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  1. Hardcore Mode/Suggestions

    Yeah man. In PR there was 1 bolt action sniper per team that was a one shot down. Im totes down for that
  2. Hardcore Mode/Suggestions

    I didn't say increase recoil I said make it so you physically have to readjust the rifle to the target instead of it automatically coming down. If you look at the Imgur links there is some example of what I mean. You still need a good pace to the game. Otherwise you will just be running the whole game, just make some aspects a little more punishing.
  3. Hardcore Mode/Suggestions

    You still need to have a fluid game mechanics and removing medics and fobs in my opinion would be silly. That's why Post Scriptum has spawn Trucks and medics even though they say its a WW2 simulation game. I just want it to have more realistic aspects or mechanics that make it harder not a total military simulation. Because If you had to drink water other wise you die from heat stroke and real life things like that it would be silly. I actually agree. Noice! But you still need a way to tell who your squad mates are and the roles they are other wise squad leading would be really annoying. Don't be sarcastic ma dude the game devs themselves said Squad is the spiritual successor to Project Reality they even have some of the same maps..kinda. I just want the game play to be a harder and even more team oriented then it is now. I would appreciate it if you actually gave a constructive comment about the idea's I have listed. I'm personally with you on that the rally but maybe they will change it in a hardcore mode *crosses fingers* or change it when there is a helicopter for transport. to balance it out maybe. As for the recoil you can test it right now if you play Project Reality. I personally prefer it compared with just clicking the mouse as fast as you can. You can still be very accurate with multiple shots its just not a point and click. But it might not be for everyone hence the hardcore mode.
  4. Real quick I know the Dev's have a road map for development already and I am not a game Dev so I don't know how hard the things I suggest would be to implement or if they are already underway and also just gotta say Dev's you guys are doing great on development so far So I played the weekend playtest of Post Scriptum and it made me realized how much I want Squad to be more slow paced and more punishing like PS and Project Reality. I have seen threads of people complaining about the recoil saying its too punishing in V11 and just complaining about things that make the game harder. As where I want the opposite I want the recoil to be even more punishing and etcetera. I don’t know the dev’s vision for the game but from the Squad Q&A from a while ago they seem to be riding the fence on making the core game harder. Or at least that how I saw it. Anyway why not just add a hardcore mode for players that want an experience more like PS/Project Reality. HARDCORE MODE SUGGESTIONS *Weapon Recoil* Changing the recoil so you physically have to adjust for the recoil like in PR. Its slows down the pace of the game a lot and can make for some really sweet prolonged fights. Also it keeps people from just blasting away instead of taking aimed shots. I have done it multiple times, standing up in a field just clicking the mouse as fast as I can and spraying guys down around 150m away post V11. Most of the gifs wont show on the page im not sure why https://imgur.com/jo9qIji https://i.imgur.com/1YElFTY.mp4 VS https://i.imgur.com/FAGgN64.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/okMHuZS.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/8RxS4eV.mp4 https://imgur.com/HEDCQNR Its still controllable and you can full auto sorta accurately its just not point and mash your mouse. *Bandaging* The bandaging should take longer in my option not just a 3 second animation and you're done. A game I think that dose this well is Rising Storm 2. https://imgur.com/a/PzbLuyd Also just like in PR if you get shot and bandage yourself it should heal you a bit and slow the bleeding but not stop the bleeding completely. For that you need to see a medic to completely stop the bleeding. That way lone wolfing is seriously punished and the squad sticking together is encouraged through game mechanics. Also it gives a very satisfying feeling knowing that if you shot a guy that he is forked up even if he got away. https://imgur.com/a/nKLsguC *Rally System* In Post Scriptum there is no rally's and I love it. It makes the people wait for the medic instead of just burning through the rally like paper. And people play like their lives matter because if you die you gotta run...far. But there is the spawn vehicles in Post Scriptum to balance that. So instead of a static rally that stays until a enemy finds it or the spawns are used up just copy the system in PR. You can put down a rally but as soon as the SL moves 100m away from the rally it disappears. So people don't rely on it like a FOB but you can keep the squad together. Maybe add a timer on it as well so people don't expect the SL to just sit on the rally. *Damage* Having to shoot people 3 times twists my panties. So in this said hardcore mode upping the damage people take would be nice. Also because of Post Scriptum I am quite fond of the head shots being non relivable. For me it was enjoyable part of the gameplay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUGGESTIONS FOR THE BASE GAME *Dedicated Armored Vehicle Squads* Squad NEEDS premade dedicated vehicle squads just like in Post Scriptum. I play squad leader a lot, and when my squad needs a pickup or backup and I talk to the other SL's to ask for a ride or for some support from armor they them self's the SL's are not in the armor and its some guy lone wolfing it in their squad and we never get the support because I cant communicate directly with the crew. Same thing goes for when I make an apc squad and another squad has an apc and we try to coordinate. Its almost impossible because if its a infantry squad with armor usually the SL of that squad is not in the vehicle. ANNNNDDD another thing I noticed is that people are scared to take out the APC's or because the inf squads are busy doing infantry things and don't use them. So a lot of the matches we just have 3 APC's sitting at main the whole game. But in Post Scriptum its night and day compared to Squad in this aspect. I can talk directly to a squad dedicated to tanks and give them information that helps win the game and support infantry. Also warn them of enemy armor instead of having to play a game of telephone then watching are BTR get bent over by a Bradley because they couldn't hear me. Another thing about armor squads is that its really hard to hear your crew. So If you get in apc, tank or whatever it should automatically deafen the engine and the sound out side. Kinda like if you had a tanker helmet on. Also if you model the helmets for the crewmen kit that would be really noice. *CROUCHING SYSTEM* If you have played ARMA 3 or Escape From Tarkov you know they have a crouching system in which you can choose how low you want to be to the ground. So you can shoot through holes that you usually cant. Or just peak above cover enough to shoot without standing completely up and getting murderized *FOBS AND SHOVELS* Personally I hate that one lone wolf with any kit can find a FOB and single-handedly destroy it with a shovel. I think you should need a special class with C4 or some type of explosive to destroy the FOB. I remember seeing a shotgun that was being modeled a long time ago is the breacher kit making a comeback from PR? gimme gimme gimme *AFK kicking System* People in servers just chilling for 30 mins and that have not spawned from the start of the game or joined a squad should be kicked. That is all my good Sir's keep up the good work Dev's! Oh and PS. Can the American Army get a woodland camo? Or is that what the Army actually wears in the woods? They are like beacons of light compared with the Russian camo on forest maps.
  5. Mod Integration With The Core Game

