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  1. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Well, it's been long time since I requested PKK (kurdish guerilla) and Turkey to be added to the game. It's not that I have turkish origin, but I also want any other forces, such as France, to be added. It's not because I think those are cool things, but they're in REAL FIGHT. I totally understand British pick, since it's something like AMERICAN, almost! and sure there will be China later on, because they're the second powerful possible enemy of West, but hey, let's have a look ON REAL WARS people have been fighting for years on battlegrounds! It's like all game developers would ignore whole WW2 if US or GB haven't involved in it. There's a HISTORY is being written NOW in Syria. How long will it take people to understand this will be our ERA's greatest war, instead of an imaginary Chinese War for example? I mean, in Squad there's an Islamist faction looks like Taliban, which is completely destroyed and nobody is even excited to kill them anymore in game, I believe? But there's ISIS! People would love to kill em. I understand concerns so you may not use their banner, but at least change uniforms for Taliban come on. And the KURDS, screw taliban or isis, these guys are the most powerful milita on earth after african ones, they are capable of taking down Syrian or Iraqi countries if they wanted to. They're in fight against Turks for decades, they have their own dresscode ETC. How long will you guys keep rejecting, ignoring their fight? I am pretty sure it will sell. As for France and the Turks, unlike most of the EU countries who think bombing some of the Syrian soil is FIGHT (lmao) these two actively operates with ground forces and capable of producing their own arsenal! France in Africa, and Libya. Turkey in Syria, against Kurds and ISIS. These 2 nations are the NATO countries who keep fighting and fighting everyday, without media coverage, -because they're not SUPERB worldpowerz! - and deserve to be honored. I want FAMAS, and Turkish MPT 76 in game so bad! Turkey and France are the two nations famous with their war history since the beginning of time, as well as BR! Can we at least get a decent reality check for these 3, devs? We should honor who's been fighting, not Chinese for doing nothing but marching with angry looks!
  2. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    German army is way better than yours, they aren't in the game. French army is way better than yours, they aren't in the game. Turkish army is way better than yours, they aren't in the game. Italian army is way better than yours, they aren't in the game. They all are Nato forces. http://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=poland Not seeing anything special here. You got 100k active personnel (which is pretty average) and half million reserve (lol) and you call this army size, we are in 2016, not 1939. Nonsense nationalism there.
  3. I kinda agree with you on this, only small portion of games these days offer satisfactory infantry combat game-play and this is why I'm skeptical for vehicles. But I still think there must artillery support to make comebacks possible when you are base-camped. I'm green for mortar support available for base-camps and maybe for closest 2 flags if needed, costing some tickets in return? So you won't be needing to your awful second Squad to clear out a compound for a possible comeback. I lost too many games because we lost many flags so fast even though we fought hard, we couldn't get our heads out of our base. If we could we had a chance. Game should always reward team-work and planning, right now it awards better positioning and better aim. Of course all of these can be solved with doing better map designs and slowing the game itself.
  4. Why is the K/D shown?

    Don't ruin my nade launcher experience, that's the only way I can learn if I did a good job. You know the feeling when you didn't shoot anyone with your rifle more than 2, but your KD is 15/4. That feeling.
  5. SPEC OPS UK server has lots of TK'ers and all are intended. Whenever our team secured an objective and hid a good rally point some people showed up and learned our positions, killed us all, then switched back. We don't need to deal with admins and ruin our 40 minutes of gameplay helping them, I don't care if they get kicked NEXT game or even don't want to spend extra 10 minutes to try detect the team killer or wait Admin to spot him. My time is precious. Time is also precious for the game itself, 1 person switching team and being automatic rifleman killing all, he gives our exact location to his skype friends and ONE SINGLE GOD DAMN FOB CAMP can ruin your entire effort. They steal your objective, 1 steal costs a game. Because there's another enemy squad ready to cap/flank the other objective ALWAYS. THIS NEEDS AN URGENT FIX. NO TEAM SWITCHING. PARTY MATCHMAKING for FRIENDS.
  6. Tell me this is minecraft buddy.
  7. Teamwork and a lot of kills

    @KulaGGin look who's here lol.
  8. Question about specs

    You will only get 20-30 fps that's for sure. But many systems that 2 times better than yours are playing it with 35-40 fps so you can give it a try. Make sure you learn every performance tweak you can do before starting your 2 hours trial.
  9. SKUNKDOGZ -=SD=- Recruiting

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/runaroundjewnoww This is him.
  10. Haha I love team-killers! I seriously do! (IF they are newbies ofc) It's priceless to see their reactions when you tell them they tk'd you and they are like "ohhh sorryy dudeee i'm new to this game wait i'll get you a medic..." Hahaha. One time I was medic and going to revive at least 8-9 people in a compound but got killed by a friendly newbie who was holding the entrance to make sure MEDIC arrives safely lel. All the dead people cursed his soul so badly that he felt so embarrassed and quit. Come on guys. It's still a game. We are playing a game. Have mercy lol.
  11. Stamina and Damage

    Situational damage, that's what we need. You won't be running damn fast if they got you from your legs or lower abdominal. You can run with a bullet in your torso or arms maybe, but don't think adrenaline would fix your destroyed knee.
  12. Battlefield 1

    Watched it, %90 of the times we saw SMG gameplay and rarely bolt action. Not buying it. They better do WW2 game if they so wannna their SMGs, total bs.
  13. SKUNKDOGZ -=SD=- Recruiting

    Oh god, wish I could bring those people here. I took that SS right after the hacking started. IT WAS LIKE THIS and you're saying me he had an ammo crate with him? Note that it wasn't only me who saw that happen, my whole squad was chatting about that. As I said I couldn't spot the hacker, I've only seen projectiles hitting the ground and tried understand where they're coming from, it felt like sky but with this video I'm pretty sure it was someone using a launcher.
  14. Discounts made Insurgency this cheap, yes. If you sell that game for 3 bucks over and over again you won't get quality community. However, I'm not seeing any tactical aspects of their RANKED 5v5 game-mode. We will see what they will offer with their engine update. Most of their maps aren't designed for competitive and tactical gaming except 2 or 3. If they are willing to create tactical competitive PVP game, it must be 7 vs 7 or 8 vs 8 with better maps. (with limited angles, not with the ones you expose yourself from 10 different angles as now)
  15. Insurgency is no longer tactical mate! It feels like COD these days.