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  1. Hey Guys! Just made a video version of my post I made awhile ago on how to increase performance:
  2. Yes. Some sounds are missing like bullet shells, walking sounds, and walking through foliage. That is why I said it is kind of a last measure.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, but it's not fair to whammy the devs. They are trying hard and it is on Epic's end. I trust the devs and they are really hard working. Dayz, that's a different story ;).
  4. Because renaming files fixed everything for me, IIRC I brought channels to 128.
  5. Or better yet you just going making sounds with you mouth. Kinda like this:
  6. Thanks a million for the kind words. Indeed I have. Now the game is finally playable, however.
  7. Thanks! I respect you guys so much for being active in the community and working tirelessly.
  8. Hey Guys, Like many people, I have had countless performance problems with AMD. Even after trying the workarounds, I still had countless problems. After hearing that the developers knew that it was a sound problem, I started experimenting with removing certain audio files. After hours of taking out single files all over the game, I think I finally found a fix. NOTE: This is kind of a last resort. I would suggest doing this only if you can't get good performance from other fixes. NOTE: If you would rather watch this in video format, I made a video here: Step One: Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Content\Audio Explanation: Here is one of the many location that files are stored for Unreal Engine 4. That is why they have the .uasset file extension. It this point you will want to make it so that the engine will not recognize certain files, thus not using them in the game. Step Two: Now you will want to take these files and rename them. Use the same name they have, and just add something to the end of the name. For me I would add Name. So, if a files was called "Audio", I would name it "Audio Name". Here is a picture showing the different files that you will want to add Name to. NOTE: None of the files originally had name in the title. Here is a image link: (It says my account can not upload picture, sorry for the inconvenience) https://www.dropbox.com/s/3pu8dj4eionehf3/Picture%20One.png?dl=0 After performing these changes, I have never had my framerates drop below 20. It is normally around 45, but 72 player servers with a lot of people drops it down. This is my build: AMD FX-8320 (Overclocked to 4.0GHZ) R9 270 8GB of DDR3 RAM. ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 (MOBO) After this, the game will sound pretty weird. Reload sounds can be heard a lot, and there are not footsteps, bullet shell sounds, etc. To me, however, it was worth it. If anyone is interested in what each files contains, I can make a list explaining what they each have. Hope this help! ~Calvin
  9. Removing Files?

    Ahhh. Didn't see that dev post about EAC. I know the problems are well known, and I have deleted RadioVoice to no avail.
  10. Removing Files?

    Hey Guys! Like most AMD users, this game performs horribly. No biggy, the devs are implementing UE4 4.11.1 now I'm sure (is say 4.11.1 because that's the version of UE4 I am using, guessing they are too?). For the mean time, however, I want to try and help find a fix. I have pinned it down to two problems it seems. VOIP (which solutions are out for) and explosions when the debris is processed. So I want to remove some of the Unreal Asset folders from the Squad > Audio > Content > Classes and such. Will I get banned if I take anything out? Also, is it safe to change .uasset stuff anywhere? Are there things that WILL make servers thing I am a cheater? Thanks!
  11. Why can i not start my game on steam?

    Open the Task Manager and see if it is running on the background but somehow isn't being brought up on your screen. Maybe try verifying game integrity?
  12. game will not start place help

    In your Steam library, you can right click Squad and click Verify Integrity (or something like that). If that doesn't work, please post your system specs.
  13. Can i run Squad?

    I would suggest upgrading. You have a pretty old system my good sir.