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  1. I think the game you are looking for is called Battlefield. The more hardcore Squad is the better.
  2. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    Nationality does not correlate race. So I hope you know you can't be racist too Russian's. Russian is not a race just like American is not a race its a nationality. Your place of birth in the modern world dose not automatically indicate your race like Caucasian or Oriental or Black ect. It might make it more statistically possible that a person will be a certain race if they are born in certain country but that still does not fall under racism. But who ever it was might hold some animosity against a country for what ever reason and lob everyone in the county with their perceived understanding of that country whether they are right or not. I got kicked from a squad that was Vietnamese and they made it clear that the reason was that I was American, they spoke English in a English speaking server. But they did not like Americans, I can only guess they are still mad about Vietnam or something. Nothing you can do but shrug it off and find another server or another squad. But its not racism, I cant tell you how annoying it it when people just throw around the word racism for everything.
  3. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    True but it has been five months. *crosses fingers* Please don't turn into dayz
  4. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    OMGERRRD finally this looks great and optimization is always welcome! I wonder how long we have too wait for V10 D:
  5. Gun optics could be better..

    Well shucks... hopefully the game gets to the point where optimization is good enough that PIP can be implemented. Also I was not quite sure what to search so I just posted a form. But now I know its called PIP thanks for the answer anyway.
  6. Will we ever have optic's in game that look realistic instead of just zooming in the entire screen? I tried my hand at Photoshop to demonstrate what I mean. Another good example would be from Red Orchestra 2 I think it would make the game that much more immersive and add that extra bit of realism to the game.
  7. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    It has been 3 months please oh Squad Dev's grace us with an update. Amen
  8. Ohhh yeah the Polish Hussars are really badass. I think I have a chub...
  9. hahaha wtf is that a wig?
  10. Nice one . Swiss guard are old school.
  11. Just post what you think the most badass military uniform is through any time of history. My vote goes with the Crusaders or DevGru.
  12. Missing fast pace game :(

    Squad is suppose to be methodical like molasses.
  13. Yes I as well good sir!
  14. Thanks man . I still fail to see why its out of the scope of the main game. Some of these idea's are already in PR and would be even better in UE4. The only reason not to put these in the main game is If they need more funding for this kind of thing. I would drop some extra money for them but so far they are doing a great job with what they have created. The only thing I have issue with at the moment is the m4 sound
  15. I don't know why the Koreans would not be added, in PR they added the Argentinians just for one map. So unless you have some inside baseball on why they would not add them then I see no reason not too. I would love to mod but I am a full time college student and I defiantly don't have time to learn UE4. Plus I want more content in the base game. I don't want the devs to rely on modders to finish their game. That's what arma 3 did and it was kinda scummy. Also chill out man its not a real life all encompassing simulation war game that takes into account country's GDP's and the strategic value of battlefield . These maps would just be fun and cool scenarios to play they don't have to be 100% real world. Thanks for your input though