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  1. Mod Integration With The Core Game

    Aye that's really cool of you guys! Thumbs up.
  2. I have seen the many modding recaps and they look really promising! They might not be up to the Dev's standards of quality but probably really close. Encase you have not see them here's few of them. I know there is a lot of content that people want but the devs are at capacity trying to improve the game. And a lot of the factions that players want wont make it in the game or at least not for a long time. I was wondering would it be possible for modders to send their finished mods into the devs, and if it is good enough and fits their vision for the game the devs could improve and integrate the mods into the game? I think this was done with project reality but I might be mistaken. This could also keep squad from turning into ARMA with the 40 mods you need to play on a good server. ANYWAY Keep up the good work guys
  3. Balance Is For Normies

    Not always. Like I said in squad right now the Russians have a 30M and the Americans have nothing with that kind of fire power. But the Americans win all the time. They have an answer to it, buts its not an equal answer and that fine.
  4. Just join another server. Its not a big deal.
  5. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    The slower the game play the better. Earlier versions people were running around playing it like COD. I think the aim speed is fine.
  6. Balance Is For Normies

    No its not ruined silly the game is still fun. Its just annoying and it set a precedence that balance is more important making the equipment how it should be. People play squad for realism and teamwork if you want consistent balance updates then Battlefield is the game for you. Not only do I i WANT my DOT !!!!!! i WANT my ACOG!!!!!! If you played PR the insurgents do have 1000 tickets and the Americans have around 250 or 300, I cant remember. The Americans do have tanks ,ACOG's and airstrikes and the militia forces win all the time. Its fun like I said early it makes the militia change their gameplay style and it works just fine. An example in Squad right now is the Russians have the 30M and it destroys the American Strykers almost every time in a stand up fight. But guess what, the American team still win all the time. You can't just fight it straight on you have to flank it or coordinate with AT.
  7. Balance Is For Normies

    Don't get your pajama's in a twist i'm just memeing on y'all with the title. BUT Part of what makes Squad and especially PR really special is that factions have plethora of different equipment unique to them. Some are better then others and each have their strong points and that's what makes it fun. It forces people to adapt their style of play in response to certain factions. Some vehicles have missiles and some have infrared vision. Some factions have dumb fire AT rockets and some have guided missiles. In Project Reality the insurgents don't have any sights with the exception of marksmen class and the Americans all have ACOG's on almost all their classes. It forces the insurgents to be sneaky and make use of buildings, IED's, bomb cars and close combat instead of having a straight up slug fest. Same with tanks, Insurgents have some old Russian tanks without infrared vs modern tanks with infrared. And it makes the insurgents have to be a sneaky snake with hit and run tactics. And I love it. I think it adds flavor to the recipe that is PR and Squad. The reason I thought of posting this is in V10 I noticed they changed the RedDot for the Americans so that the reticle is directly on the iron sights so you can't see blow the reticle. REDDOT Comparison V10 V9 VS Project Reality Only reason I could think of for them doing this is for balance. Personally I don't want balance I just want them to make the gear and vehicles true to reality, at least as much as they can. PS. I know there has to be sooome balance, with tickets,map design or abilities like IED's. I personally just don't want them change/nerf equipment buy changing them from how they should be. Continue the good work Dev's!
  8. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    Maybe . But I also had weapon with a bipod and was already sighted in. None of the aforementioned idea's would have kept me from spraying down a rock with a heavy machine gun. Also instead of just commenting about my clips what do you think of the actual post? Agree, disagree? Yay? Nae?
  9. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    It was a little low but he shouldn't be able to do that. I real life your not going to sit there and be like, wow all these rounds are landing right in-front of me let me sit here and take my time and land a head shot. I know they are revamping the suppression mechanic I just wanted to share my suppression depression.
  10. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

  11. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    I'm sorry to hear that.
  12. M4 Acog

    they are just using what they have in real life. And the army uses the M4. BUT when they add Marines we can get an M16 ma boy.
  13. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    A ton of bullets whizzed past my face. Its was giving me the suppression effect they have in game but it was just lackluster and because of that I smashed their petunia's.
  14. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    An Update on Suppression. Still can't find it.
  15. They said its the spiritual successor to PR and raised money on kickstarter that way.