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  1. This very rarely happens in public matches. How do you think the rally check works...? If you haven't played in 5 months why are you browsing the forums? Seems like you have ulterior motives. Destroying a vehicle and leaving the infantry stranded instead of killing them as well doesn't adhere to the "realism" objective of the game either. It is also imo one of the factors this game can't increase its player count.
  2. Suggestion Enemy vehicles can be captured without destruction, much like capture points, with a ticket gain to the team and a ticket loss to the enemy. Purpose Reduce the tendency for players to abandon vehicles, damaged or not. Conditions To capture an enemy vehicle, there must be... two infantry on the ground within a very small radius for X amount of time (X indicates a number to be determined) no enemy within a slight larger radius (to ensure a vehicle is not capture mid-firefight) Once captured, vehicles de-spawn and eventually respawn at enemy main, like a destroyed vehicle. Reasons for Consideration adds another element for infantry to contribute towards ticket gain for the team rewards observant players working together while punishing players who are not small enough to not distract an entire team away from match objectives Summary vehicles capture without the need for explosives makes players think twice about leaving vehicles unmanned high risk but with greater gain than destruction creates additional points of interest for firefights on the map adds a new dimension to ticket gain for a losing side, increasing the asymmetric complexity of the overall match for both sides
  3. Suggestion REDEPLOY button in Command Menu that lets players respawn without a ticket penalty Purpose get players back in the fight after becoming stranded, especially on large-scale maps eliminates players becoming victims of unrealistic metagaming Conditions Countdown to Spawn timer same as Respawn function Only available if there are... no enemy within X* metres (this should be a large enough number to reduce cheesing, 200 metres for example. The enemy check would be similar to the rally check. *X indicates a number to be determined.) no friendly HAB within X metres (this should also be high, whatever distance a 4-5 minute run is for example) Reasons for Consideration Players often become stranded after.... their vehicle is destroyed, or they are left behind Being left behind is unrealistic for obvious reasons, but lets look at point 1... E.G.: Destroyed Vehicle If one vehicle is destroyed by another, it is unrealistic for the victors to leave enemy assets in the AO. But this often happen in Squad after an enemy vehicle is destroyed. As a result, players are left stranded. Realistically, in either scenario, infantry stranded would be out of the engagement and would radio for exfill to safety. While we now have helicopters, they are extremely limited and getting an exfill is highly unlikely. Summary A REDEPLOY button is the virtualization of a vehicle extraction. It cannot be used if there are enemy or friendly HABs within a specific distance It removes the unrealistic action of fighting vehicles leaving enemy infantry in an AO It puts more infantry in actual engagement zones more frequently, increasing the intensity of the firefights each match It does not penalize multiple players for the choice made by one other player It reduces overall downtime for general infantry players between engagements
  4. Yeah I've got issues with dark maps as well. Specifically overcast maps, even with 2.5 Gamma and Eye Adaption on
  5. Too much fog

    The fog used to only be on a few Maps but I feel like it's on almost every Map now. I just played for rounds and every match was in a heavily fogged up map! I know it's to stop Marksman being so accurate or anyone with a cogs but it just feels I don't know, cheap? The game looks infinitely better when it's clear, so I just don't understand why you keep up with this fog and use it more...
  6. The Weapons Thread!

    Change the INSURGENT OPTIC RIFLEMAN weapon from the AK to the G3 (with optic, obviously)
  7. Can't downrange with my reload binding

    Yeah I've noticed this too. When the ranging up and down keybinds are set to mouse scroll-wheel, they will work if you have next/previous item also set to mouse scroll-wheel. BUT if you change the mouse scroll-wheel to anything else, it overrides the ranging keybinds. Example: Previous Item: mouse scroll-wheel UP Next Item: mouse scroll-wheel DOWN Ranging Up: mouse scroll-wheel UP Ranging Down: mouse scroll-wheel DOWN Works fine Weapon 1: mouse scroll-wheel UP Weapon 5: mouse scroll-wheel DOWN Ranging Up: mouse scroll-wheel UP Ranging Down: mouse scroll-wheel DOWN Doesn't work
  8. I feel I can best explain my issue through an A/B question. Q: You are using a machine gun with Bipod legs opened and resting on a wall. You come under accurate enemy fire from an unknown location. Do you... a) Stand up and lift your weapon, close the bipod legs, then go prone as fast as possible behind the wall? b) Lift you gun up and off the wall, go prone as fast as possible behind the wall, then close the bipod legs? (hint: the answer is b) The retracting Bipod animation is out of order. You don't need to close the legs until you're in cover. Closing the legs while standing is courting death. Pressing the "prone" key should lift the weapon off the resting point, swing it away from the wall and then drop your butt in the dirt. This also shouldn't be a "balancing gameplay" thing either. The bipod takes time to set-up, that's 'gameplay balance'. Not getting into cover quickly is "fun imbalance"
  9. Sorry about the lame title, but I wanted to make my point clearly, quickly. This is NOT about prone diving in a head-to-head firefight; I'm talking about being behind cover, and needing to go prone due to accurate enemy fire. When you add the new prone delay with a latency over 100ms, it's almost impossible to survive any accurate fire from a competent player (for the record, I currently average 120ms on servers in my own country). This week, I've died a lot while already prone behind the cover. The other player is obviously still shooting at me on their screen, during the prone animation, but this prone delay has made hitting prone behind a wall for cover useless! It's actually safer to now run a little bit (even though you're already behind cover!) and then go prone, and hope the player can't track well. I totally get (and agree) with the point of the prone delay, but increase the time it takes to hit the dirt is the wrong way to go about it. Keep the entire prone delay time the same, just reduce the time to get down, and increase the time of the gun raising animation.
  10. The Weapons Thread!

    CLAYMORES for all BIPOD roles. MG's are ready used more and more to cover a whole sector, on their own. It's really hard to cover your flank or dive into cover with the bipod out (which is another suggestion I'll be adding very soon).
  11. UE website says 361.75 for UE4 (https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/Linux/BeginnerLinuxDeveloper/SupportedGfxDrivers/) Is there any marked improvement using a driver newer than this one? What's the best driver to be running Squad?
  12. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Have you tried deleting any config files and so forth, then verify game in Steam? I'm not sure which files would be the right ones to delete though. Fresh install might work. I'm only now learning that when a game is working, create a BACKUP in Steam. That way if it goes to shit after an update, you've got a restore point to troubleshoot from.
  13. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Is there any way to load this in Squad? Or is it a UE SDK file?
  14. Good points. It would take a lot of work to make the ambient gunfire sound in the comms different to the normal game ambient sounds, enough at least to be able to tell the two apart...
  15. In war films, I've noticed ambient noise like gunfire, explosions, yelling, etc is picked up in a soldier's comms and sent through to the channel when they're talking. Can this be added to Squad? Sometimes when I'm Squad Leader I'll get other SL's asking me how something is going; I'm mid firefight and I'll accidentally yell back to them whilst I'm shooting. On occasion I've had "no need to yell man" come back from them, which I then apologise and explain I was shooting at the same time. There wouldn't be this confusion if he heard all the gunfire when I opened my channel. I think it would add great immersion layer to the comms channels. Obviously it wouldn't be necessary for the local VOIP, just Squad/SL channels