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  1. game not loading

    *SOLUTION* Disable your anti-virus, just did it and i played.
  2. game not loading

    Were you able to fix the problem?
  3. game not loading

    Add me as well im having the same problem
  4. Starts then Crashes

    Thank you so much
  5. Starts then Crashes

    Probs something to do with anti virus
  6. Starts then Crashes

  7. Starts then Crashes

    I have already played over 13 hours of the game, however on trying to play it starts and crashes. i have already uninstalled twice. Help would be much appreciated as i really want to play this game. (I have a 64 bit OS)
  8. Squad Opens then closes

    Neglected to mention i have already played 13 hours, i have a 64 bit OS and have reinstalled twice. thanks for the advice.
  9. Squad Opens then closes

    As soon as i open the game (on steam), it shows the window showing squad. Then it closes, already installed. Pls help really want to play.Cheers