from the Community and just want to share some of my knowledge. All of the following tipps are not the "one and only way" to do it. We are still early in that phase of the Squad, so i ask you to experiment and invent effective ways for Mechanized Squads. I am long time Squadlead and mostly i work with Vehicles as Squadlead. This is a way of using the new vehicles which worked with high effectiveness. This shall not be a big discussion thread, but if you feel like adding tipps just let me know. Anyway. Here we go: Tipps for Squadleaders: 1. Dear Squadleaders, first of all i want you to be aware of one thing. If you claim a Vehicle, YOU are responsible for its use. We are not playing Battlefield, Loose of a Vehicle equals Loose of Tickets. Loose of Tickets equals the loose of a Match. They are strong, really strong if used correctly. But as Spiderman told us, with great power comes great responsibilty. Keep that in Mind. 2. If you choose to claim a Vehicle to go the "Mechanized" Squad route, be aware of the Fact that you should change your Squads purpose to work with the Vehicle. For me personal that means: If you claim a 30 Mil BTR or MTLB, your Squads priority target will be to wreck enemy vehicles. Destroy their Infrastructure, take away their Logis, their Strykers. That means for your Infantery that they are not fighting for themselfs. That means for your Infantery to support your Vehicle against enemy Infantery, protect it, scout for it. You choose a 14.5 Mil BTR ? Well, maybe its not Vehicle Hunting anymore, maybe its more fighting for Flags and be the "Core" Combat Unit of your Team. Different Vehicles for different Jobs. But with a Vehicle Claim you define the JOB of your Squad for this round. And u want to do this Job. 3. Adjust the Rest of your Squads Loadout to complement the Vehicle Choice. Lets take the 30 Milimeter again for example. You got the biggest Bang against any kind of Vehicles already with you. So you gotta prepare your Infantery against those sneaky LAT and HAT Soldiers which will try to come and ruin your Day. You have a NVG MTLB with the juicy Kord on it? Maybe you should make sure to have some LAT with you to fight against Vehicles. 14.5 BTR or Stryker? Maybe one LAT will do and you can take the additional MG to have some additional lead against those mean dudes with their rockets. 4. Everything can be destroyed. But playing safe will always be better then rushing into Flags and loosing your Asset + your whole Squad. I prefer taking 5 Minutes longer to safely reach and conquer the flag over taking 15 seconds to get rekt and loose the Match. As you as SL should already know, not giving up, staying alive and staying in Combat as long as possible, controlling Areas is mostly the best way to have a good round. If you keep your Men close to your Vehicle, you will be able to scout enemy vehicles early, fight AT threats early and the highest survivability will be given. However sometimes the Tandem will just come. At that point you will hopefully have cost the Enemy Team more Tickets then your Vehicle was worth. 5. Giving individual Orders to your Vehicle Crew and Infantery is something you can do. The Binocs and Squadleading Radial Menu (T) are your best friends for it. You are the one who is supposed to know what is going on on the map. For yourself staying close to your Vehicle, Binocing around and help to spot targets of any kind is a good way too make sure you are in the middle of the action and can coordinate stuff. Just not mentioning that if a sniper got you in sight you easily can evade by jumping into the cosy safety of your Stryker. Having those 5 Things in Mind as Squadleader already should help you in succesfully work with vehicles. Anyway the Squadlead is not the guy operating the Machines, therefore the next part is Tipps for Crews: 1. Here the same as for Squadleads. U guys in your Vehicle wield a lot of Power. But ultimately, in 8 out of 10 cases you are the once to blame if your Machine is lost. So act responsible, work with your Squad and listen to your Squadlead. Maybe things will go do wrong time by time, but nobody is perfect and we all - hopefully - learn out of mistakes. 2. Work as a Team, not only with your Squad, but more important as a Crew. That naturally means that you should operate the Assets as a Team. With two persons. Single operation will not work as good as it did in earlier Versions of Squad since there is a lot more threats out there with Alpha 9. The 2 Seconds it will take to switch seats is sometimes the 2 seconds too much. Make sure to communicate properly inside your Vehicle. Use the Local Chat ( at this point some Audio Engineering with the Local Voice and Effect Slider will help) to talk with your Buddy and make sure to have things sorted out. Harmony inside a Crew is important. 3. Drive carefully and thoughtfull. Even with the Introduction of the Offroad Mode (Shift) you can maneuver into Dead Ends or get unluckily stuck. Dont push in unknown territory. Stick to your Infantery and drive their walking Speed if you push together. Another important thing for the Driver is to actually have a safe fallback route. Here too, the 5 seconds it will take you to turn your Craft around might be the 5 seconds the LAT needs to reload. Full reverse is often the better choice. This will be tricky if you operate in Forests so you wanna make sure there is no tree/shack/building/wreck or whatever right behind you. In that regard navigating with the Map is a really handy skill to learn. 