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    Video game development, Unreal Engine 4, Source Engine, Light and shadows, Sound editing.
  1. Hello! I've recently been toying around with Squad's SDK. It's brilliant stuff, and I've been dabbling in lighting in Unreal Engine 4. Recently I've run into a problem. This scene here consists of 6 unshadowed static lights and 2 shadowed lights. I'd like to build lighting with them, but static lighting, by default, is disabled in Squad's SDK. When I edit the project settings to enable static lighting and restart the editor, I run into this issue. As seen here, some chunks of the terrain load just fine, while a majority of the terrain now lacks textures or materials and just loads up the default terrain template. If anyone could help me out here, that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. A Question About Squad, Sounds, and Modding!

    Aye, I'm willing to bet that's the most likely scenario. Regardless, I'd still like to get my hands on Squad's sounds somehow. D:
  3. The following is an altered OP from the Squad steam community forums, thank you for your time: Hello there! I'm a long-time Project Reality and Insurgency player. I've recently been dabbling in all things related to sound as a hobby. I am currently enjoying creating, mixing, and editing sound files to create soundpacks for the latter game: Insurgency, a semi-realistic CQC tactical FPS. I'm a modder. I've been hyped for Squad since its greenlight announcement, but I have yet to buy it (eagerly awaiting a sale and saving up money for when that happens.) Recently, I've been looking to create soundpack using resources from DICE EA games (Battlefield/Battlefront) and Squad. Squad's extremely poppy, extremely "real" weapon firing sound assets have positively caught my ears. I'm aiming to create an extremely realistic, extremely immersive, and ultimately extremely *satisfying* soundpack to bring to one of my most favored communities. So that brings me to my main points. I've come here to: 1. Request permission from the Squad team's/Offworld Studios' members to allow me to use their sound assets solely for non-commercial, entertainment, and ultimately educational purposes. 2. Ask for and gain access to sources regarding where I can quickly get a hold of Squad's sound assets for the above purposes. I don't think I can get Squad anytime soon. :C 3. Thank everyone involved in bringing Squad to life, as well as the extremely committed Project Reality bros. Thank you very much in advance! -Slypear