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  1. Alpha 7.7 Released

    funny joke.
  2. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Optimization for AMD?
  3. Tank "backblast"

    Once the implementation of heavier equipment is added I have the suggesting of adding a cone of fire where if a friendly or enemy is standing i=close enough to the tank barely they get their ass killed or knocked out rag doll style. I know arma ACE mode has this and I think it would be a good feature for squad no infantryman would survive being near that big of a boom even if they got hit, adding this feature would add really good sense of teamwork
  4. Vehicle recoil

    I looked around to see if anybody has made a post on this but I was surprised to see it was only very lightly touched upon. Upon bigger vehicles being implemented i'd like to see the rock and rolling back of vehicles when firing heavy weapons i.e. a Abrams rocking back from firing a shell a terrorists pickup truck bouncing around when using the mounted AA. Here's an example of this
  5. Steam Achievement Ideas

    Here is a list of a few achievements that would be pretty cool to have. Backblast Clear?- Kill an enemy with an at's backblast oops- roadkill an enmy Rambo- kill 4 enemies while not letting go of your ar or mgs trigge (can be applicable to vehicles) [email protected]!KING FASTROPES???! -Use a fastrope for the first time Mmmmm watcha saaaay- get blown up by an insurgents ied (or blow up a soldier with your ied) Checking in to counselling- Kill over 500 enemies 'Nam flashbacks- Survive an enemy artillery strike while the rest of your squad dies It's raining men!- Destroy a full enemy transport helicopter MEDIC! MEDIC? MEDIC!- Heal over 10 people in a single match BREACH AND CLEAR BOYS- Breach a door and kill an enemy shortly after Lights out- Kill an enemy without night vision while having them on yourself Crunch time- Get an enemy cache just before running out of tickets BOOM GOES THE CANNON- Kill 5 enemies with a single tank round ALLAHU AKBAR- kill a enemy with a bomb truck/car Neighbourhood mechanic- As an engineer repair over 3 vehicles in a round Totally Fubar- Kill 3 enemy emplacements/light vehicles in a round Ultimate protection: As a tank .50 cal gunner kill an enemy with an rpg in hand Strafe run- Kill two enemies with a transport helicopters side gun That's all for now let me know what you guys think- Cheers
  6. i would like to see this but more in the sense with getting hit by a explosions shockwave
  7. Ejector seat

    its not like there won't be ejecting anyways if jets come along, i just wan actual ejection seats
  8. Ejector seat

    It could be added that upon landing of the ejection there is a 50/50 chance you need a medic
  9. Ejector seat

    is the fracture from the landing or ejection itself?
  10. Ejector seat

    So it would be nice if we had actual ejection seats where you don't just pop out of the plane not in your seat. It should be that when you eject its you smashing through the cockpit while in your seat the whole team until you land
  11. Advanced Soldier health management

    BOI you mus' be crazy
  12. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Me when vehicles come out
  13. V7 Vehicle HYPE

  14. Altyn helmets

    On top of that having a breacher with a altyn helmet would make tactical sense considering they have I understand however, Having an altyn helmet with breacher would make tactical sense since they would be they people dealing with explosives or being the first to clear a room
  15. Altyn helmets

    Guys it was just a suggestion I wasn't demanding anything, I know it was a weird request but it was just a question