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  1. Please Fix the visibility.

    I bought a 31.5'' 1440p monitor. Vision problem solved
  2. Honestly fair point, but concerns of a slippery slope tend to be overplayed in a lot of discussions like this. I just really think both firing mortars and doing logi runs in particular hit a certain threshold where it's just too mil-simmy. Even driving an armored vehicle is far more interesting as you're actually in the fight, and I would argue the driver has by far the most critical role in regards to making the asset effective in combat. Medics, Squad leading, same thing. The difference is, regardless of any tedious aspects of those roles you're still in the fight. I've seen it in all sorts of games where the developer proposes to automate some really tedious aspect of the game and the community flips out accusing the devs of "dumbing the game down", and then after the changes are implemented everyone realizes it was for the better.
  3. I understand where you're coming from but at the same time I've experienced plenty of games where mortars broke a meatgrinder to cap the bleed flag. It's not every game, but such an opportunity happens at least every third game. It really depends on the map/area being fought over. As far as mortars being inaccurate I'm not sure why you think that, if you use a mortar calculator they are extremely accurate. If you locate the enemy HAB, it can be extremely effective at keeping their reinforcements pinned down. Even if it's in a building, a mortar calculator is accurate enough dial in on the building exits and keep the enemy pinned inside. Where mortars really come into play is in games with balanced teams where the battle line shifts a little more slowly, enough time for mortars to dial in on an enemy position. Right now this is pretty rare as the community is constantly being flooded with new players and games tend to be pretty lopsided. In the future as the skill level of the community develops, I think we will see more and more opportunities for mortars to turn the tide of a battle.
  4. I think it would be easier if OWI just designed a waypoint system where SLs can set a path for the A.I. to take, with both "follow road" and "offroad" waypoints.
  5. Mortars are fun for the Forward Observer (SL usually), they are NOT fun for the person firing. Even as a forward observer you're still on the front lines, in the action. You can fight and observe at the same time. Anyone who says actually firing one is fun is on the spectrum, guaranteed. For most people it is AT MOST a novelty the first few times you do it, and from there even those people quickly realize they'd rather be doing pretty much anything else. Even with A.I. you would still have the active role of the forward observer telling the A.I. where to fire. But firing the damn thing? Come on.
  6. On forums you have people defending boring ass jobs like doing logi runs, firing mortars, etc. On forums I hear about how supposedly a lot of people enjoy it. While in reality as a SL it's like pulling teeth trying to get anyone to do this stuff in game, and without indirect fire support the strategic depth of this game is severely limited as defensive positioning becomes overpowered. Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of every game being designed around what people on forums say, it drives me crazy. It's like what Henry Ford said: "If I asked people what they wanted they would have told me faster horses". I really think jobs like firing mortars, and doing logi runs, should be done by A.I. People on the forum/reddit immediately balk at the suggestion, but at the end of the day actions speak louder than words and no matter what server I'm on people are almost always reluctant to do these jobs. I mean come on, you really do have to be a little bit on the spectrum to enjoy driving a logi all game. I'm not talking about driving it from spawn at the beginning of a game, but rather running it back and forth to supply mortars or rocket artillery all game. You may as well go play euro truck simulator, way better experience. Firing mortars same thing, sitting on your ass looking at a protractor doing quick maffs is not my idea of fun, and the vast majority of people's actions in game says I'm in the right on this one. So for the last time, before you start arguing against my position, remember I wouldn't actually care about this if IN REALITY there were plenty of people willing to do these jobs. I just want to see them done, as it opens up strategic diversity. Unfortunately the reality is, no one wants to do them.
  7. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    I'm sorry but you are not entitled to a functioning game if you buy into an Alpha. The only reason ANYONE should buy into an Alpha is in the hopes that your money one day leads to the game coming to fruition. There are no guarantees with Early Access titles, end of story. The reason I bought EA SQUAD is because I'm a veteran of the Battlefield series who's completely disappointed with what EA & DICE did to the series, so I'm literally willing to throw money at anyone even attempting to develop a more involved and complex game. Learn some basic economics. Let's face it, there is a massive DEMAND for what SQUAD is trying to offer, and there is zero SUPPLY on the market. SQUAD is barely even a playable game and people are already acting like they're paying customers entitled to some finished product. When it comes to Early Access, you are NOT A CUSTOMER, you are an INVESTOR. Investors don't cry like babies, they are supremely swag gentlemen who boldly put their money behind what they believe to be good people with good ideas.
  8. BTR

    Erm, the Stryker is in a whole other league than the BTR-80. KPVT is an old weapon and only 14.5mm, Stryker has a modern 30mm auto-cannon. The difference between up-armored HMMWV and BTR-80 is big, but nowhere near as big as the difference between the Stryker and BTR-80. So I'm guessing there is meant to be an asymmetric balance between the HMMWV and BTR-80.
  9. Thanks for pointing out how derailed this thread got. I stopped replying because some people started talking about how they wanted no stats at all, which is a discussion that belongs in a completely different thread since it's a fundamental disagreement.
  10. Sure but they need to implement a dynamic reward for flag captures first. Right now you just get a flat 100 points for neutralizing/capping a flag, which for an undefended flag is a way too much IMO.
  11. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    Generally I agree. Although there are certain flags that you can build FOBs on in certain situations, generally the ones with the bigger compounds. Also you need a good Squad Leader who knows how to place Hesco walls properly, it's very easy to fuck up and accidentally give the enemy a way to climb over.
  12. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    I don't think having a scope on the exact same weapon should affect recoil at all. End of story. That's just absolutely retarded IMO.
  13. I believe it to be self-evident that competition between team mates is a critical component of teamwork. This is a fundamentally different philosophy that goes against everything most of us have been taught to believe in life, so I'm not surprised to see the resistance to such an idea.
  14. Well I am OP, lol. And yeah I simply disagree with the idea that they can't be quantified. I also disagree with the idea that if the system isn't absolutely perfect, then it can't fulfill it's intended purpose. Your example of back capping defense is kind of vague, what do you mean score points for doing it? What are you imagining they would be scoring points for, sitting there? I'm not saying absolutely everything has to be or should be quantified, I'm simply saying that everything that would need to be quantified can be.
  15. no point being a decent medic.

    Yeah that SL is a perfect example of how counter-intuitive good leadership is. Being a good leader is about figuring out how to give your squad as much autonomy as possible, not micro-managing their actions and decisions. If one of my squad members say they're going to do something and I don't think it's a good idea, then that's exactly what I say: "I don't think that's a good idea, but ok". I leave them the freedom to do it anyways, or ask me "Why?". Your squad members are not subservient robots, they are people with their own thoughts and rationalities. Eventually if you keep playing on the same server, people get to know you, and they begin to respect you. Eventually your squad members will start doing what you want them to do without you even having to explain why, simply because they already know how you think.