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  1. pixelated mess

    Did you set screen sharpening to 1? I tell people to set their game to 1080p or higher, Screen sharpening to 1.00, AA to TAA, and atleast 1.25 SuperSamp and then they always say the game looks so much different.
  2. Whens the next sale

    I think. normally, the developers of games on Steam don't control/know when a sale of their game occurs.
  3. Alpha 9.4 Released

  4. 100 man server. CHECK!

    This post is really old dude
  5. Vehicles, especially logistic

    or just add in the boost for certain vics like in PR, which was lightly armored vehicles I think, so things like the humvee, Chinese FAV, I think the BTR-80 and LAV-25 had a boost also. Just examples. another things I would like is the ability to manually change gears like in War Thunder or Darkest Hour/ Red Orchestra 1 and RO2.
  6. Back up your stuff online!

    jesus christ dude
  7. Founder?

    it looks like this < :3
  8. Ammo Carrier

    I assume they are going to PR route and giving riflemen the ability to carry extra ammo to throw on the ground or use like field dressings.
  9. that is the only option and it's Super Effective!
  10. Potential Fix for v7.1 Fatal Errors

    I just rejoin after the map changes ;-;
  11. Foxhole

    is the demo time limited or something?
  12. DC or Marvel

    I love both for this simple reason. When watching Marvel movies they are always high octane and upbeat. When watching DC movies, the story is normally more grounded in the real world and gritty. I really love both though.
  13. EAC kick?

    maybe the server has a ping limit?
  14. check your email, change your password or make a new email and password. Make sure the security code used to log in is only sent to sources you know