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  1. I apologize, but it wasn't intended to sound biased. I figure people either are unhappy with v7 and feel the game is less tactical, or they're happy and think the game feels more tactical and sophisticated with v7.
  2. Hey everyone. So I don't post here too often, but this is a topic I wanted to hear people's honest thoughts and opinions on. Before you read any further, this is not a hate or rant thread. I am trying to gather honest opinions on what the regulars in Squad think. In my opinion, v7 has made the game less fun, and by a lot. Between the crashing, performance decrease, and gameplay changes, and even with the addition of vehicles, I feel like the game is much less playable and enjoyable. Before anyone says it's Alpha and that the bugs will be fixed, I know. We all know. My real complaint here is with how v7 was rolled out in such a broken state, along with trying to understand how vehicles were meant to enhance the gameplay. That is why they were added I would imagine, to make the game less fun and more tactical. Since the addition of vehicles, it seems Squads no longer stay together. Squad leaders waste a ton of time trying to claim vehicles either at base or remotely from somewhere else. Vehicles seem to have little to no effect even when manned by good veteran crews. In fact, none of the maps even seem to be designed for vehicles, even Yehorivka. Vehicles feel like more of a burden not on just the team, but the gameplay overall. Dare I say, the game is funner with infantry only maps and more tactical than it is with vehicles. Again, NONE of this is because of "noobs" or "new players." Since v7, my time ingame has been decreased DRAMATICALLY. Once you get past the constant crashing, unplayable performance (I get 25-30 FPS with a GTX 1070), and the other quality of life issues such as lack of server browser etc. the game feels so fragmented and disorienting. Squads have difficulty staying together. Vehicles are a burden on the gameplay. Vehicles seem to have no real effect on the outcome of the match, and most rounds end with a 200-400 ticket difference. Games aren't being "turned around" with more tickets. The discrepancy is higher than it was ever before. Most rounds end with a team getting only 60-100 kills, despite the fact that there are 600 tickets. There's a lot to be said, but I don't want to drag this post on. So I've created a poll, and I want to hear your honest thoughts on v7. Questions: 1) Was the patch rolled out responsibly by OWI with the amount of crashes and performance decrease? 2) Were vehicles rushed to please the userbase, rather than making sure they had a real tactical effect on gameplay? 3) How have the new FOB system and claim system affected the TACTICAL feel of the game?
  3. -TSF- The Skyforge server feedback

    Our server is now running v7.3! We've also added INF/Night/PAAS to our map rotation.
  4. -TSF- The Skyforge server feedback

    Thank you Smee! We're ranked 12th and hoping to make it #1 eventually
  5. Server Licensing General Info

    We got ours real fast @RickDoodBrah. @Odin and the devs work fast!
  6. -TSF- The Skyforge server feedback

    Our server is now running v7.2!
  7. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    Real fast support, easy backend, great performance, all around a great GSP!
  8. -TSF- The Skyforge server feedback

    Our server now resets at 6 AM EST to ensure optimal performance!
  9. your connection to the host has been lost

    I can't even get on the server I pay for
  10. Teabagging bodies? Disruptive behavior?

    It was more just to show one of the server admins just how stupid his statement is I know that wasn't the real reason but he used it as a cover up anyway.
  11. -TSF- The Skyforge server feedback

    We are now licensed! You can find us through the Server Browser!
  12. Server rotating maps randomly?

    Interesting. I filled out a ticket, will wait for the response.
  13. Hey everyone. We recently set up a server and we are having issues with our map rotation. This is our current rotation: Sumari AAS v1 OP First Light AAS v1 Chora AAS v1 Night Yehorivka AAS v1 Logar Valley AAS v1 Chora AAS v2 Sumari AAS v2 Gorodok AAS v2 Fool's Road AAS v1 Kohat AAS v1 Yehorivka AAS v1 Sumari AAS v3 Kohat AAS v2 Gorodok AAS v1 Chora AAS v1 However, our server is currently playing Kohat AAS v2, with the next map being Chora AAS v1 As you can see, Chora AAS v1 is NOT after Kohat AAS v2. I have ended the match to verify this and it keeps randomly rotating. I restarted the server as well to make sure. How is it that our server is following another map rotation when we have updated the rotation with the updated map names and such..? Also, is it just me or is Skirmish etc no longer there..? I do not see them on the list here:
  14. Teabagging bodies? Disruptive behavior?

    I got banned because supposedly someone "complained" about it lmao. I dont believe that for a second of course but I figured Id see what yall think.