4. Even if you feel strong, as before, everything can be destroyed. So do not overcommit. If you have eaten 1 LAT, just engaged with a vehicle, or you are even just low on ammo because u are doing so exceptionaly well, fall back to the next repair station. By playing the style this guide suggests, it means that you and your vehicle are the core purpose of your Squad. So you want to keep it alive. You want to keep it in action and rip the enemies as many tickets as possible. But before you go, let your Squad know that you wont be available for a couple of minutes so they can adapt and hunker down until your return. 5.If you plan to crew a vehicle do NOT take any special Kits. Since you are 2 people your infantery is down to 6 (excluding SL). You want to make sure they have the best equipment possible. An exception might be the Scout Kit for the Driver since a Binoc might come in handy if you are spotting for enemy vehicles. 6. Psychological Warfare. Never forget that your vehicle will have a big influence on the Battlefield. Even if you "just" have a NVG MTLB laying surpressing fire on the Capzone your Squad is engaging. Everybody will see you, everybody will hear you and everybody will fear you. Good side is you can help your Squad just by letting those Cowards pee their pants, bad side is the whole enemy presence will try to take you out asap. Be aware of that. After reading all of that, you should not be confused about the next part. Tipps for Mechanised Squaddies: 1. Of course all the basic rules of Squad Gameplay still apply to you as Mechanised Infantery. Stick to your Squad, Listen to your Squadlead, Communicate, wait for the Medics, stay alive. I guess if you have read up to that part those basic rules should be familiar for you already anyway. 2. So, now you as Squaddie are part of a Mechanised Squad. You better start worshipping that beast. It will provide you with fire power, it will taxi you around, it will destroy those annoying Humvees, Tekkies or even the nasty Sniper which is pinning you down. Your Job is to protect your Baby, to cover its butt of rockets, to be its eyes and ears. Therefore you should try helping to idenftify and neutralize - if possible - threats for your Squads vehicle. 3. Complement your Vehicle. As in the SL section already said, make sure to complement your vehicles purpose. If your Squad is using a 30 Milimeter BTR maybe let the RPG at home and take an RPK with Scope, a Grenade Launcher, and a Marksman. Yes, you are reading correct, i said it. MARKSMEN. That does not mean though that you are allowed to wander off into the wastelands on your own, but it means that a rocket hits your BTR you are the one who did not make that Headshot on that LAT Soldier. Cause your Job as Infantery is mainly to complement and protect your Squads Vehicle. 4. Have in mind that movement is important. Move as a Unit together with your Vehicle. Do not when not necessary. Stamina changes have kicked in and you really do not want to be out of breath when you are crossing a street or run from a grenade. Monitoring the Landsacpe and watching your surroundings is done way easier in slow pace anyway. And its way more enjoyable too if you dont hurry through everything just to get shot. 5. Even if you are the expendable force on foot, your vehicle will be teared apart without you. So make sure to play safe too. Staying alive, even hunkering down for a while and holding your ground while your vehicle might be at the gas station to get you your cigarettes, is often a better choice then rushing into enemy fire to die and respawn. Area controlling and playing smooth and safe will get you to your objective. Alive. In the end i just want to add that all of this are experiences i did in almost 1 Week of Alpha 9 Gameplay. And since i dont want to just do a lot of BLABLA without any proof behind it. Here some cases where we are using different Kinds of Vehicles for different kinds of Jobs on different kind of Maps. Those Gameplay Rounds should underline that this type of Playstyle is not just theory but works effectively in practise too. I excuse myself in advance since all the gameplay is in german and live recorded. Using a NVG MTLB on Fools Road. Good show of Infantery Movement along with the MTLB and the usage of the MTLB as mobile Fireplattform for surpressive and supportive fire Using a 30 Milimeter MTLB on Kohat to attack Malak Abad and kill several enemy Vehicles. And last but not least. Some interesting Gameplay of Militia Squad using BRDMs in Combination with Tekkies for Ambushing and Later doing a Full Armoured Heavy Assault on Village. In the end a little thank you for your attention, and the gentle reminder that this is not supposed to be a Discussion Thread but a Help and a Guideline to a Playstyle with the new Assets. runningDuck out.
  13. Hab

    IF the FOB is hidden eventual Diggers will be hidden too.
  14. Press to Talk stuck on enabled bug

    Is known and beeing worked on as far as I know.