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  1. Hi guys, So I just brought a server online. It's being hosted in a datacenter, and I'll just go ahead and say the specs aren't the issue. The server has been online for roughly 24 hours now, and I seem to be the only person I know that can see the server. The server is located in Canada and I'm in Georgia, so I don't have some direct connection or anything like that going on. On the server the port 7787/exes are allowed through the firewall, including the squad file in the binaries folder. Has anyone encountered this issue while hosting? Did I miss something in the server setup process/config for making the server play nicer with the browser? Both Screenshots taken at the exact same time - same filtering Server appears to be invisible for friends. Friend's Screen: My Screen: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the links Maxx. I've actually seen both of those on my hunt for a proper solution. I've told everyone to check all of their port forwards & firewalls, but can't say everyone is the most tech savvy amongst my friends. Worked for some, not for others(not sure if this was user error or not). Still shouldn't be this difficult for people. Unfortunately I've known about the steam solution for a while now (Arma Life >.<), and it has worked for some but not all. Spectral is there an end game solution to this problem or is UE4+Steam Browser going to be the bane of squaddies? Would it be possible for you guys to throw in a direct connect console command to help those that can't get the refresh rate to fix the issue? *please*
  3. +BUMP I do not experience this issue anymore, BUT everyone I play squad with still has this issue. The only thing I know I've done different from everyone in my group is establish a public IP to allow for proper port forwarding.
  4. So I'm not sure if this game is trying to be another war game(for kids) with censorship or not, so this may be asking way too much(idk much about PR & how gore was handled). I would love to see blood build up on the clothing & hands, especially for the medic! For example when a medic goes to revive a player, using the field dressing will make his hands get a little bloodier, and as he uses the medic bag it can get even more bloody over time. I think the easiest way to do this would be to have something like 5-10 levels(skins per character), new player starts at level 1 clean, then every time he uses a field dressing on himself or teammates it goes up to the next level and so on till he's just covered in blood(not drenched like vampire or anything, but more on the realism side). Even in some of the goriest scenes in SPR, you just have bloody hands. (so it doesn't have to be over the top... Not that showing loss of limb wouldn't be completely appropriate for this game)