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  1. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    ok so i recently just installed a i5 6600k . i had a gtx 980 ti but low fps wasn't a surprised cuz i had a shit cpu before . so i got the 6600k thinking that would solve all the probs . well i gained about 10 fps maybe . i can still never saty over 30 fps for long . and not during combat for sure ( when it matters most ) i did a novabenc score and got a 1209 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a 1209!!!!!!!! with a gta 980 ti, 8gbs of DDR3 ram , and a i5 6600k . i looked at other scores and im 1000s behind . whats the problem . plz help . nova score ram score 169 cpu score 531 GPU score 454 ( should be over 1000) hardware score 55
  2. Easy anti cheat

  3. Easy anti cheat

    lol fuck this guy

    so im pretty new to squad and im in love rly . so i stream literally anytime i play and was hoping to pick up some views from the forums . like i said before i reletivly new and any tips or help would be great. ill be streaming for the next couple hours probably more . so come and hang out https://www.twitch.tv/lpxking

    lol not a fan of twitter ill try it i guess . and i have been . every time i play ill stream . have no excuse not too yaknow . but alright yeah ill do that . is the squad community active on twitter ? . JUST REALIZED YOUR RANK! ok hello lol . yeah sorry if i was annoying . ill try twitter
  6. live stream!

    COME AND HUNT SOME TARRYS WITH ME! new streamer https://www.twitch.tv/lpxking
  7. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    i dont get paid alot of money so saved money where i could . ill get this mb when i can for sure tho . got any ram u recommend ?
  8. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    absolutely amazing . love this community . thank you all so very much for taking as much time as you did to help some random guy on the internet . i have up and wiped my pc clean . on windows 7 rn but gonna go back to 10 . knowing what i know now it was probably left over amd drivers for sure . i needed a clean wipe anyway for real . my 1tb HDD was almost full but idk what with so whatever . AGAIN! thank you all so very much . im sorry for such a late resoucne i fixed this like a week ago . i forgot to update you guys im sorry .
  9. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Series-CX750M-Modular-Certified/dp/B00ALK3KEM?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 this is the PS i got . are u trying to say this wont cut it ? all the slots on the card are plugged in so...
  10. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    ok so i couldnt figure out howto add a screenshot but here it my findings power % it averaged 76 temp% 65 flat now cpu usage did go up and down threwout a game . it could be anywhere between 65% to 85% idk if thats normal or bad idk FB usage 27% idk what this is . im still a newb so :L i was using msi afterbruner to to find all this
  11. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    ok 1 sec . ill do that now
  12. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    nope its as close to the CPU as possible
  13. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    how do i know which is which ?
  14. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    link ? can that really bottleneck a 980 ti to half preference ?
  15. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    http://www.amazon.com/ASRock-Motherboard-B150-PRO4-D3/dp/B016KOJX84?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 thats the motherB i got . it was a cheaper option yes but i switched between bot slots and nothing changed . the other one is to close to my power supply anyway and would make my card stupid hot so thats not even an option .
  16. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    on the Microsoft website it says changing motherboard can cause your windows to not be genuine wtf
  17. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    what do you mean where am i at now ? like progress ? same . nothing has changed . still playing at 20-30 fps after $1000 spent
  18. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    ok well i just checked and my windows says im up to date however it also says it needs to be activated but i dont think it will let me cuz i changed my motherbaord . i use the free upgrade so :l
  19. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    oh... oh my alright ill do that 1 sec
  20. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    im building off of my old build . my old build was hardly mid range . had a $100 amd cpu . im re using my ram and case . thats pretty much it . new board , card, and power supply , and cpu . i dont make much money so it took me a very long time to get where i am now . been building this sense last November . new ram will be the next thing i buy for sure but my gfs bday is coming up so gonna need to wait a few paydays lol . my next plan that i was planning on doing today is just cleaning everthing! like wiping my hard drive and reinstalling windows . clean slate you know ? cuz this pc has been through alot . ill save my porn and other things i dont wanna lose but just gonna wipe it . do you think that would help at all ? actually windows is telling me in my bottom right corner to activate windows . idk if its limiting my hardware or what but this is new
  21. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    would that really cut my GPU performance in half . like i said before thats the main issue here . on novabecnh my gtx 980 ti scored a 488 when normally they score 1000+
  22. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    im on windows 10 . how would i go about that
  23. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    i have one stick of 8gb ram . and yes i do what do you mean intel hf graphics ? how do i turn that off ?"
  24. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    alright then nvm lol