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  1. You Sir are a big Troll.
  2. Yeah i know, i applied for the Beta Months ago but no luck :-(. And i guess everybody who gets one will keep it for himself
  3. Looking for a Beta Key of that. Would Stream it :-D
  4. I am at the skill cap. But people who dont know me wont aknowledge unfortunately. :-( And no US not OP.
  5. Just start your own Squad and play it how u want to. With time - and if you are doing good - people will autofill your Squad.
  6. Debuilt time for the team which hasnt set up the defenses should be removed and explosives should be introduced. We need the Pioneer class. So much more Fun to actually breach defenses then to hust dedig them.
  7. If u are arguing out of a military perspective, isnt putting a FOB directly on a Flag basically putting to valuable targets on the same location? "Holding out just long enough" until the attackers cap the next objective? So you just hold out long enough, you Team caps the next flag just to eventually loose it and then you have an enemy squad which has just destroyed your defense behind your enemy lines setting up FOBs and RPs behind your lines? Defending is not about "holding out just long enough". Defending is about mapcontrol. Is about keeping the teams back clear. About knowing how many enemies are where with what assets. Another thing about putting up a FOB directly on a Flag like Village on Kokan. If u got the FOB on the flag the nearest possible "backup" fob is 400 meters away. Build 2 Fobs both 200 meters away of the Flag and take ur 9 men and cover all the Area if you space them roughly 23,33 Meters apart. FOBs grant you Mapcontrol, and this is what u want as a defender. U got to defend them yes. But not "just long enough".
  8. The "wall" in your back have to be your teammates covering your flanks.
  9. Yehorivka - East Europe Gorodok - East Europe OP First Light - Nobody knows but lets say East Europe Fools Road - East Europe 5 Middle East vs 4 East Europe. More East Europe Maps please.
  10. Dont know what ur problem is. I win 80% of matches with Militia. It is way more Fun then playing US or RU too. not the best example since we "crashed" into them. But sure i can deliver more how to use technicals to win.
  11. U just states my point. People need to use the Militia Vehicles correct. Most of the imbalane comes out of the players, not because out of the Game. Evenly skilled on maps Like Yehorivka v2 or Gorodok v2 both teams have a fair chance. But only if militia knows how to use vehicles accordingly. They always have more of them, they cost less, they are faster, and u can use them effectively. But people dont want to learn, they want to spawn in, run and gun. It took me a couple of rounds to figure out how to be a Wolfpack Tekkie Squad, and every new round i do it with randoms it is chaotic in the beginning but over the course of a match the squad gets more effective.
  12. Militia and INS are perfectly fine IMHO. U gotta play those Factions differently as the regular Army factions. You fight against US on long distance? Of course you will loose, since US has all this fancy equipment. Try to get up close and personal. AK > M4 if u are up close and personal. Use ur Equipment to your benefit. Ever thought that the M4 and M249 SAW are the perfect Ambush weapons? Why? Get behind the Muricans, shoot them with m4 and m249 and u will see, they wont realise. Simply because they cant sound locate you since you blend into in their gun sounds. You got Tekkies, 2 Technicals fit a whole Squad, Militia and Insurgents are way more maneuverable on the Map, try Hit and Run, dont loose your advantage. Lay ambushes, change positions, redirect your attacks. You attack a flag straight on but you cant get even close to it? How about jumping in your tekkies, driving around, come from behind? It is done in 90 Seconds. But of course, for that people need to preserve their vehicles and not loose them or ditch them on the way. BTRs? Ever jumped a BTR with 3 Tekkies? Circle it, wolfpack it. It wont stand a chance and and even if u loose two of your tekkies in the process, u still traded better. Of course Militia and Insurgents are weaker on a straight on fight against regular armies. But they have all the tools to fight the Guerilla way, they got all the tools to stand a chance against the Army Factions. They needed a buff, but since Tekkies hold 5 people and the SPG arrived they have all the tools they need for now.
  13. And one for my english Friends :-)
  14. If there is 4 Flags in total you need to have 3. If there is seven it is 4. It doesnt matter if the other flags are capped or not. Your Team needs to have more then 50%. And afaik it is supposed to be like this. I read it somewhere, dont nail me where though. Okay, will observe a game or two tonight and proof.
  15. I am sorry, but the Gamepedia is not correct then. Just try it out, open a Fire Range Game, Change the Map to Sumari v3, Cap the First Flag, wait 5 Minutes, change the Teams. U will see.