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  1. mouse issues

    when i first got this monitor and my eyesight wasn't the best i changed it to 150% to enlarge everything so it was already like this and it still doesn't work
  2. mouse issues

    i love this game and i have 25 hours in this game and 2 of them have been dedicated to fix this problem i have searched the forums all day and cant find anything and i ahve looked everywhere but this game has become unplayable for me and it just happend out of the blue i dunno why. what happens is when i open my game and on the main menu i cant move my mouse more then this little box (from the middle of the screen to the left and i cant move it down past halfway) and when i move my mouse i can see another mouse tracing is out side this box that i cant move out of the box but i keeps on cutting in and out and if i leave to mouse it teleports to the mouse that is cutting in and out unfortunutly i cant show you becuse it only happens in fullscreen. i dont know how to fix this and i need help!!! if anyone has the same problem plz say. edit: Title change