    Aye that's really cool of you guys! Thumbs up.
  6. I have seen the many modding recaps and they look really promising! They might not be up to the Dev's standards of quality but probably really close. Encase you have not see them here's few of them. I know there is a lot of content that people want but the devs are at capacity trying to improve the game. And a lot of the factions that players want wont make it in the game or at least not for a long time. I was wondering would it be possible for modders to send their finished mods into the devs, and if it is good enough and fits their vision for the game the devs could improve and integrate the mods into the game? I think this was done with project reality but I might be mistaken. This could also keep squad from turning into ARMA with the 40 mods you need to play on a good server. ANYWAY Keep up the good work guys
  7. Balance Is For Normies

    Not always. Like I said in squad right now the Russians have a 30M and the Americans have nothing with that kind of fire power. But the Americans win all the time. They have an answer to it, buts its not an equal answer and that fine.
  8. Just join another server. Its not a big deal.
  9. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    The slower the game play the better. Earlier versions people were running around playing it like COD. I think the aim speed is fine.
  10. Balance Is For Normies

    No its not ruined silly the game is still fun. Its just annoying and it set a precedence that balance is more important making the equipment how it should be. People play squad for realism and teamwork if you want consistent balance updates then Battlefield is the game for you. Not only do I i WANT my DOT !!!!!! i WANT my ACOG!!!!!! If you played PR the insurgents do have 1000 tickets and the Americans have around 250 or 300, I cant remember. The Americans do have tanks ,ACOG's and airstrikes and the militia forces win all the time. Its fun like I said early it makes the militia change their gameplay style and it works just fine. An example in Squad right now is the Russians have the 30M and it destroys the American Strykers almost every time in a stand up fight. But guess what, the American team still win all the time. You can't just fight it straight on you have to flank it or coordinate with AT.
  11. Balance Is For Normies

    Don't get your pajama's in a twist i'm just memeing on y'all with the title. BUT Part of what makes Squad and especially PR really special is that factions have plethora of different equipment unique to them. Some are better then others and each have their strong points and that's what makes it fun. It forces people to adapt their style of play in response to certain factions. Some vehicles have missiles and some have infrared vision. Some factions have dumb fire AT rockets and some have guided missiles. In Project Reality the insurgents don't have any sights with the exception of marksmen class and the Americans all have ACOG's on almost all their classes. It forces the insurgents to be sneaky and make use of buildings, IED's, bomb cars and close combat instead of having a straight up slug fest. Same with tanks, Insurgents have some old Russian tanks without infrared vs modern tanks with infrared. And it makes the insurgents have to be a sneaky snake with hit and run tactics. And I love it. I think it adds flavor to the recipe that is PR and Squad. The reason I thought of posting this is in V10 I noticed they changed the RedDot for the Americans so that the reticle is directly on the iron sights so you can't see blow the reticle. REDDOT Comparison V10 V9 VS Project Reality Only reason I could think of for them doing this is for balance. Personally I don't want balance I just want them to make the gear and vehicles true to reality, at least as much as they can. PS. I know there has to be sooome balance, with tickets,map design or abilities like IED's. I personally just don't want them change/nerf equipment buy changing them from how they should be. Continue the good work Dev's!
  12. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    Maybe . But I also had weapon with a bipod and was already sighted in. None of the aforementioned idea's would have kept me from spraying down a rock with a heavy machine gun. Also instead of just commenting about my clips what do you think of the actual post? Agree, disagree? Yay? Nae?
  13. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    It was a little low but he shouldn't be able to do that. I real life your not going to sit there and be like, wow all these rounds are landing right in-front of me let me sit here and take my time and land a head shot. I know they are revamping the suppression mechanic I just wanted to share my suppression depression.
  14. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

  15. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    I'm sorry to hear that.